iKx xine #3

     Err, the secret area maybe?
     Some intro words
     Usual Disclaimer
     How to contact us?
     Greetings and such like
     The South American virus scene
     Interview with OWL[FS]
     Interview with Griyo/29A
     The story of the 2Trout and Lilith viruses ITW

     Win95 structures and secrets
     Ideas and theoryes on PE infection
     Simple test of the SEH method in Win32
     Midinfection on relocations
     A new way to defeat virus scanners
     Formatting an extra track
     Little SYS infection tutorial
     Archive Infectors: Generalities
     Dropping and companioning over ZIP archives
     Dropping over ARJ archives
     Dropping over RAR archives
     Dropping over HA & ACE archives
     Dropping, a view on the past
     Introduction to Conway cellular life automata
     The Schumrz algorithm of genetical mutation
     Using Ptrace to intercept System calls under Linux
     pippa, a network datapipe in Perl

     Virus - MarkJ
     Virus - Cerebrus
     Virus - Padania_Libera
     Virus - Murkry2
     Virus - Darkside
     Virus - Free_Padania
     Virus - Kuarahy
     Virus - Alicia
     Virus - Literatura 2.0
     Virus - Stratovarius
     Virus - Sandrina
     Virus - Sailor_Saturn
     Virus - Outsider2
     Virus - ByWay
     Poly engine - Red Team Polymorphy 0.1b
     Virus Spotlite - The Second NewBorn Trout
     Virus Spotlite - Lilith
     Virus Spotlite - Overkill_IV
     Disasm - Grog.2075
     Disasm - Grog.2825
     Disasm - TME.643
     Disasm - TVED 1.0
     Mini Conway game of life emulator

iKX xine #3 - intro

iKX xine #3 - viewer