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D. Grabham «Warning: Virus!» (17055)
«Interview with Benny/29A» (15577)
Perforin «Interview with herm1t» (12029)
Bozo «Interview with Mr. Sandman» (11574)
Dark Fiber «Interview with Alan Solomon» (11152)

Library: Interviews with VXers and AVers

«Interview with Benny/29A» 17.57Kb 15577 hits
*-zine (Asterix) [2] (1999)
29A is one of the todays most active groups and Benny/29A is one of their most active members, producing many W32-based viruses in a short periods. We offer you and interview with this czech programmer
«Interview with Cicatrix» 12.7Kb 11031 hits
*-zine (Asterix) [2] (1999)
Cicatrix is well known on virus scene as maintainer of VDAT, a kind of virus knowledge database about viruses, groups, zines, etc. Now you can read what is behind...
«Interview with Coke» 6.32Kb 9868 hits
*-zine (Asterix) [1] (1997)
Hehe.. Well My handle is CoKe, comes from Coca Cola, not from cocaine.. :) It's my first and only handle. Good enough ? :)
«Interview with Duke» 12.17Kb 10749 hits
*-zine (Asterix) [2] (1999)
Russia is a big unexplored world of virus writers who do not often become known on public but produce a reasonable things. One of those you can meet on internet is Duke of SMF.
«Interview with person from AV company» 16.14Kb 9892 hits
*-zine (Asterix) [2] (1999)
We are glad to present something really unusual - interview with a man from antivirus company who agreed to have a talk (many of them didn't) about viruses, life, universe and everything. But we agreed about his anonymity and we will respect it, of course. This interview is really good experience, so don't wait and go ahead!
«Interview with Wildworker» 3.18Kb 8714 hits
*-zine (Asterix) [1] (1997)
Wild W0rker is one of the regulars on #virus. So I decided to ask him for an interview. Here I present the resulting textfile. Stuff in this brackets [] 're my comments.
«Interview with Second Part To Hell» 13.83Kb 8809 hits
Brigada Ocho [3] (2011)
Second Part To Hell is a famous Austrian virus programmer. He was first interviewed by Brigada Ocho in 2002 (His old inteview is in Brigada Ocho E-zine #1) and almost 9 years later, Brigada Ocho decides to do a follow up interview...
«Interview with Billy Belcebu/iKX» 33.08Kb 11057 hits
«Interview with StarZer0/iKX» 23.17Kb 9910 hits
«Interview with Mr. Sandman» 27.14Kb 11574 hits
«Interview with Dark Fiber» 11.63Kb 9212 hits
«Interview with Eternal Maverick» 6.22Kb 9250 hits
«Interview with Foxz» 6.21Kb 9620 hits
«Interview with Metabolis» 7.55Kb 9632 hits
«Interview with Methyl» 24.2Kb 7481 hits
«Interview with Opic» 14.93Kb 9057 hits
«Interview with SMT» 6.34Kb 9108 hits
Dark Fiber
«Interview with Alan Solomon» 9.04Kb 11152 hits
«Interview with Aurodreph/SLAM» 4.6Kb 8899 hits
«Interview with Jerk1n» 4.17Kb 8683 hits
No Mercy [2] (1998)
You Know guys make Microsoft Sick one again?, well let read this interview!
«Interview with Kpv-Team» 4Kb 9164 hits
«Interview with Mikee» 4.42Kb 9144 hits
No Mercy [1] (1998)
HMVS claim that his Neural Network good, and every virus can detect, but in the fact, Mikee make HMVS nothing, Mikee done make Anti Neural Network (test with HMSV 260). Well Vrtik what you comment?
«Interview with Sarah Gordon» 8.08Kb 10239 hits
Coderz zine #2 (2001)
Sarah Gordon
«Inside the Mind of Dark Avenger» 18.59Kb 10685 hits
Virus News International (1993)
Interview with Dark Avenger
«Interview with Lucifer/Messiah» 33.85Kb 9934 hits
Dan Grabham
«Warning: Virus!» 20.31Kb 17055 hits
.net magazine issue 118 (2003)
Viruses are here to stay and they're more dangerous than ever. This month, Dan Grabham talks to top security firms and the virus writers themselves to find out why installing anti-virus software is futile.
hh86, SPTH
«Interview with JPanic» 26.85Kb 6459 hits
Valhalla #4 (2013)
JPanic is a viruswriter who started his career in the 1990. He was member of VLAD and Immortal Riot, two legendary virus-writing groups from the early times :) In the late 1990s he went to sleep.He woke up now, and has already showed his skill by creating a fantastic crossinfector for Windows, Linux and MacOS. More to come...
«Interview with Peter Ferrie» 20.35Kb 5006 hits
Valhalla #2 (2012)
Peter Ferrie worked as Lead Developer in Frisk Software International (founded by Friðrik Skúlason. Owner of F-Prot anti-virus). He worked as Technical Director for Symantec Corporation (NORTON anti-virus). Since 2008, he is Principal Anti-virus Researcher at Microsoft Corporation. In 2010 he won the Greatest contribution to the anti-malware industry in the last ten years VirusBulletin award. He is an expert on malware analysis on multiple platforms.
«Interview with roy g biv» [SRC] 18.82Kb 5711 hits
Valhalla #4 (2013)
roy g biv has started writing viruses in the 1990s, and is still an active coder of self-replicators. He was member of 29A, has written many virus with novel and unexpected technqiues, many of them featured in security magazines.
«Interview with VirusBuster about 29A» 16.96Kb 6680 hits
Valhalla #3 (2012)
This is an interview with VirusBuster mainly about 29A, done in August 2012.VirusBuster, a former virus-collector from spain, was a member of 29A since the first hour. In addition he was editor of the 29A magazine from issue #5 to the last issue #8.
Horny Toad
«Interview with Cicatric» 8.15Kb 9656 hits
«Interview with Griyo» 20.37Kb 9901 hits
«Interview with DiA» 12.53Kb 8654 hits
Electrical Ordered Freedom #1 (2006)
Let me introduce an interview made with DiA. It is a guy, who can help you at any moment and he really helped me with my first steps. Also he is my very good IRC friend, and my idol on the vx-scene :)
«Interview with herm1t» 12.78Kb 9689 hits
Electrical Ordered Freedom #2 (EOF-DR-RRLF) (2007)
Thank you for the opportunity to share a few words. :-) Hello, people, I'm herm1t, 29, from Ukraine, the webmaster of, sometimes I write the viruses too, and the rest are mostly irrelevant.
«Interview with Retro» 9.64Kb 8193 hits
Electrical Ordered Freedom #1 (2006)
The second interview with another cool rRlf (Ready Rangers Liberation Front) group member - Retro. Enjoy! ;)
«Interview with roy g biv» 24.5Kb 11108 hits
Electrical Ordered Freedom #2 (EOF-DR-RRLF) (2007)
Hi there, I am roy g biv. I am a 28 years guy, from a city in a country in the world. Some things must be secret. :)
«Interview with synge» 6.53Kb 11127 hits
Jakin ezine #8 (2007)
«Interview with Nucleii» 6.56Kb 9564 hits
Metaphase [1] (1998)
Well, lets see. Im currently just a college student/computer nerd having fun with my life. I have a very health social life and a kewl girlfriend for over a year. My true love is producing electronic music (intelligent jungle/ drum&bass)
«Interview with Dark Slayer» 4.71Kb 8789 hits
«Interview with SnakeByte» 8.12Kb 10000 hits
Coderz zine #2 (2001)
«Interview with with Doctor Owl» 9.54Kb 9131 hits
Coderz zine #2 (2001)
Nightmare Joker
«Interview with Stefan Kurtzhals» 8.31Kb 9599 hits
Slam [2] (1997)
Well, born on the 15.12.1972, I am currently studying electrical engineering at the University of Wuppertal. Beside studying and working on my AV programs I like to hang around on IRC (molesting people on #virus is sometimes quite funny :) ), read books (all kind of SF and fantasy, I prefer to read the original English versions because the German translations are mostly very bad), listening to music (EBM and Wave, mostly electronical things but I actually hate Techno (ARGH!) and similar rubbish), playing computer games (preferring network games, I usually only play (GL)Quake, and if the German Telekom will be able to install ISDN here within this century, I will most likely join one of the Quake clans :) ) and such things.
«Interview with herm1t» 14.17Kb 12029 hits
DarK CodeZ #3 (2010)
Heh, I am on my early thirties, married, employed as system administrator on ISP, one of those guys you cannot ever phone directly before reception, and tech support will be completely confused and give up. ;-)
«Interview with Lovin God» 10.52Kb 9393 hits
Technological Illusions Magzine [1] (1999)
I am 24 years old, employeed as an application programmer. The job takes little time, so I have enough for virii programming and communications. Working at night, sleeping up to the dinner or sunset. I am a dark person, if something definitevely dark or light exists. I like thrash/death/black/doom music, my favourite bands are Slayer, Sepultura, Kreator, Rotting Christ, Early Burzum. Also I like to listen to Russian punk. On weekends I like to meet friends and drink some beer, visit a death/black metal concert to shake my long hair, discharge any energy, and to listen music. I like to read a lot. My favourite books are "The Stainless Steel Rat Born", "The Mexican" by Jack London, Stephen King's books, and different technical literature. I like to watch horror movies. As for any ideologies or religions, I prefer to believe in myself, and to be free from any ideologies.
«Interview with Trigger» 7.43Kb 9289 hits
Slam [4] (1998)
Hi, I'm Trigger, born somewhere in the seventies and resident in The Netherlands.
George Smith
«Aristotle: "It's a giant pissing contest!" he sez of Vx/A-V» 2.55Kb 10631 hits
CryptNews [13] (1993)
"It's a giant pissing contest and the only guy getting hurt is John Q. Public!" quoth Aristotle in a recent interview concerning his decision to drop out as the dean of virus exchange BBS'ing.
«Interview With Data Disruptor» 3.59Kb 9352 hits
Evolution #1 (1992)
«Interview with Eric Filiol» 29.14Kb 6555 hits
Valhalla #3 (2012)
Eric Filiol, born in 1962 in France, is Scientific director of the Operational Cryptology and Virology lab (ESIEA, France). He is scientific director of EICAR as well as program chair of the EICAR conference. Furthermore, he is the editor-in-chief of the research journal Journal in Computer Virology (Springer).He has done a PhD Thesis in applied mathematics and computer science. Among other positions, he worked as a "Military cryptanalyst" and "Head scientist officer and scientific director of the Virology and cryptology lab" at a french military academy.His research covers several topics in information security, including computer virology. Among other topics, he mathematically characterizes (known and unknown) viral topics which led to fantastic results for k-ary viruses, undecidable metamorphic mutation grammars, tau-obfuscation and many others.
«Interview with genetix» 14.1Kb 6851 hits
DarK CodeZ #5 (2013)
genetix is a viruswriter who appeared someday in 2005. After a longer break, recently she started to write several first-time infectors for new programming languages, so I thought its the perfect time to make an interview with her.
«Interview with hh86» 9.19Kb 10769 hits
DarK CodeZ #3 (2010)
This is an interview with the virus writer hh86, done in December 2010. You can find her at or send e-mails to [email protected]
«Interview with hh86» 25.01Kb 5868 hits
DarK CodeZ #5 (2013)
hh86 is one of the best and most active virus writers in recent years, and she is also the editor of the valhalla-ezines.
«Interview with Jeff Dahmer / VX Heaven» 9.58Kb 6652 hits
Valhalla #4 (2013)
Jeff Dahmer is the new administrator of VX Heaven, our fantastic library, after it was raided by ukrainian authorities in March 2012 for no reason - and we are of course very thankful that he and herm1t managed to bring the library back. Here we talk with him about the project, fairy tails and other important things :)
«Interview with Karl Sims» 4.1Kb 7854 hits
Ready Rangers Liberation Front [7] (2006)
Karl Sims is a researcher formerly with the MIT Media Lab who is most well known for using genetic programming to evolve virtual creatures that competed in various simulated environments.
«Interview with Mark Stamp» 15.79Kb 6338 hits
Valhalla #3 (2012)
Mark Stamp, born in 1960 in Nebraska, is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science at San Jose State University (SJSU) since 2002. From 1993 to 2000 he worked as a "Cryptologic Mathematician" at the National Security Agency. He has got a BS in Computer Science and a MS and a PhD in Mathematics.His research covers several topics in information security, including computer virology. Together with his students, he has worked on the topic of metamorphism on the defense and offense side, including statistical approaches to detect metamorphic viruses.
«Interview with pr0mix» 8.67Kb 5124 hits
Valhalla #2 (2012)
This is an interview with the virus writer pr0mix, done in january 2012. You can find him or send e-mails to [email protected] Have fun! :)
«Interview with Ralph Burger» 4.83Kb 8382 hits
Ready Rangers Liberation Front [7] (2006)
Ralf Burger lives in Germany and has been one of the first virus writers, back in 1987. He has written a very popular book called "DAS GROSSE COMPUTERVIREN BUCH". In 1992 he stopped discovering viruses. Today, he is a one-man-company, doing security and Linux. His homepage:
«Interview with SnakeByte» 5.46Kb 5340 hits
Ready Rangers Liberation Front [6] (2005)
As always, the first question asks for your description! So, please do your best and give us a view of you! ;) I always hate this question :) I am a lazy computer science student, trying to avoid work.
«Interview with Tom Ray» 11.63Kb 7857 hits
Ready Rangers Liberation Front [7] (2006)
Tom Ray is a well-known scientist in the field of artificial life and evolution. In the 1990s he has developed "Tierra" and "Virtual Life".
«Interview with WarGame» 10.81Kb 5148 hits
Valhalla #2 (2012)
This is an interview with the virus writer WarGame, done in january 2012. You can find him or send e-mails to [email protected]
«Interview with Cyclone» 5.31Kb 8717 hits
Coderz zine #2 (2001)
«Interview with Dark Fiber» 4.52Kb 7123 hits
Coderz zine #2 (2001)
«Interview with SennaSpy» 4.25Kb 9616 hits
Coderz [2] (2001)
«Interview with Stormbringer» 17.09Kb 9633 hits
Coderz zine #2 (2001)
«Interview with Toro» 5.62Kb 8629 hits
Coderz zine #2 (2001)
«Interview with Ultras» 8.46Kb 9678 hits
Coderz zine #2 (2001)
The Unforgiven
«Interview with Blonde» 17.92Kb 9417 hits
«Interview with Potti Rotti» 22.71Kb 8983 hits
Clive Thompson
«The Virus Underground» 43.51Kb 9643 hits
The New York Times (2004)
Mario stubs out his cigarette and sits down at the desk in his bedroom. He pops into his laptop the CD of Iron Maiden's ''Number of the Beast,'' his latest favorite album. ''I really like it,'' he says. ''My girlfriend bought it for me.'' He gestures to the 15-year-old girl with straight dark hair lounging on his neatly made bed, and she throws back a shy smile. Mario, 16, is a secondary-school student in a small town in the foothills of southern Austria. (He didn't want me to use his last name.) His shiny shoulder-length hair covers half his face and his sleepy green eyes, making him look like a very young, languid Mick Jagger. On his wall he has an enormous poster of Anna Kournikova - which, he admits sheepishly, his girlfriend is not thrilled about. Downstairs, his mother is cleaning up after dinner. She isn't thrilled these days, either. But what bothers her isn't Mario's poster. It's his hobby. ...
«Interview with Crom-Cruach» 8.77Kb 8855 hits
«Interview with John Tardy» 17.05Kb 9732 hits
«Interview with Masud Khafir» 11.97Kb 9753 hits
Virtual Daemon
«Interview with Cicatrix for Slam» 10.67Kb 9595 hits
«Interview with Executioner» 13.66Kb 9194 hits
«Interview with Executioner/Living Turmoil for Slam» 13.2Kb 6425 hits
«Interview with RustBug for Slam» 8.58Kb 8727 hits
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