Immortal Riot #7

     If you don't know, I won't tell you! :)
     Introduction and that kind of stuff
     Reply to Wired and misc. articles
     Viral-Morality - a call for discussion
     Post Discovery Stratagies by Sepultura
     Virus-Bulletin articles
     Blonde's little corner
     Pottie Rottie contributions
     Interview with Qark/VLAD
     Interview with Rajaat/Genesis
     Lord Zer0 contributions
     Infection Incomplete by Conzouler
     Manzon virus source code by Red-A/IR
     Hybris virus source code by TU/IR
     Title: 'Unknown' virus source code
     Rather Small Virus source code * 3 :)
     Chaos-AD virus source by Sepultura
     2fu virus source code by Sepultura
     Mururoa virus source code by Blesk/SVL
     Uniform virus source code by Rajaat
     Rajaat's Tiny Flexible Mutator
     Fatal Illusion source code by Tornado
     v484 virus disasm by The A. Adjuster
     Nympho Mitosis v2.0 dissassembly
     AV-section of Insane Reality #7
     WW6.Nuclear (ZIP file!) by Unknown
     Confusing future thoughts