_________29A Issue # 7

Introduction VirusBuster/29A
News VirusBuster/29A
Contributors VirusBuster/29A
Membership VirusBuster/29A
Distribution VirusBuster/29A
Our greetings 29A staff
Policies and goals 29A staff
Secret areaVirusBuster/29A
About the viewer VirusBuster/29A
The media as an agent: Selling anti-virus softwareMorphine
Anti-Virus Companies: Tenacious Spammers Brian Martin & Fridrik Skulason
The Virus Meeting mini-magazine Several staff
Last words from Benny Benny/29A

ICQ visionsBenny/29A
MSIL-PE-EXE infection strategiesBenny/29A
Ring0 under WinNT/2k/XPRatter/29A
SFP revisited Ratter/29A
Self-crypting script filesroy g biv/29A
How to break the rules with the class librariesroy g biv/29A
Lost in XLAT-ion roy g biv/29A
Self-Executing HTML roy g biv/29A
The Ins and Outs of JunkMail roy g biv/29A & RT Fishel/defjam
Replication from data files roy g biv/29A
VMware has youZ0MBiE/29A
Injected Evil v1.02 (executable files infection) Z0MBiE/29A
Exploiting WinRAR 3.10 Vecna/29A
Crob FTP Server 2.50.5 Build 238 Exploit Vecna/29A
Per-process residency review: common mistakes Bumblebee
Genetic Programming in Virus ValleZ
Join us now and share the malware... zert
Invisibility yoda
Technics of hooking API functions on WindowsHoly_Father
PHP Virus Writing GuideSecond Part To Hell/[rRlf]
Using System.Reflection namespace in .NET viruses whale
The ELF Virus Writing HOWTO Alexander Bartolich
PE infection tutorial for beginner LiTlLe VxW
Invisibility on NT boxes Holy_Father
Write an exploit suitable for a vulnerability Gildo
Solving Plain Strings Problem In HLL Z0MBiE
Polymorphism and Intel instruction formatLiTlLe VxW
Partitionned virus body using the stack LiTlLe VxW
Virtual PC Has You uNdErX
New way to startup files - ShellExecute InstallScreenSaver APISWaNk
Virus TimesuNdErX
NtVDM under WinNT/2k/XPRatter/29A

NT Ring0roy g biv/29A
Stigma GriYo/29A
Open Handle v1.0 Holy_Father
Gildo backdoor generator Gildo
RGBLDE roy g biv/29A
HaX0R'Z KiT v1.05Z0MBiE/29A
IRC Bot Vecna/29A
CPU Vecna/29A
ELF Linker for TASM\MASM Vecna/29A
FTransf Vecna/29A
Micro Length-Dissasembler EngineuNdErX
InConEx - executing PE files in the own process memory contextyoda
LPE-DLX yoda
Catchy32 v1.6 sars
Tiny NT Backdoor Aphex
DoS IP Spoofing Library 1.0 for Winsock 2.0 Aphex
Calypzo V 0.2 - Message Signature Auditorbcom
NT Password Creationbcom
Backdoor GodzIILa 1.0 Sunnis
The Smallest TCP Port RedirectorHoly_Father
NT Rootkit Holy_Father
IRC eXtender Pro 1.07 BETAZ0MBiE
RSA LibraryZ0MBiE
Examine the OLE 2.0 Structured StorageSlash Wu
Process Hide v1.090210/HI-TECH
Common Language Runtime Portable Executable file format Benny/29A

Windows NT / 2000 / XP______
WinNT.VDM Ratter/29A
Win2k||XP.Che Ratter/29A
Foroux.2K Elkern
CannaByte ValleZ
seven faceslifewire/ikx
CannaByte v2 ValleZ & Super/29A

Win32 viruses______
Serotonin Benny/29A
EfishNC.B roy g biv/29A
EfishNC.C roy g biv/29A
JunkHTMaiL roy g biv/29A
JunkMailroy g biv/29A & RT Fishel/defjam
Tirthas Kenerman
LadyMarian.2 ValleZ
Urk0 ValleZ
Forced Cavity Infector v0 sheroc
FLY yoda
Seraph Vorgon/iKX
RIVANON virus version 3.9 Doxtor L. [TKT]
CodeHopper.Queen.B CodeMaster/Codex Vx Group
nastena whale
Alicia Necronomikon/ZeroGravity
HempHoper Necronomikon/ZeroGravity
delikon delikon
Gaybar MrDinam0

Misc viruses and worms______
VBS.Conscrypt / JS.Conscrypt roy g biv/29A
MSIL.Croissantroy g biv/29A
VBS.Pretext / JS.Pretext roy g biv/29A
HELKERN worm compileable disassembly Z0MBiE/29A
Elf Virus Vecna/29A
Hybris Vecna/29A
I-Worm RinsAnthony
i-worm.manyx Bumblebee
Flying VAnonymous
Balrog PienSteVo
Siamexe PienSteVo
AMON emp & rikenar
Elf Infector Rikenar
I-Worm/PieceByPiece MI_pirat
.NET.SnaIL RC2whale
4096 badCRC
4 .NET viruses (Flatei, Syra, Syra.b, Syra.c) Alcopaul
mydoom Anonymous

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