_________29A Issue # 5

Introduction VirusBuster
News VirusBuster
Contributors VirusBuster
Membership VirusBuster
Distribution VirusBuster
Our greetings 29A staff
Policies and goals Darkman
Secret area VirusBuster
About the viewer VirusBuster
VX meeting in Brno 2000 Benny
A Bucket Of Letters Lord Julus
Reference guide to VX sites VirusBuster
Generally about VX scene Benny

Considerations Infecting 32bits Libraries For Windows Bumblebee
Bumblebee's guide to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Bumblebee
Metamorphism Lord Julus
Advanced polymorphic engine construction Mental Driller
LZEXPAND Tutorial Bumblebee
Why a "good" virus is good idea VirusBuster
Wormz in 21st century Benny
How to make infected system to depend on the virus Prizzy
NetWork Distributed Viruses Bumblebee
Local Network Infection Lord Julus
Multi-process residency Benny
Virii Feedback TangentVirii
Win32 Bait Detection SnakeByte
Linux Shell Script Viren SnakeByte
Perl Viruses SnakeByte
Lord Julus' Metamorphism Demo Lord Julus
Win32 386+ Random-Number-In-Range Generator T-2000
MIME/UUENCODE attachment encoders T-2000
SMTP client T-2000
Encrypted ZIP files to evade e-mail gateway scanners T-2000
How to get AVP not detecting viruses in OLE2 files Tcp
Encryptation through relocs Tcp
Win9x Ring0 Quest Super
Four elephants on a tortoise! (An essay about advanced VBx) jackie

Behold PE 4.0 Lord Julus
Recursive Random Assembler Code Creator (RRRACC) 1.03 Rajaat
The WalruS Macro Virus Generator v. 1.0 The Walrus
Muazzin SDK Vecna
KME-32 v3.00 Z0MBiE
Virsort 2000 Special Edition for 29A #5 VirusBuster

Windows 9x______
DarkMillennium Clau
Repus Super
Sentinel f0re
HenZe HenKy
Noise Bumblebee
Espore HenKy
Putita HenKy
Estukista HenKy

Windows NT______
Adonai HenKy

Windows 2000______
Stream Benny & Ratter

99 ways to die Bumblebee
Dream Prizzy
Rainsong Bumblebee
Rammstein Lord Julus
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever GriYo
H0rtiga |Zan
HIV Benny
Tuareg Mental Driller
RousSarcoma SnakeByte
Demiurg Black Jack
LaraCroft ZeMacroKiller98
Idele Doxtor L.

LoTeK Wintermute
Zipworm! Vecna

Energy Benny
Chainsaw T-2000
Icecubes f0re
Troodon Clau
XTC Benny

Ayuda Bumblebee

Furio The Walrus
Karma The Walrus
One jackie

Pirus MaskBits

r0bin-&-m4rian Nemo

ACG disasm Super

29a#5 - intro

29a#5 - viewer