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Tally «The Art of Virii Collecting» (20186)
F. Skulason, V. Bontchev «A New Virus Naming Convention» (14632)
V. Bontchev «Analysis and Maintenance of a Clean Virus Library» (12610)

Library: Collecting and Trading

Vesselin Bontchev
«Analysis and Maintenance of a Clean Virus Library» 50.6Kb 12610 hits
A well-maintained virus library, or as it is often called, a virus collection, is an important tool to the anti-virus researcher. It can be used to test anti-virus software, to systemize the knowledge about the thousands of currently existing viruses, as a basis of information exchange with other anti-virus researchers and so on. However, the creation of such a collection and its maintenance in a clean and well-ordered state is not a trivial task, especially with the huge amount of currently existing viruses and new ones popping up literally every day. This paper describes the major gidelines and procedures used to maintain the virus collection in the Virus Test Center Hamburg.
Fridrik Skulason, Vesselin Bontchev
«A New Virus Naming Convention» 9.51Kb 14632 hits
CARO meeting (1991)
At a CARO meeting in 1991, a committee was formed with the objective of reducing the confusion in virus naming.
«The Art of Virii Collecting» 41.56Kb 20186 hits
VDAT (1999)
Why in the world would anyone collect virii, viruses, viren, viry or any other self-replicating program? I don't know! Why collect stamps? Why collect cars, parking tickets or rejection slips? That is, why collect at all?
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