Codebreakers #3

     Introduction by Horny Toad

     Lesson 3: The Memory Resident Virus Primer by Horny Toad
     Quiz #3 by Horny Toad
     Challenge 3 by Horny Toad
     Back To The Basics by SPo0ky
     An effort to help the naked virus. Encryption: Part 2 by Sea4
     AVOIDING DETECTION by Arsonic[Codebreakers]
     Virus "Add-Ons" Tutorial by Opic[Codebreakers]
     Hacking Unix/Linux systems Via Telnet by Techno Phunk

Source Codes
     Zombie.747 Disassembly by Darkman/29A
     EMS.411 Virus Dissassembly by Vecna/29A
     Marked-X by Metal Militia/Immortal Riot

     Interview with RaiD from SLAM by Opic
     "Chat" with Arsonic - Opic AND Budokan

     "ON THE LIGHTER SIDE" by Duke
     In the News by Horny Toad
     Greetings & Gripes
     Final Notes by Horny Toad
Codebreakers #3