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«"DELAYED CODE" technology (version 1.1)» by Z0mbie [Abstract] 11.28Kb
«"Do polymorphism" tutorial» by Wintermute [Abstract] [SRC] 15.91Kb
«The "Father Christmas worm"» by James Green, Patricia Sisson [Abstract] 22.8Kb
«"Good" Worms and Human Rights» by John Aycock, Alana Maurushat [Abstract] 28.87Kb
«"Smart" trash: building of logic» by pr0mix [Abstract] [SRC] 15.8Kb
«A "Virus Group" or "Viral Warez?"» by Nowhere Man [Abstract] 2.76Kb
«The "Worm" Programs - Early Experience with a Distributed Computation» by John Shoch, Jon Hupp [Abstract] 40.01Kb


«$$$_+$$+$$__+_$+$$_$+$$$_+$$_$» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] [SRC] 19.43Kb


«The 'bliem' polymorphic engine for VBA» by jack twoflower [Abstract] 6.1Kb
«'Holey' virus, Batman!» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] 13.34Kb
«'Vircing' the InVircible» by Vesselin Bontchev [Abstract] 157.42Kb


«A (long) story about an (old) Apple II virus» by Joe Dellinger [Abstract] 13.22Kb


«010 Editor Scripts» by roy g biv [Abstract] [SRC] 7.37Kb


«32 bit optimization» by Billy Belcebú [Abstract] [SRC] 13.1Kb


«64-bit rugrats» by Peter Ferrie, Péter Ször [Abstract] [SRC] 12.65Kb


«About AV-Checker» by pr0mix [Abstract] 18.83Kb
«About reversing» by Z0mbie [Abstract] 13.78Kb
«An Abstract Theory of Computer Viruses» by Leonard Adleman [Abstract] [TeX] 40.82Kb
«Abusing .CTORS and .DTORS for fun 'n profit» by Izik [Abstract] [SRC] 12.4Kb
«Accessing Windows 95 API's by scanning PE-tables» by Lord Julus [Abstract] 26.63Kb
«ACG in the Hole» by Adrian Marinescu [Abstract] 10.85Kb
«Adding LDT entries in Win2K» by Z0mbie [Abstract] 7.11Kb
«The Adolescence of P-1» by Thomas Ryan [Abstract] 547.42Kb
«Advanced EPO: Deeper, longer and harder (Part 1)» by herm1t [Abstract] [TeX] [SRC] 15.09Kb
«Advanced Macro Virus Techniques Issue #1» by Alchemy [Abstract] 12.14Kb
«Advanced Metamorphic Techniques in Computer Viruses» by Philippe Beaucamps [Abstract] [TeX] [SRC] 65.42Kb
«Advanced polymorphic engine construction» by The Mental Driller [Abstract] [SRC] 38.16Kb
«Advanced Polymorphism Primer» by Dark Angel [Abstract] [SRC] 9.53Kb
«Alabama Computer Crime Act» 7.34Kb
«Alfred Bester Is Alive and Well and Living in Winterset, Iowa» by Bret Bertholf [Abstract] 49.43Kb
«Algebraic Specification of Computer Viruses and Their Environments» by Matt Webster [Abstract] 44.86Kb
«All About Viruses» by Alan Solomon [Abstract] 41.3Kb
«AMCW - A New Weapon for the New Millennium» by Sung Yang [Abstract] 17.6Kb
«Analysis and Maintenance of a Clean Virus Library» by Vesselin Bontchev [Abstract] 50.6Kb
«Analysis of the "Offensive Polymorphic Engine v2"» by Alumna [Abstract] [SRC] 6.01Kb
«Analysis of Virus Algorithms» by Jyoti Kalyani, Karanjit Singh Kahlon, Harpal Singh, Anu Kalyani [Abstract] 22.31Kb
«Anarchy in the USSR» by Igor Daniloff [Abstract] 13.47Kb
«Anatomy of Malice» by Stephen Cass [Abstract] 20.8Kb
«Ani-hilate this week» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] [SRC] 9.74Kb
«The Animal Episode» by John Walker [Abstract] 18.06Kb
«Another Computing Platform Gets Its First Virus» by Brian McWilliams [Abstract] 2.91Kb
«Anti AV Techniques For Batch» by cOrRuPt G3n3t!x [Abstract] 7.77Kb
«Anti heuristic techniques» by Black Jack 16.88Kb
«Anti Virus Detection Strategies and how to overcome them» by Tiberio Degano [Abstract] [SRC] 20.76Kb
«ANTI-Anti-Virus Tricks Version 1.00» by MnemoniX [Abstract] 17.93Kb
«Anti-Debugger & Anti-Emulator Lair» by Lord Julus [Abstract] 63.54Kb
«Anti-TBClean code» by Ghost 3.87Kb
«The Anti-Virus Cook Book v1.5» by Kurt Wismer [Abstract] 41.28Kb
«The Anti-Virus Strategy System» by Sarah Gordon [Abstract] 33.44Kb
«Anti-Virus Toolkit Reference Guide» by Alan Solomon [Abstract] 37.15Kb
«Antivirus Software Testing for the New Millenium» by Sarah Gordon, Howard Fraser [Abstract] 42.32Kb
«The Application of Epidemiology to Computer Viruses» by William Murray [Abstract] 29.7Kb
«Applied Cryptanalysis of Cryptosystems and Computer Attacks Through Hidden Ciphertexts Computer Viruses» by Eric Filiol [Abstract] [TeX] 34.27Kb
«An Approach to Containing Computer Viruses» by Terence Gray, Maria Pozzo [Abstract] 38.66Kb
«Approaching Zero: The Extraordinary Underworld of Hackers, Phreakers, Virus Writers, And Keyboard Criminals» by Paul Mungo, Bryan Glough [Abstract] 467.74Kb
«Are 'Good' Computer Viruses Still a Bad Idea?» by Vesselin Bontchev [Abstract] 68.83Kb
«Are Anti-Virus Companies Criminals?» by SnakeByte [Abstract] 4.1Kb
«Are Computer Hacker Break-ins Ethical?» by Eugene Spafford [Abstract] 38.19Kb
«Are Evolutionary Rule Learning Algorithms Appropriate for Malware Detection?» by Zubair Shafiq, Momina Tabish, Muddassar Farooq [Abstract] [TeX] 11.91Kb
«Are Good Virus Simulators Still a Bad Idea?» by Sarah Gordon [Abstract] 28.59Kb
«Are the Current Computer Crime Laws Sufficient or Should the Writing of Virus Code Be Prohibited?» by Robert Kroczynski [Abstract] 150.82Kb
«Argument For A 'Good' Virus» by MidNyte [Abstract] 28.82Kb
«Argument for slow infection and slow polymorphism» by Rogue Warrior [Abstract] 7.54Kb
«Aristotle: "It's a giant pissing contest!" he sez of Vx/A-V» by George Smith [Abstract] 2.55Kb
«Ars loricatus novus or A small introduction to retro-armoring» by Nomenumbra [Abstract] [SRC] 16.65Kb
«The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense» by Péter Ször [Abstract] [TeX] [SRC] 1.41Mb
«The Art of Virii Collecting» by Tally [Abstract] 41.56Kb
«Artificial intelligence and viruses» by J. S. Bach [Abstract] 18.27Kb
«As above, sobelow» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] [SRC] 12.23Kb
«The Asexual Virus: Computer Viruses in Feminist Discourse» by Martina Gillen [Abstract] 59.87Kb
«Asmodeus takes a look into the crystal ball» by Asmodeus [Abstract] 2.34Kb
«ASP.NET Virus Writing Guide» by SPTH [Abstract] [SRC] 24.53Kb
«Assembly language or HLL?» by Navrhar [Abstract] 6.93Kb
«Atari 8-bit virus» by Pirx [Abstract] [SRC] 8.8Kb
«Attack of the Clones» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] 9.91Kb
«Automated reverse engineering: Mistfall engine» by Z0mbie [Abstract] [SRC] 15.43Kb
«Automatic Extraction of Computer Virus Signatures» by Jeffrey Kephart, William Arnold [Abstract] [TeX] 53.1Kb
«Automatically generated Win32 heuristic virus detection» by William Arnold, Gerald Tesauro [Abstract] 31.08Kb
«Autonomous Mobile Cyber Weapon» by Sung Yang [Abstract] 33.37Kb
«AVP 2.2 naked» by Mister Sandman [Abstract] 7.22Kb


«Back to the Future: What viruswriters in the past thought about the viruses of the future» by SPTH [Abstract] 30.47Kb
«Bad Transfer» by Peter Ferrie, Péter Ször [Abstract] 12.15Kb
«The Basic of Excel Virus Writing» by FoxZ [Abstract] 5.25Kb
«Batch File Viruses» by Black Wolf [Abstract] 2.43Kb
«Batch IRC/Outlook Spreading» by cOrRuPt G3n3t!x [Abstract] 12.21Kb
«Batch Virii» by Knowdeth [Abstract] 4.31Kb
«BATch virii tutorial» by Stramonium 32.88Kb
«Batch Viruses (second issue)» by Wavefunc [Abstract] 13.13Kb
«Becoming Positive» by Sadie Plant 12.41Kb
«Biological Aspects of Computer Virology» by Vasileios Vlachos, Diomidis Spinellis, Stefanos Androutsellis-Theotokis [Abstract] [TeX] 33.39Kb
«Biologically Inspired Defenses Against Computer Viruses» by Jeffrey Kephart, Gregory Sorkin, William Arnold, David Chess, Gerald Tesauro, Steve White [Abstract] [TeX] 66.15Kb
«The biology of digital organisms» by Claus Wilke, Christoph Adami [Abstract] 37.34Kb
«Blast off!» by Peter Ferrie, Frédéric Perriot, Péter Ször [Abstract] 8.87Kb
«Blindingly» by MidNyte [Abstract] 8.33Kb
«Blueprint for a Computer Immune System» by Jeffrey Kephart, Gregory Sorkin, Morton Swimmer, Steve White [Abstract] 54.32Kb
«BOMbing The System» by roy g biv [Abstract] [SRC] 7.12Kb
«Book worm» by Paul Baccas [Abstract] 7.51Kb
«Boot Infectors» by Dark Angel [Abstract] 11.85Kb
«A brand new way to fool TBScan» by Automag [Abstract] 1.67Kb
«A Brief History of PC Viruses» by Alan Solomon [Abstract] 41.11Kb
«A brief history of virii vs. antivirii war» by flush [Abstract] 48.55Kb
«A brief viral Introduction into F#» by SPTH [Abstract] [SRC] 11.17Kb
«BTX encryption» by hh86 [Abstract] [SRC] 4.02Kb
«The Bulgarian and Soviet Virus Factories» by Vesselin Bontchev [Abstract] 56.56Kb
«Business and Commercial Offenses» [Abstract] 3.91Kb
«A Bypass of Cohen's Impossibility Result» by Jan Bergstra, Alban Ponse [Abstract] [TeX] 38.2Kb


«C to assembly, language point of view» by Star0 [Abstract] 6.13Kb
«Cabirn fever» by Peter Ferrie, Péter Ször [Abstract] 6.44Kb
«Cain and Abul» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] 9.93Kb
«Can Computer Viruses Be Domesticated to Serve Mankind?» by John Markoff [Abstract] 6.98Kb
«Can cryptography prevent computer viruses?» by John Morar, David Chess [Abstract] [TeX] 36.79Kb
«Can hackers be sued for damages caused by computer viruses?» by Pamela Samuelson [Abstract] 16.71Kb
«Can Viruses Ever Be Useful?» by Harold Thimbleby [Abstract] 13.87Kb
«Can you spare a seg?» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] 9.83Kb
«Capture the desktop - scan .LNK files for victims» by DiA [Abstract] [SRC] 24.6Kb
«CARO's Undisclosed Illegal Meeting Agenda» by Rock Steady [Abstract] 9.04Kb
«CARO's Undisclosed Meeting Agenda» by ARiSToTLE [Abstract] 9.12Kb
«A Case for Benevolent Viruses» by Fred Cohen [Abstract] 35.47Kb
«Catch Me If You Can» by Gregory Benford [Abstract] 7.95Kb
«Caveat virus» by herm1t [Abstract] [SRC] 7.88Kb
«Challenges in getting 'formal' with viruses» by Arun Lakhotia, Prabhat Singh [Abstract] 24.03Kb
«Chamber of horrors» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] 9.75Kb
«Chiba witty blues» by Peter Ferrie, Frédéric Perriot, Péter Ször [Abstract] 10.26Kb
«Chilling Fridrik» by Blade Runner [Abstract] 2.65Kb
«Chomsky Hierarchy and the Word Problem in Code Mutation» by SPTH [Abstract] [SRC] 18.67Kb
«Classification of Computer Viruses Using the Theory of Affordances» by Matt Webster, Grant Malcolm [Abstract] [TeX] [SRC] 71.11Kb
«Code Evolution: Follow nature's example» by SPTH [Abstract] [SRC] 17.58Kb
«Code Optimisation, A Beginner's Guide» by Dark Angel [Abstract] 6.19Kb
«Code transformation and finite automatons» by Z0mbie 22.32Kb
«Code via Behaviour» by SPTH [Abstract] [SRC] 9.97Kb
«COM Viruses» by Black Wolf [Abstract] 10.48Kb
«Combinatorial Optimisation of Worm Propagation on an Unknown Network» by Eric Filiol, Edouard Franc, Alessandro Gubbioli, Benoit Moquet, Guillaume Roblot [TeX] [SRC] 35.83Kb
«Combined Viruses» by Black Wolf [Abstract] 7.91Kb
«Combining a mailworm with GPG» by R3s1stanc3 [Abstract] 4.07Kb
«Comment on 'A Framework for Modelling Trojans and Computer Virus Infection'» by Erkki Makinen [Abstract] 11.84Kb
«A comment on Cohen's theorem about undecidability of viral detection» by Franz Steinparz [Abstract] 4.58Kb
«Comments on a paper by Voas, Payne & Cohen: “A model for detecting the existence of software corruption in real time”» by Peter Ladkin, Harold Thimbleby [Abstract] [TeX] 14.49Kb
«Communicating Viruses» by Changeling [Abstract] 5.39Kb
«Compatible, Resident Windows 95 Viruses» by DV8 [Abstract] 15.18Kb
«Compiled HTML» by roy g biv [Abstract] [SRC] 4.64Kb
«The Complete Re-write Engine» by MidNyte [Abstract] 13.48Kb
«Computational Aspects of Computer Viruses» by Fred Cohen [Abstract]
«Computational Brittleness and Evolution in Machine Language» by Paul-Michael Agapow [Abstract] 26.07Kb
«COMPUTE!'s computer viruses» by Ralph Roberts [Abstract] 333.94Kb
«Computer (In)security: Infiltrating Open Systems» by Ian Witten [Abstract] [SRC] 83.07Kb
«Computer Immunology» by Stephanie Forrest, Steven Hofmeyr, Anil Somayaji [Abstract] 33.66Kb
«Computer Parasitology» by Carey Nachenberg [Abstract] 96.5Kb
«Computer pranksters plant 'virus' in Macs» by John Markoff [Abstract] 4.79Kb
«Computer Programs, Weapons of War in a Digital World» by The Ollin [Abstract] 16.86Kb
«The Computer Security Encyclopedia. Computer Viruses.» by Fred Cohen [Abstract] 68.09Kb
«Computer Systems Under Siege» by Vin McLellan [Abstract] 13.18Kb
«Computer Virus» by Nancy Kress [Abstract] 100.79Kb
«The computer virus as a tool of individual empowerment» by The Flim-Flam Man [Abstract] 4.18Kb
«The Computer Virus Culture» by Jamie Mitchell [Abstract] 7.06Kb
«Computer virus hits again» 2.5Kb
«Computer virus prevention and containment on mainframes» by Ghannam Al-Dossary [Abstract] 39.67Kb
«The Computer Virus Problem» by David Stang 44.72Kb
«Computer Virus-Antivirus Coevolution» by Carey Nachenberg [Abstract] 29.05Kb
«Computer Viruses» by Peter Denning 17.75Kb
«Computer viruses (BMJ 296-013)» by John Asbury [Abstract] 4.55Kb
«Computer viruses (BMJ 299-66a)» by John Croall, Ian McKay [Abstract] [TeX] 2.41Kb
«Computer viruses (BMJ 302-66e)» by John Croall [Abstract] 2.23Kb
«Computer viruses (BMJ 307-59e)» by Patrick Harkin [Abstract] [TeX] 2.75Kb
«Computer viruses - a high-tech disease» by Ralf Burger [Abstract] [TeX] [SRC] 466.43Kb
«Computer Viruses - Legal Options» by Bernard Zajac [Abstract] 6.73Kb
«Computer Viruses - Theory and Experiments» by Fred Cohen [Abstract] 62.59Kb
«Computer viruses and anti-virus warfare» by Jan Hruska [Abstract] [TeX] [SRC] 521.67Kb
«Computer Viruses and Ethics» by Eugene Spafford [Abstract] 45.75Kb
«Computer Viruses and Malware» by John Aycock [Abstract] [TeX] [SRC] 499.38Kb
«Computer Viruses and Related Threats: A Management Guide» by John Wack, Lisa Carnahan [Abstract] 92.39Kb
«Computer Viruses and the Human Mind» by Robin Robertson [Abstract] 39.46Kb
«Computer Viruses as Artificial Life» by Eugene Spafford [Abstract] 55.31Kb
«Computer Viruses In Unix Networks» by Peter Radatti [Abstract] 36.84Kb
«Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution» by Mark Ludwig [TeX] [SRC] 573.34Kb
«Computer Viruses: A Global Perspective» by Steve White, Jeffrey Kephart, David Chess [Abstract] 50.91Kb
«Computer Viruses: Myth or Reality?» by Howard Israel [Abstract] [TeX] 20.83Kb
«Computer viruses: Prevention, Detection, and Treatment» by Mario Tinto [Abstract] 40.27Kb
«Computer Viruses: the Inevitability of Evolution?» by Paul-Michael Agapow [Abstract] [TeX] 29.11Kb
«Computer Viruses: The Technology and Evolution of an Artificial Life Form» by Karsten Johansson [SRC] 316.07Kb
«Computer Viruses: Why writing and making available a computer virus is not a crime» by Ellipsis [Abstract] 5.37Kb
«Computer-Generated Life» by Eric Olson [Abstract] 31.12Kb
«Computers and epidemiology» by Jeffrey Kephart, David Chess, Steve White [Abstract] 34.1Kb
«Computers Under Attack: Intruders, Worms and Viruses» by Peter Denning
«Computers under attacks!» by Anne Bonfante, Jean-Yves Marion [Abstract] 13.87Kb
«Computerviruses meet Infopath» by SPTH [Abstract] [SRC] 15.95Kb
«Concepts of cooperation in artificial life» by Harold Thimbleby, Ian Witten, David Pullinger [Abstract] [TeX] 41.9Kb
«Conflict and the Computer: Information Warfare and Related Ethical Issues» by Sam Nitzberg [Abstract] 30.08Kb
«Consensual Realities In Cyberspace» by Paul Saffo [Abstract] 10.37Kb
«Construction Kit on infecting .COM» by Rock Steady [Abstract] [SRC] 7.04Kb
«Contagion on the Internet» by Trudy Wassenaar, Martin Blase 10.34Kb
«Contruction Kit for TSR Virii» by Rock Steady [Abstract] 8.46Kb
«Convergence of Virus Writers and Hackers: Fact or Fantasy?» by Sarah Gordon, Qingxiong Ma [Abstract] 41.49Kb
«Coping with Computer Viruses and Related Problems» by Steve White, David Chess, Chengi Kuo [Abstract] 63.76Kb
«A Core War bestiary of viruses, worms and other threats to computer memories» by Alexander Dewdney 22.44Kb
«A Cost Analysis of Typical Computer Viruses and Defenses» by Fred Cohen [Abstract] [TeX] 41.79Kb
«Countering Kernel Rootkits with Lightweight Hook Protection» by Zhi Wang, Xuxian Jiang, Weidong Cui, Peng Ning [Abstract] [SRC] 71.47Kb
«Covert Distributed Processing with Computer Viruses» by Steve White [Abstract] [TeX] 9.03Kb
«Crawling - A unique spreading technique» by freeon [Abstract] [SRC] 15.29Kb
«Crazy ToDo list for VXers» by Belial, SPTH [Abstract] [SRC] 12.9Kb
«Crimea river» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] 12.26Kb
«A Critical Look at the Regulation of Computer Viruses» by Mathias Klang [Abstract] 62.36Kb
«Cross Infection in JavaScript» by SPTH [Abstract] 16.76Kb
«Cross-scripting attacks» by roy g biv [Abstract] [SRC] 3.25Kb
«Cruncher - The First Beneficial Virus?» by Eugene Kaspersky [Abstract] 9.54Kb
«A Cryptographic Checksum for Integrity Protection» by Fred Cohen [Abstract] 22.24Kb
«Cryptography and Viruses» by Simone McCloskey [Abstract] 28.89Kb
«Cryptovirology: Extortion-Based Security Threats and Countermeasures» by Adam Young, Moti Young [Abstract] 64.55Kb
«The Cuckoo's Egg» by Cliff Stoll [Abstract] 722.46Kb
«Curious Yellow: The First Coordinated Worm Design» by Brandon Wiley [Abstract] 22.03Kb


«Dark Side of the Moon: What Motivates Virus Writers» by Markus Salo [Abstract] 9.32Kb
«DarkMarket: cyberthieves, cybercops and you» by Misha Glenny [Abstract] 521.51Kb
«Darwin» by Aleph Null [Abstract] [TeX] 9.79Kb
«Darwin inside the machines: Malware evolution and the consequences for computer security» by Dimitris Iliopoulos, Christoph Adami, Péter Ször [Abstract] [TeX] 41.7Kb
«Darwin, a Game of Survival of the Fittest among Programs» by Douglas McIlroy [Abstract] 11.22Kb
«Data encoding in meta viruses» by Z0mbie 7.35Kb
«A Day in the Life of an Anti-Virus Lab» by Robert Vibert [Abstract] 14.73Kb
«Dealing with Metamorphism» by Myles Jordan [Abstract] 11.72Kb
«Debug Assisted Decoding» by hh86 [Abstract] [SRC] 6.64Kb
«Deelaed learning» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] 15.94Kb
«Defense and Detection Strategies against Internet Worms» by Jose Nazario [Abstract] 630.04Kb
«Defense-In-Depth Against Computer Viruses» by Fred Cohen [Abstract] [TeX] 69.27Kb
«Delta Offset» by Tokugawa Ieyasu [Abstract] [SRC] 5.37Kb
«Description of the win98/INT 2E services (VMM/NTKERN.VxD)» by Z0mbie 44.22Kb
«The Design Space of Metamorphic Malware» by Andrew Walenstein, Rachit Mathur, Mohamed Chouchane, Arun Lakhotia [Abstract] [TeX] 38.28Kb
«Details Emerge on the First Windows Mobile Virus» by Cyrus Peikari, Seth Fogie, Ratter [Abstract] 43.5Kb
«Detecting Complex Viruses» by Peter Ferrie, Frédéric Perriot [Abstract] 11.5Kb
«Detecting Unknown Computer Viruses - A New Approach» by Mori Akira, Sawada Toshimi, Izumida Tomonori, Inoue Tadashi [Abstract] 42.59Kb
«Detection of New Malicious Code Using N-grams Signatures» by Tony Abou-Assaleh, Nick Cercone, Vlado Keselj, Ray Sweidan [Abstract] [TeX] 31.53Kb
«Developing virus identification products» by Tim Sankary [Abstract] 20.26Kb
«Dialogues with AVs» by Changeling 20.95Kb
«A different way to make a TSR virus (or how a boot virus can hook dos interrupts)» by Somniun [Abstract] 21.38Kb
«Digital Monsters, Binary Aliens - Computer Viruses, Capitalism and the Flow of Information» by Jussi Parikka [Abstract] 66.5Kb
«Dir Stealth Method 2» by Rock Steady [Abstract] 4.48Kb
«Directed-Graph Epidemiological Models of Computer Viruses» by Jeffrey Kephart, Steve White [Abstract] [TeX] 97.07Kb
«Directory Stealth» by Rock Steady [Abstract] 7.86Kb
«Disassemblers within viruses» by Z0mbie [Abstract] 14.61Kb
«A Discussion of Polymorphism» by Gary Watson [Abstract] 9.38Kb
«Diseas'd Ventures: A Critique of Media Reportage of Viruses» by George Smith [Abstract] 15.07Kb
«Disinfecting an Infected File» by Rock Steady [Abstract] [SRC] 11.05Kb
«The DLIT EPO techinque» by hh86 [Abstract] 2.52Kb
«DLL Hijacking in antiviruses» by pr0mix [Abstract] 13.19Kb
«Do the macarena» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] 10.31Kb
«Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cell Phone Malware» by William Mahoney, Craig Pokorny [Abstract] 18.06Kb
«Document Macro Viruses, Yes, you can spread a virus with a data file...» by Joel McNamara [Abstract] 22Kb
«Does Your Computer Have a Virus?» by Nikki Finke [Abstract] 14.53Kb
«Doin' the eagle rock» by Peter Ferrie [Abstract] 14.07Kb
«Dr Aycock's Bad Idea: Is the Good Use of Computer Viruses Still a Bad Idea?» by Tony Sampson [Abstract] 13.32Kb
«The Dreaded Computer Virus and Why You Should be Concerned» by Al Doran 10.73Kb
«Dynamic Analysis .. What is it and how to defeat it?!» by M0SA [Abstract] 9.23Kb
«Dynamic Anti-Emulation using Blackbox Analysis» by SPTH [Abstract] [SRC] 14.42Kb
«Dynamic detection and classification of computer viruses using general behaviour patterns» by Baudouin Le Charlier, Morton Swimmer, Abdelaziz Mounji [Abstract] 43.76Kb


«E-mail Virus Protection Handbook» by James Stanger [Abstract]
«Easy To Infect Hard to Detect» by Tiberio Degano [Abstract] [SRC] 24.82Kb
«Echoes of Conspiracy» by FireCracker [Abstract] 8.6Kb
«Edinburgh University PC Virus Review 1992» 28.12Kb
«Effective and Inexpensive Methods Exist for Controlling Software Viruses» by Steve Gibson [Abstract] 4.97Kb
«Effusion - a new sophisticated injector for Nginx web servers» by Andrew Kovalev, Konstantin Otrashkevich, Evgeny Sidorov, Andrew Rassokhin [Abstract] 27.3Kb
«ELF executable reconstruction from a core image» by Silvio Cesare [Abstract] [SRC] 6.08Kb
«The ELF Virus Writing HOWTO» by Alexander Bartolich [Abstract]
«Email networks and the spread of computer viruses» by Stephanie Forrest, Justin Balthrop, M. Newman [Abstract] [TeX] 23.73Kb
«Emulation: Transposition of Control (From Anti-Virus to Virus)» by mos6581 [Abstract] [SRC] 9Kb
«Encryption in Perl Viruses» by SnakeByte [Abstract] [SRC] 2.91Kb
«Entering Ring-0 Using Win32 Api: Context Modification» by Z0mbie [Abstract] 5.77Kb
«An Epidemiological View of Worms and Viruses» by Thomas Chen [Abstract] 17.97Kb
«Epidemiology and computer viruses» by Alan Solomon [Abstract] 9.46Kb
«An Epidemiology of Viruses & Network Worms» by Cliff Stoll [Abstract] 20.02Kb
«EPO - entrypoint obscuring» by mort [Abstract] [SRC] 10.32Kb
«EPO in C LUA DLLs» by hh86 [Abstract] 1.75Kb
«EPO techniques under Win32» by Benny [Abstract] 6.4Kb
«EPO: Entry-Point Obscuring» by GriYo [Abstract] 16.43Kb
«EPOC Virus Tutorial» by Retro [Abstract] 5.67Kb
«EPOlution: The Evolution of Entry Point Obscuring» by roy g biv [Abstract] [SRC] 5.49Kb
«Establishing ethics in the computer virus arena» by Paul Ferguson [Abstract] 12.21Kb
«Ethical Issues in Computer Virus Distribution» by Fred Cohen [Abstract] 5.17Kb
«The Evolution of 32-Bit Windows Viruses» by Péter Ször, Eugene Kaspersky 17.16Kb
«The Evolution of the Computer Virus» by Shaun DeRosa [Abstract] 4.66Kb
«The Evolution of Viruses and Worms» by Thomas Chen, Jean-Marc Robert [Abstract] 40.75Kb
«Evolutionary Virus Propogation Technique» by saec [Abstract] 9.86Kb
«Examples of Malicious Computer Programs» by Ronald Standler [Abstract] 95.47Kb
«EXE Infections» by Rock Steady [Abstract] 15.48Kb
«EXE Self-Disinfection» by Dark Angel [Abstract] 17.26Kb
«EXE Viruses» by Black Wolf [Abstract] 9.37Kb
«Execution redirection thru ‘Image File Execution Options’ key» by GriYo [Abstract] [SRC] 8.62Kb
«The Executive Computer: A Virus Carries Fatal Complications» by Peter Lewis [Abstract] 6.41Kb
«Exotic Morphing Techniques In JavaScript» by SPTH [Abstract] 25.26Kb
«Explaining the Usages of Pipes in Virus coding» by berniee [Abstract] [SRC] 6.89Kb
«EXPLORER in-memory infection» by GriYo [Abstract] [SRC] 25.46Kb
«Exploring RDA» by Kharn [Abstract] [SRC] 7.73Kb


«A Failure to Learn from the Past» by Eugene Spafford [Abstract] 79.43Kb
«FAT32 New Problems for Anti-Virus, or Viruses? (version 1.01)» by Martin Overton [Abstract] 69.77Kb
«A fault tolerance approach to computer viruses» by Mark Joseph, Algirdas Avižienis [Abstract] [TeX] 30.36Kb
«FBSL Virus Writing Guide» by Genetix [Abstract] [SRC] 14.55Kb
«The federal government, independent virus researchers and the First Amendment» by James Lipshultz [Abstract] 12.72Kb
«Ferite virus writing guide» by WarGame [SRC] 8.55Kb
«A few ideas for viruses» by Kalkin/EViL [Abstract] 9.61Kb
«Fighting Computer Virus Infection through Auto-Immune Responses - Applying Principles of Life to Anti-Virus Technology» by David Stang [Abstract] 35.82Kb
«Fighting Computer Viruses» by Jeffrey Kephart, Gregory Sorkin, David Chess, Steve White [Abstract] 25.18Kb
«Fighting EPO Viruses» by Piotr Bania [Abstract] [SRC] 25.37Kb
«Fighting Talk» by Igor Daniloff [Abstract] 15.79Kb
«File infecting viri» by Robert Slade 2.41Kb
«Find Victims with FindExecutable API» by DiA [Abstract] [SRC] 6.27Kb
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«Virus Writers: Who Writes This Stuff Anyway?» by Scott Dewing [Abstract] 6.25Kb
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«Viruses and the Law: Why the Law is Ineffective» by John Montana [Abstract] 14.18Kb
«Viruses Are Good for You» by Julian Dibbell [Abstract] 57.45Kb
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«When Worlds Collide: Information Sharing for the Security and Anti-virus Communities» by Sarah Gordon, Richard Ford [Abstract] 50.54Kb
«Where have the worms and viruses gone? - new trends in malware» by Eugene Schultz [Abstract] 30.94Kb
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«Why a "good" virus is good idea» by VirusBuster [Abstract] 8.9Kb
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«Why I write viruses (and how not to stop me)» by MidNyte [Abstract] 5.18Kb
«Why Viruses Are and Always will be a Problem» by Richard Ford [Abstract] 12.19Kb
«Why Viruses are necessary» by J. S. Bach [Abstract] 3.7Kb
«Why writing viruses?» by n0ph [Abstract] 3.05Kb
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«With war near, U.S. raises terror alert level» by Dan Verton [Abstract] 3.34Kb
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«X-Rays Can Be Bad For Your Virus's Health» by The Sorcerer [Abstract] 7.11Kb


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«You, Too, Can Write an Anna Worm» by Michelle Delio [Abstract] 6.96Kb
«Your favorites, my victims - .url infection in JavaScript» by DiA [Abstract] [SRC] 7.9Kb


«Zmist Opportunities» by Peter Ferrie, Péter Ször [Abstract] 11.45Kb
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