_________29A Issue # 6

Introduction VirusBuster
News VirusBuster
Contributors VirusBuster
Membership VirusBuster
Distribution VirusBuster
Our greetings 29A staff
Policies and goals Darkman
Secret area VirusBuster
About the viewer VirusBuster
VX Meeting Brno 2000 Benny
The virmaking is dying Z0MBiE
Reference guide to VX sites VirusBuster
Generally about VX scene (from the psychedelic point of view) Benny

Win2k.SFPDisable Benny and Ratter
Some ideaz about future worm Benny
Microsoft .NET Common Language Runtime Overview Benny
Snorting coke (and packets) GriYo
Metamorphism in practice Mental Driller
Several things to learn more (knowledge and code snippets) Mental Driller
xpl0itati0n-0riented f1le Xfer/WinSock Logger/IIS Log Cleaning in Run-Time Z0MBiE
Inside of AVP4 Z0MBiE
Infecting ISO CD Images Z0MBiE
In-Memory PE EXE Execution Z0MBiE
About Undetectable Viruses Z0MBiE
Shell viruses Gobleen Warrior/zert
Hide and Seek Game On Script Languages Hamdi Ucar
Multipartite PE/DOC Viruses Tute LiteSys
Killing programz by title string/Child protect Parent/Silent DCC SEND/AntiDEBUGGING trickz Lord Yup
Explanation of registry shell spawning Malfunction
Some Practice Technics/How to spread a worm? PetiK
VirtualChain technology Siilex
Use Component Object Model in ass-embler/Infecting Compilers/Marketing Virus Silent Supporter
Polymorphism/Encryption/EPO in Perl Viruses SnakeByte
Biocode uploading using only HTTP/Firewall bypassing techniques for wormies TheVoid
Abstract Algebra in Poly Engines WhiteHead
Hunting for Metamorphic Peter Szor/Peter Ferrie
Impersonation, your friend/Gaining important datas from PEB under NT boxes Ratter
Gaining passwords/Infecting Winlogon/Opening NT boxes for you and your comrades in arms Ratter

Advanced Disassembler Engine v2.02 Z0MBiE
KME 5.52 Z0MBiE
CD Image Infector Utility Z0MBiE
TFTP Server Z0MBiE
Linux Mutation Engine 0.2.0 ZhugeJin
E-Mail Ripper Anonymous
Hash Functions Anonymous
YuP'z Shitty Packing Engine Lord Yup
RCS Skirit
Using complex 3D objects in OpenGL/Win32 Desktop Sprites Spanska
Muazzin Loader Vecna
Mistfall 1.99 Z0MBiE
Benny's Metamorphic Engine for Win32 beta 1 Benny
BackDoor.Tiny Radix16
Little remote shell for NT boxes Ratter
Winlogon Emulation Ratter

Windows 9x______
Examplo Z0MBiE
BeeFree Bumblebee
MiniR3b Bumblebee
Wiedzmin Lord Yup
Nero Necr0mancer
Society Necr0mancer
BlackBat Rohitab

Windows NT/2000______
Ketamine Benny
DOB Benny
Joss Ratter
TaiChi release #1 Ratter

Winux Benny
MetaPHOR v1B Mental Driller
Plugin Virus Project II build 30 Z0MBiE
MistFall.Z0MBiE-10.d Z0MBiE
Lil' Devil Bumblebee
Solaris Bumblebee
Vampiro Ivan
Plexar LiteSys
Rudra LiteSys
Bin Laden NBK
Chthon roy g biv
EfishNC roy g biv
Gemini roy g biv
OU812 roy g biv
Shrug roy g biv
Miss Lexotan 6mg win32 version Vecna
Ramones Vecna
P-adic 1.9 Doxtor L.

dotNET Benny
NeXT Benny
Universe Benny
Yell0w fever GriYo
Anarxy Ratter
ElfV Anonymous
MWorm Anonymous
Bumblebee's Remote Shell [BRSH] (worm edition) Bumblebee
DOCWORM Bumblebee
NuxBee rel2 Bumblebee
Linux.A.443 Pavel Pech
MaLoTeYa PetiK
The Sonia Challenge Androgyne and S/ash
Grifin Radix16