iKx xine #4

     Some people call this file an 'index'
     News and stuff from us
     Getting in touch
     Greetings and such like
     Interview with Super/29A
     The history of Grog and his viruses
     The short monologue of virus Wendell
     Virus + Literature + Music
     Why writing viruses?

     A tour over PE infection
     Tips and tricks about PE infection
     Getting Apis addresses
     Paging and fooling debuggers
     System Managment Mode
     Metamorphism essay
     Win32 Anti-Debugging tricks
     Companion viruses for 16 and 32 bits
     Infecting OBJs
     Encryption ideas and theories
     Piggyback, *nix prependers
     Automating things with expect
     Scappa, tcp service scanner

     Virus - The Mole
     Virus - The Voodoo virus
     Virus - AxelleBailey
     Virus - Aldebaran
     Virus - Win32.Thorin
     Virus - RegIkx
     Virus - Win32.Borges v.2.0
     Virus - Wm/W32.Cocaine
     Virus - Win32.Apathy
     Virus - Win95.Poshkiller
     Virus - Win95.IceHeart v1.5
     Virus - Autoworm
     Virus - SV
     Virus - Werther
     Virus - Win32.Legacy
     Virus - Win95.Molly
     Virus - Win32.Paradise
     Poly - ETMS 0.1
     Poly - MMXE
     Tool - Spoutnik 2
     Tool - Spoutnik 3
     Virus - VBvirus
     Virus - Albiroja
     Virus - Fuxpro
     Virus - Tolkien
     Spotlite - Peacekeeper
     Spotlite - Lithium
     Disasm - PME for Windows v0.00
     Disasm - Diablo
     Disasm - Win9X.Joker

iKX xine #4 - Windows versioniKX xine #4 - DOS version