_________29A Issue # 4

Introduction Darkman
News Darkman
Contribution Darkman
Membership Darkman
Distribution Darkman
Our greetings 29A staff
Policies and goals Darkman
Secret area VirusBuster
About the viewer VirusBuster
DDT: another group dies with its 1st issue Billy Belcebu/iKx
Interview of Billy Belcebu/iKx Benny
Interview of StarZer0/iKx Benny
Words from Benny Benny
Words from Bumblebee Bumblebee
Words from Lord Julus Lord Julus
Words from Prizzy Prizzy

Defeting The Perfect Emulator Bhunji
Billy Belcebu Virus Writing Guide 1.00 for Win32 Billy Belcebu/iKx
MS Project Infectors J Twoflower/LineZer0/Metaphase
Implementing TCPIP 'addons' in your viral stuff Mandragore/FS
Linux virus writing tutorial Mandragore/FS
New instructions tutorial Qozah
Polymorphism and grammars Qozah
Remote infection of XML documents Rajaat
WinZip DOS Attack Rajaat
Portable EXE Weird
EPO techniques under Win32 Benny
Fuckin' AVs in Win32 enviroment Benny
How to k!ll some AV monitors Benny
InterProcess Communication Benny
Optimization of 32bit code Benny
Theme: Metamorphism Benny
Threads and fibers under Win32 Benny
Threads in Ring-0 under Win95/98 Benny
M.V.I. (Mudular Virus Interface) Bumblebee
Make your own CheckSumMappedFile Bumblebee
Micro$oft Windows Sockets Guide Bumblebee
WinHelp virus programmers reference Darkman
EPO: Entry-Point Obscuring GriYo
EXPLORER *in-memory* infection GriYo
Win32 Viral Networking Overwiew GriYo
Win2K infection GriYo
Retrieving API's addresses LethalMind
Compression (Part I) Lord Julus
Infection Microsoft CAB archive Prizzy
Hyper Infection Prizzy
How VirusBuster sorts his virii collection VirusBuster
The number of detected virii war VirusBuster

BeGemot Virus Communication Console Benny
Benny's Compression Engine for Win32 Benny
Benny's Polymorphic Engine for Win32 Benny
Phantasie Mutation Engine for Windows v 0.00 [PME/W] Darkman
Lord Julus' Huffman Compression Engine v 1.0 Lord Julus
Virsort 2000 Special Edition for 29A VirusBuster

I-Worm.ZippedFiles Anonymous
Teddybear Bhunji
IIS Worm QuantumG
I-Worm.Happy Spanska
I-Worm.Anaphylaxis Bumblebee
I-Worm.Gift of Fury Bumblebee
I-Worm.Plage 2000 Bumblebee
I-Worm.RunDllw32 Bumblebee
I-Worm.Cholera GriYo

Win32 viruses______
Win32.Kenston Anonymous
Win32.Ruff Charly
Win32.Oporto Sexus
Win32.Harrier TechnoRat
Win32.Bolzano Paddingx
Win32.FunLove Paddingx
Win32.Idyll Peon
Win32.Maya Peon
Win32.Kriz T-2000/Immortal Riot
Win32.Weird Weird
Win32.Benny Benny
Win32.Eva Benny
Win32.Leviathan Benny
Win32.Vulcano Benny
Win32.Anvil of Crom Bumblebee
Win32.SPIT v 2.1 Bumblebee
Win32.Bogus Darkman
Win32.Emotion Darkman
Win32.Magic Darkman
Win32.CTX Phage GriYo
Win32.Parvo v 1.0 GriYo
Win32.Parvo v 2.0 (spanish version) GriYo
Win32.Champagne LethalMind
Win32.Thunderpick v 2.0 Lord Julus
Win32.Crypto Prizzy
Heathen Super
Win32.Resurrection Tcp
Win32.Nazka The Mental Driller

Win9x viruses______
Win95.Nemesi AcidWerks
Win95.Invirsible Bhunji
Win95.Powerful 32 v 1.1 DK32
Win95.Zerg v 0.1b Dark Slayer
Win95.Ylang Dr.L/TI
Win95.Arianne1 Mister DiNAM0/iKx
Win95.Unreal Qozah
Win95.SK VBA Ltd.
Win95.Babylonia Vecna
Win95.BeGemot Benny
Win95.Yobe Benny
Win95.Luna Benny
Win95.MiniR3 Bumblebee
Win95.Prizzy Prizzy
Win95.Sexy2000 Super
Win98.Priest AOD
Win98.Milennium Benny
Win2000.Installer Benny and Darkman

DOS viruses______
Powerful v 5.2 DK32
Powerful v 6.1 DK32
Deadman family Deadman
MIA Fulvian/DIVA
Merlin Lord Dark
Zyrtec Pavel Pech
Phardera Phardera
Serg Enigma family Serg Enigma
Total Chaos v 1.0 T-2000/Immortal Riot
Miss Lexotan 8 Vecna
Kreg Darkman
TMC family Super and Darkman

RISC OS and UNIX viruses______
BRB2 ExStres
Creed Anonymous
Manpage Anonymous
Glaurung 2k Mandragore/FS
Diesel Paddingx
TLB Stealthf0rk/SVAT

29a#4 - intro

29a#4 - viewer