Codebreakers #4

     Introduction by Horny Toad

     Lesson 4: Guide To EXE Infection by Horny Toad
     Quiz #4 by Horny Toad
     Challenge 4 by Horny Toad
     What is "Class Object Infection" ? by VicodinES /CB /TNN
     Reverse Engineering: The Viral Approach. by HornyToad & Opic
     Intro to e-mail and usenet anonymity by Lord Natas [Codebreakers 98]
     Identifying Windows Executables by Opic
     A Lesson In HEXadecimal by Sea4 of the CodeBreakers
     Why Access Macro Viruses Will Never Become A Problem. by VicodinES /CB /TNN
     Introductory Primer To Polymorphism in Theory and Practice by Opic [CodeBreakers 1998]
     The Only VBA Tutorial You Will Ever Need by VicodinES
     Artificial Intelligence and Viruses by J.S.Bach-XTAR [CodeBreakers]
     Ravage (aka Dodgy) background by muRPhy
     Macro Virus Tutorial by Serialkiller
     A Further Analysis of the MDEF (E) Virus Pertaining to its Operation under System 8. by J.S.Bach-XTAR [CodeBreakers]
     Mos virus generator background by Jack.LSD
     Newbies Corner: You must touch it or you won't get good at it by AmadEUS
     AVP Patching by Arsonic
     Brew folder info - Strange Brew (c) 1998 Landing Camel


(codebreakers source)
     The 666 Malignant virus, version 1.1 by J.S.Bach
     Basho by Sea4
     Odessa.B by Opic
     Demenz by Serialkiller
     Emotnaf v1.1 coded by KilJaeden
     Win32.Stupid by VicodinES
     Prospero Virus by Opic
     YeLeT v0.9 by Spo0ky

(other source)
     Win95.CIH v1.2 by CIH
     Win95.CIH v1.3 by CIH
     Win95.CIH v1.4 by CIH
     Sparse.3840 Disassembly by Darkman/29A
     GPB (poly .bat virus) by GLiTCH
     Module (linux virus) by Stealthf0rk/SVAT
     VLP I (unix virus) by stealthf0rk
     Zorm-B004 by Dr L.
     Dodgy (aka RAVAGE BSV) by RP & muRPhy
     Dementia.4218 Disassembly by Darkman/29A
     MOS2c virus generator by Digital Anarchist
     MOS7c virus generator by Digital Anarchist
     MOS7d virus generator by Digital Anarchist
     MOS.cgi (online generator cgi) (also used in online generator)
     Win95.Mad.2736 disassembly by Vecna/29A
     vbVirus (VB5 Parasitic!) by Murkry /IkX

(CodeBreakers utility source codes)
     RC4 encryption program source (pascal)
     ExeIdent v1.0 source by Opic
     Vic's Simple Macro Poly (VSMP) by VicodinES
     VicodinES VBA String Converter by VicodinES

     Interview with StealthFork (SVAT)

     In the News by Horny Toad
     The CodeBreakers Personal Greets
     Final Thoughts by Opic