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Engines Virus.BAT.Poly by Viper
(LIME) Linux Mutation Engine by zhugejin at Taipei, Taiwan 02.28.2001
Kefi's VBS Polymorphic Engine by Kefi.[rRlf] 01.03.2003
AB Mutation Engine by Pr0cedure pr0cedure@chat.ru
Alma Mutation Engine Gr.Protagor // SBVC && Gu // SBVC 09.11.2001
Antisocial Polymorphic Mutation Engine by Lys Kovick
Anti WEB Mutation Engine by AD 08.18.95
Another Polymorphic Engine (aka [APE]) by Bumblebee
Badf00d Polymorphic Engine by Piotr Bania bania.piotr@gmail.com
Benny's Metamorphic Engine for Win32 by Benny/29a
BLM ~ BlueOwls Light Meta by BlueOwls
T.H.E - C.H.A.O.S - E.N.G.I.N.E - 0.4 (16bit) by Sepultura - Australia 1995
Dark Elf Mutation Engine [DEME] v1.1 by MSTUdent 1996
Dina Polyengine by Dina (2000)
dizzy (light) engine by deroko
Dme Mutation Engine by Unknown
Expo Mutation Engine by Unknown
Flying mutatIoN Engine by pr0mix
Gloeobacter violaceus by SPTH
ind00r poly engine (ipe32) v1.0 final by slurp
Polymorphic Generation by Kaze
Polymorphic Generation Documentation translated(FR2EN) by DaeS3c
pker's Decryptor Generation Engine for Win32 by pker
Multithreaded Polymorphic infector by LiteSys
Simple Morpher v.0.1 by x0man © 2008
Virus NAZKA by The Mental Driller/29A
Poly Engine by deroko
CRPE - cH4R_ Real Polymorphic Engine by cH4R_/iKX
BlueOwls Genetic Poly Engine (Simple version) by BlueOwls
SwaP rEg ... moToR (Spectr0 Engine) by pr0mix
Virus Permutetion Engine (sic) by Wan1788
eXperimental/eXtended/eXecutable Trash Generator by pr0mix
YAD (Yet Another Disassembler) by herm1t/VxHeavens
Leaks Anubis Android Banking Trojan | Info
Dexter-POS Grabber | Info
Android.Dendroid | Info
Bootkit.Rovnix | Info
Discord.Trojan.SpideyBot.a | Info
Cerberus Android Banking Trojan | Info
Libraries Stoned Bootkit Framework by Peter Kleissner
VirTool.DDoS.DB2AMP by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.Heartbleed by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.MDNS by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.NETBIOS by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.NTP by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.OVH by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.SENTINEL by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.SNMP by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.SSDP by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.SYN by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.TS3 by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.UDP by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.XMLRPC by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.ACK by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.ARME by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.CHARGEN by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.DNS by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.DOMINATE by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.DRDOS by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.ESSYN-ACK by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.ESSYN by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.GHP by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.QUAKE3 by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.RUDY by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.SACK by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.SLOWLORIS by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.SSYN.a by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.SSYN.b by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.STCP by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.STD by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.SUDP by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.TCP by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.TELNET by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.TRIGIMINI by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.VSE by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.WIZARD by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.XACK by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.XSYN by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.DDoS.ZAP by Unknown (Initial Chinese Forum Origin)
VirTool.Win32.Compression.Benny by Benny / 29A
BlueOwls Nibble Compression Engine by BlueOwl
pker's Random Number Generator (PKRNG) by pker
Ring3/0 Polymorphic Decryptor Creator by Prophet/EOF(24.8.2009)
Random Encryption Synthezator (RES) by SSR
VirTool.Win32.Cryptor.Wig by SL0N
0x4553_LDE - 16/32-bit Length Disassembler Engine by Ares, 2003
Catchy32 v1.6-2 - Length Disassembler Engine 32bit by herm1t'2004
Advanced Length dIsassembler moTOr:) by pr0mix
simple lengh disassembler engine by yaav
Random Decoding Key Engine 32-bit v 1.0 [RDKE32] by Darkman/TKT
VirTool.Win32.Cryptor.Rgen32 by Unknown
File Splitting Engine by Second Part To Hell
ACAD Virus.Acad.Galaxy by Unknown
Virus.Acad.Pobresito by Unknown
Virus.Acad.Star by Unknown
Java Virus.Java.Hawk.a by Kingrhua//SMF
Trojan.Java.AppletKiller by Mark D. LaDue (04.01.1996)
Virus.Java.Ghotdog by Unknown
Platform: MSDOS
Platform: Legacy Windows
PHP Cythosia Web Panel by Unknown
Proton Web Panel by Unknown
HackArt EngShell by Unknown
ange78Shell, a modded Locus7Shell by ange78
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.ag by Unknown
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.ah by Unknown
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.aj by 1dt.w0lf RST/GHC http://rst.void.ru , http://ghc.ru
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.ak by binushacker
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.al by KaioWas
sniperxcode, a modded sniperxcode by ssniperxcode - the 11-year-old hacker
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.ao by Unknown
Backdoor php v0.1 by Charlichaplin
CrystalShell v.1 by Super-Crystal and Mohajer22
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.ar by ccteam.ru
DxShell by î_Î Tync
GFS Web-Shell by Group Freedom Search!
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.au by Unknown
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.av by Matamu Mat
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.aw by Unknown
News Remote PHP Shell Injection by Unknown
PHP Shell is aninteractive PHP-page by Martin Geisler
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.az by Unknown
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.ba by Unknown
Root.Shell by Unknown
W3D Shell by Warpboy
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.bd by Unknown
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.bh by Mic22
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.bl by MS flood_
PHP SHELL http-based-terminal by PHP SHELL
Ekin0x Shell volume 2.1 by Ekin0x
Safe0ver Shell //Safe Mod Bypass by Evilc0der
lama's'hell v. 3.0 by lama
KA_uShell by KAdot
Cyber Shell (v 1.0) by pixcher
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.r by kecodoc_forum
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.s by Unknown
NCC:. Shell v1.0.0 by Silver
azrailphp by Azrail
h4ntu shell by tsoi
Backdoor.PHP.Agent.y by Emperor Hacking TEAM
ByPass PHP SHELL by WWW.php-shell.org
c99shell.php v.1.0 pre-release build #16 by CCTeaM
Backdoor.PHP.C99Shell.ad by milw0rm Crew Defacement
Backdoor.PHP.C99Shell.ao by Unknown
c99shell.php v.1.0 pre-release build #13 by CCTeaM
c99shell.php v.1.0 pre-release build #9 by CCTeaM
PHP/Obfu.A by Unknown
K. Script v0.3 Beta by $alla$$
Backdoor.PHP.Lanker.a by Lanker
Backdoor.PHP.NFMshell.c by Unknown
N Shell by Unknown
N Shell v1.0 by Unknown
Backdoor.PHP.Nst.e by Unknown
Pbot by crew@corp. since 2003
Pbot.b by korban. since 2003
r57shell SPECIAL xbIx birthday edition by RUSH security team
PhpShell.k by XKN
PhpShell.l by MACKER
MyShell by Unknown
Backdoor.PHP.Rst.al by ALBANIA (n) SECURITY CLAN
Backdoor.PHP.Rst.e by Unknown
Backdoor.PHP.Rst.f by Edu_loco OwNz
Backdoor.PHP.Rst.g | r57 variant by ArabianAttacker Website's Hacking Tool Kit
Backdoor.PHP.ShellBot.f by Blu3H47
Small PHP Web Shell by ZaCo (c) 2004-2006
TDshell v0.1 by 2005 -> 2008 TheDefaced Security Team
PhpSpy Version:1.5 by Angel
Backdoor.PHP.WebShell.ad by Grinay
Exploit.PHP.Browser by Psychologic
Defacing Tool 2.0 by r3v3ng4ns
Defacing Tool Pro v1.7 by r3v3ng4ns
E-Mail Bomber by Xp|01t3R
Backdoor.PHP.WebShell.u by greenwood from n57
g00nshell v1.3 by [g00n]FiSh
Backdoor.PHP.Zonie by z0mbie [30.08.03]
Defacing Tool 1.8 by r3v3ng4ns
HackTool.PHP.Brute.a by ^cybergang007^
HackTool.PHP.Haxplorer.c by Macker
MPack admin module by 2006, 2007 DreamCoders Team
Linx Mysql BackDoor by linyujian@bjfu.edu.cn
Trojan-Mailfinder.PHP.Massma.j by Unknown
Trojan-Mailfinder.PHP.Massma.k by Unknown
Trojan-Mailfinder.PHP.Massma.u by Unknown
P-h-p-S-p-y by Angel
Trojan.PHP.Sysbat by Xmorfic, www.shadowvx.com/bcvg, The Black Cat Virii Group
PHP/Spider by FSo
Virus.PHP.Aristo.a by Aristotle
Neworld.PHP Virus by Xmorfic, www.shadowvx.com/bcvg, Black Cat Virii Group
PHP.QAZWSX by Unknown
PHP.Rainbow by SPTH
Perl Reverse-WWW-Tunnel-Backdoor v1.6 by 1998 by van Hauser / [THC]
Reverse-WWW-Tunnel-Backdoor v2.0 by 1998-2002 by van Hauser / [THC]
Backdoor.Perl.Agent.a by Ins
Backdoor.Perl.Anarchy by Anarchy
Backdoor.Perl.IRCBot.aa by Unknown
Real-MaXiMiZeR IRCBot by Unknown
Backdoor.Perl.IRCBot.af by klepek_klepek irc.dal.net #AnakDompu
Backdoor.Perl.IRCBot.ai by Osirys
Priv 8 Scanner by SeaNet
Backdoor.Perl.IRCBot.p by Mic22
Backdoor.Perl.IRCBot.r by someone???Production
Backdoor.Perl.IRCBot.t by Tc-Team.com | MrNETi ^ ColdFire
Pitbull Bot by SuPrEmO, JaheeM, R3DF0X, ZEROCOOL, FaStiDiO
Backdoor.Perl.IRCBot.w by SuPrEmO
cHApoenk XtReme scanner Bot by Unknown
Backdoor.Perl.IRCBot.z by Unknown
Asmodeus v0.1 by phuket
ConnectBack Backdoor Shell vs 1.0 by MasterKid of WwW.CoM Hackers SABOTAGE
ShellBOT by 0ldW0lf
VulnScan v7 -Final- by Morgan
Stealth ShellBot by sni-labs
Backdoor.Perl.Shellbot.o by Unknown
Perl Connect Back Backdoor by Unknown
ConnectBack Backdoor Shell vs 1.0 by LorD of IRAN HACKERS SABOTAGE
Telnet-like Standard Daemon 0.7 by oldwolf
Backdoor.Perl.Udpdor by Unknown
Backdoor.Perl.Whoredoor.08 by Unknown
Backdoor.Perl.WinShell.a by Unknown
wsh-c - cgi based remote unix shell (client part) by Alex Dyatlov
DAV's Virus Builder by DAV
FailureToLaunch by Kevin Finisterre
NsT-phpBBDoS (Perl Version) by HaCkZaTaN
udp flood by --/odix
Poerschke by Unknown
Manicx local FTP spoofer by manicx
Comando Trojan by iradium
Perl.Sran by qwerty
Virus.Perl.Nirvana by SPTH
Sillycross by genetix
spoon by paddingx
Poly Virus by SnakeByte [Matrix/KryptoCrew]
onehalf3554 by Chernickevich Konstantin
WhiteNoise by BlackJack
Python RedKeeper Ransomware by Unknown
Backdoor.Python.RShell by fQ
Exploit.Python.Ms06-036.a by redsand@blacksecurity.org
Exploit.Python.PunBB.a by 2005 Hardened-PHP Project
Virus.Python.Agent.c by Unknown
Marty Keylogger by Unknown
Xenotix Keylogger by Ajin Abraham ajin25@gmail.com
'Doxing Script' by Unknown
Facebook Cookies Stealer by Mauritania Attacker & anarc0d3r
FileZilla Password Stealer by Vorfin
Source Stealer by KiraRoot
Chrome / Discord Token Stealer by Unknown
Data Stealer by CyberLand
AngstStealer by backsla3h
Sin by Unknown
CryPy by SINTA
Kirk encryptor by Unknown
Owl Ransomware by OwlSquad
Scrypt by Unknown
Aris Locker by Unknown
Ruby Constructor.Ruby.Qtp.a by Kevin Finisterre kf_lists@digitalmunition.com
Trojan-Spy.Ruby.Kakkeys.d by Unknown
Virus.Ruby.Badbunny.a by Necronomikon&Wargame from [D00mRiderz]
Virus.Ruby.Pydoxon.b by Unknown
Platform: Unix | Linux Kira by Unknown
Hades by Unknown
Beastmode.d by Unknown
Joker by Unknown
Demon.e by Unknown
Demon.a by Unknown
Demeter.a by Unknown
Eragon.b by Unknown
Eragon.a by Unknown
Extendo by Unknown
Josho.b by Unknown
Josho.c by Unknown
Onryo by Unknown
Katrina.a by Unknown
L33t.d by Unknown
Galaxy.g by Unknown
Oreo by Unknown
Owari Reborn by Unknown
Sora by Unknown
Shinto.d by Unknown
Sythe by Unknown
Ultron.a by Unknown
Yummy by Unknown
yakuza by Unknown
Legacy Windows Win2k.CannaByte by vallez
Win2k.CannaByte.b by (Super && vallez)
Win2k.DOB by Benny/29A
Win2k.Joss by Ratter/29A
Win2k.Ketamine by Benny/29A
Win2k.Society by necr0mancer
Win2k.Stream by Benny/29A and Ratter
Win32.FirstBorn by Vorgon
Win95.Altar by T-2000 / Immortal Riot.
Win95.Babylonia by Vecna 1999
Win95.Bonk32 by Vecna
Win95.Boobs by Unknwon :)
Win95.Espore by HenKy
Win95.Estukista by HenKy
Win95.Etymo-Crypt by BLACK JACK
Win95.Henze by HenKy
Win95.IceHeart by 1998-xxxx Stainless Steel Rat /2Rats /RVA /IkX
Win95.Inca by Vecna
Win95.Invirsible by Bhunji
Win95.K32 by nIgr0
Win95.Lizard by Reptile/29A
Win95.Mad by Vecna/29A
Win95.Marburg by GriYo / 29A
Win95.Matrix by LiFEwiRE [ShadowVX]
Win95.Molly by Billy Belcebu/iKX
Win95.Obsolete by T-2000 / [Immortal Riot]
Win95.Radix by Radix16[MIONS]
Win95.Sk by VBA
Win95.Unreal by Qozah
Win95.Yildiz by Black Jack
Win95.Zombie by Z0MBiE
Win98.BeGemot by Benny/29A
Win98.BlackBat by 1999, Rohitab Batra
Win98.Milennium by Benny/29A
Win98.Priest by Unknown
Win98.Yobe by Benny/29A
Win9x.DarkMillennium by Clau / Ultimate Chaos
Win9x.Estukista by HenKy
Win9x.Noise by Bumblebee/29a
Win9x.Repus by Super/29A
Win9x.Sentinel by f0re
Win9x.Society by necr0mancer
Win9x.Wiedzmin by Deithwen Addan
WinCE.Dust by Ratter/29A
Platform: Windows Unnamed Rootkit by Unknown
Adrena Cryptor by Unknown
Monster Worm by Unknown
4Horseman.A by Unknown
4Horseman.B by Unknown
Nytrojan by Nytro
Ominous RAT by Unknown
Plutonium RAT by Mr.3amo
RST Trojan by Unknown
VBS Cryptor by Trojan Horce
Win32.Aryan by Unknown
ExploitKit.Blackhole.A by HodLuM and Paunch
ExploitKit.Blackhole.B by HodLuM and Paunch
ExploitKit.BleedingLife.B by Unknown
ExploitKit.CrimePack.3.1.3 by Unknown
ExploitKit.DemonHunter by Unknown
ExploitKit.Eleonore.1.4.4 by Unknown
Win32.A59 by Unknown
Win32.Acid.b by Unknown
Win32.Ago.c by Unknown
Win32.Ak by Unknown
Win32.Beta by Unknown
Win32.BlackDream by Unknown
Win32.Carberp by Unknown

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