Call Gate by Z0MBiE

Infection HLP file by ULTRAS/MATRiX

IRC w0rm tutorial by Del_Armg0/MATRiX

Internet  and Assembly by NBK/MATRiX

Shared Library call redirection using elf plt infection by Silvio Cesare

Syscall redirection without Modifying the syscall table by Silvio Cesare

Infection INF file by ULTRAS/MATRiX

Runtime Kernel Kmem Patching by Silvio Cesare

Portable Exe by Weird

Ring0 virii by mort/MATRiX

Virus Effects in Win32 generating playing wave file by Z0MBiE

Spawn Infection by mort/MATRiX

SElf executable reconstruction from a core image by Silvio Cesare