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Library: Different OS's - MacOS, MenuetOS, ...

«How To Write A Virus For The Macintosh or 'How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Resource Manager'» 24.74Kb 24731 hits
Due to numerous requests for this type of information, I will delve myself into the dark side and release that information by which people can be arrested. Please note that this file contains no source code and no information about destructive code, but simply gives the basic ideas and principles behind writing a reproducing code resource and how it can be used to better society.
roy g biv
«Infecting Mach-O Files» 8.02Kb 18321 hits
Mach-O is the native file format used by OSX. There is a little similarity to Portable Executable files, but not much. Mach-O files are collections of segments. Each segment can contain one or more sections, which have different protection attributes.
«MenuetOS infection» 31.15Kb 12023 hits
Ready Rangers Liberation Front [5] (2004)
MenuetOS is a new and free Operating System with GUI (Graphical User Interface) and many network tools like a eMail program or a IRC client, which fits on one disk. The Operating System is fully assembler written and has a great documation, more than that, it's open source. You can find the OS here: I got the idea of writing a virus for it, when I had the first contact with it: One boring day in a IRC-channel VxF talked about it, and joked about writing viruses for it. Well, that was the start of the whole story, and as I became bored of all that windows based virus, I thought it would be a nice challenge for me. About five month after that contact the first virus (Menuet.Oxymoron) was finished. As I had to learn alot of it by myself, I want to share this information with you. And that's also the only purpose of this article.
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