iKx xine #2

     WTF do you think you are currently reading??
     Second issue editorial
     How to (not) contact us?
     Greetings and such like
     Interview with MrSandman of 29A
     News and events

     Userlevel TSR under Win (3.1 up to 95)
     Virus spreading on TCP/IP networks with Windows
     Finding Kernel32 API's
     Coding in 32 bit assembly for Win95
     PE Infection preparations
     The 18 Tech
     TBAV CRC files demistyfied
     Wordmacro mailing intro
     Introduction to Amiga platform
     Amiga residency
     Infecting Amiga executables
     Gaining information about a site from outside
     TUPoSca - TCP/UDP Port Scanner 0.1b

     IP Scanner
     Virus - Homer
     Virus - Header Infector
     Virus - Spawn95B
     Virus - Puma
     Virus - Xine2
     Virus - Sailor.Uranus
     Virus - Sailor.Pluto
     Virus - Sailor.Neptune
     Virus - B00bs
     Amiga Virus - Beol ]I[ v2
     Amiga Virus - Beol 96 Poly Engine
     Disasm - Guerilla.1996
     Short Addendum to Injector (from issue #1)

iKX xine #2