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A. Solomon «Anti-Virus Toolkit Reference Guide» (15089)
V. Bontchev «'Vircing' the InVircible» (13749)
Z0mbie «I.Danilov vs V.Bogdanov (Dr.Web vs AVP): Programmer's Competition» (12822)
Mister Sandman «AVP 2.2 naked» (12449)
K. Jackson «A Web of Detection» (10661)

Library: Anti-virus programs

Vesselin Bontchev
«'Vircing' the InVircible» 157.42Kb 13749 hits
Yes, we know. This is a very long paper. But it is not our fault that InVircible contains so many bugs and security holes which need to be described.
Keith Jackson
«A Web of Detection» 13.58Kb 10661 hits
"VIRUS BULLETIN", March 1996, pp.21-23 (1996)
Dr Web is a relative newcomer to the scanner stable. A Russian package, the product can be run either in interactive mode (drop-down menus) or in batch mode (executing a specified scan and returning an error level code). The latter can be used to execute Dr Web from AUTOEXEC.BAT whenever a reboot takes place.
Mister Sandman
«AVP 2.2 naked» 7.22Kb 12449 hits
29a [1] (1996)
We all know AVP is the best antivirus in the world, no doubt about it. The most complete, the most reliable, above all, the most professional, but... is it also the safest? the answer is no :)We also know there's no antivirus invulnerable to a good codefuck. What we'll do with this report is to show some -until know- secret holes in AVP, and how to exploit them in order to write new retro functions.
Alan Solomon
«Anti-Virus Toolkit Reference Guide» 37.15Kb 15089 hits
[...] A virus is a piece of self-replicating code; in other words, it is software which is designed to copy itself [...]
Robert Vibert
«A Day in the Life of an Anti-Virus Lab» 14.73Kb 8289 hits
SecurityFocus (2000)
If you're an average computer user, the first time you may hear of a new computer virus is when it appears in your morning paper or makes the evening TV news. However, by the time the general press gets wind of a new virus, virus researchers are already considering it old news and have moved on to the next bit of malicious code that needs tending to. Every month, hundreds of viruses are discovered and fewer than one percent of them ever make the headlines.
«I.Danilov vs V.Bogdanov (Dr.Web vs AVP): Programmer's Competition» 18.52Kb 12822 hits
This is a global research of comparing IQ of two av programmers. Danilov and Bogdanov will be fixed on the october's base and version 4.20, after that we will send IDIV command to their input and analyze reaction in the form of the av emulator.
«Inside of Avp4» 2.68Kb 10511 hits
Did you know, that there is some secret stuff inside of AVP4 files?
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