iKx xine #1

     You are looking at it!
     X-ine Editorial
     Where to catch us?
     Greets and insults (where needed)
     An interview with Rogue Warrior/Genesis
     Final Message

     Infections by VXD
     TBScan heuristics flags explained
     Guide to Wordmacro Viruses
     Mutation Engines
     Tunnelling with Single step Mode
     Tunnelling with Single step Mode Example Program
     Denial of service attacks
     Low level Internet hacking with Injector
     Useful reference for building packets
     How to fuck around with CompuServe (Basics)
     Introduction to encryption methods
     Infecting Amiga executables

     The Mild Mutation Engine
     Virus - Sailor.Mercury
     Virus - Sailor.Venus
     Virus - Sailor.Mars
     Virus - Sailor.Jupiter
     Virus - Wordmacro.Padania

iKX xine #1