_________29A Issue # 8

Introduction VirusBuster/29A
News VirusBuster/29A
Contributors VirusBuster/29A
Membership VirusBuster/29A
Distribution VirusBuster/29A
Our greetings 29A staff
Policies and goals 29A staff
Secret areaVirusBuster/29A
About the viewer VirusBuster/29A

Thread Local Storage (64bit AMD version)roy g biv/29A
Thread Local Storage (64bit Intel version)roy g biv/29A
Polymorphic Compilation...
Permutation conditionsZ0MBiE/29A
Pervert world wideZ0MBiE/29A
Scanning two times faster...
Bypassing Klister 0.4 With No Hooks or Running a Controlled Thread Scheduler90210//HI-TECH
Capture the desktop - scan .LNK files for victimsDiA/rRlf
Things they didn't tell you about ms link and the pe headerlifewire / ikx
Making your process immortal / Disabling AV softwareMicroprocessor
The FPU instruction tutorialSurya/powerdryv
New Idea,spreading virus via CD RoomPsychologic
RUBY Virus Writing GuideSecond Part To Hell/[rRlf]
Server -> Client Communtication for preprocessor languages (PHP)Second Part To Hell/[rRlf]
ASM tutorial for Linux n' ELF file formatLiTlLe VxW
Boot CD infectionLiTlLe VxW
Execution redirection thru Image File Execution Options keyGriYo/29A
Scanning for Wireless NetworksGriYo/29A
Programming internet tcp/ip in Win32 environment for C codersDoxtorL
Making compact win32 compatible executables from C source codeDoxtorL
Windows VDM #UD Local Privilege Escalationaluc4rd

ARMPOLY v1 Vecna/29A
Tiny FTP server for W32 and Linux Vecna/29A
Loading ELF files under W32 Vecna/29A
MistFall 2.0 Z0MBiE/29A
Statistical Executable Trash Generator Z0MBiE/29A
Shellcode Constructor Engine Z0MBiE/29A
eXtended (XDE) disassembler engine v1.02 Z0MBiE/29A
Scanning two times faster code ...
Process Hide v2.0 sars [HI-TECH]
Virus Creation Labs for Windows...
9xRX (9x - RootXit)archphase
PackItBitch archphase
Key logger for ANSI keyboards ...
Win2k/XP Shell codesbcom
Tiny StingExtra_Face
Preventing your computer from booting up (v1 and v2)...
C-BOT, a simple compact IRC botDoxtorL

Viruses & Worms______
W32/W64.Shrug / W64/W32.Shrug roy g biv/29A
W64.Shrug (AMD version) roy g biv/29A
W64.Shrug (Intel version) roy g biv/29A
Caribe Vallez/29A
JollyRoger v1Vallez/29A
JollyRoger v2Vallez/29A
sic semper tirannisVecna/29A
666 worm ...
Beagle ...
eris cH4R_
Lin32.Caline cyneox/DCA
Lin32.Nemox cyneox/DCA
Nf3ct0r cyneox/DCA
I-Worm\Win32.Voltage DR-EF
Win32.Abigor Extra_Face
Win32/Linux.MetaPHOR v1D The Mental Driller/29A
NetRobot v1 and v2 Microprocessor
Win32.PolutoSP v2.0 PiKaS
Win32.Crucio powerdryv
W32.Unair Psychologic
WinCE.Dust Ratter/29A
Spread ...
Ephemeral 2.6 Tree Hugger
Morphine Vorgon/iKX
Perl.Santy ...