iKx xine #5

     Intro words
     Getting in touch
     Greetings and such like
     Interview with benny/29A by Billy Belcebu
     crystall balls from asmodeus
     Who create viruses ? by asmodeus
     Vecna's column - Ok

     Full stealth essay by Billy Belcebu
     Elements of X86 assembly by Star0
     Heavy antidebugging by Lifewire
     Metamorphism essay part II by Billy Belcebu
     The darken philosophy by n0ph
     Viruses under linux by MrA.
     A short review of the PE format by Star0
     ML infection type by n0ph
     Another way to stop WinICE/SoftIce by Lifewire
     Opengl demo tutorial by Star0
     Algorithms and unpacking by Ultra
     Self emailing with stmp via sockets by Billy Belcebu
     Wrap infection by Asmodeus
     VXD infection tutorial by HornedBeast
     C to assembly and languages conversions by Star0
     Little way to get ring 0 by Lifewire
     Buffer overflow uses by Asmodeus
     Palm Pilots PRC's format by Ultras
     Palm Pilots viruses by Ultras
     Palm Pilot web infos by Ultras

     Rhapsody by Billy Belcebu
     Moridin by Asmodeus
     Ghost by Billy Belcebu
     Mogul by Vital
     Moonchild by Lifewire
     Forever by Billy Belcebu
     Cecile by Star0
     Sanatral by Vital
     Godgory by HornedBeast
     Lord Mordred by Henky
     OPERA XI by HornedBeast
     Gema-tanzen by Henky
     Abigor by HornedBeast
     Burzum by HornedBeast
     Worm - Arcane by Asmodeus
     Worm - GSPOT by Mandragore
     Disasm - RDA.Fighter.7868 by Darkman & b0z0

     ETMS 2.0 by b0z0
     Opengl examples by Spanska
     Lifewire's anti api trace by Lifewire
     funky lempel ziv in VB by Ultras
     Vxd Packer I by HornedBeast
     Vxd Packer II by HornedBeast

iKX xine #5