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Brunner, John “The Shockwave Rider” is cited in 27 articles:

Eugene Spafford «A Failure to Learn from the Past»
Keith Allen McMillan «A platform independent computer virus»
Bernd Fix «A strange story»
Matt Bishop «An Overview of Computer Viruses in a Research Environment»
Paul Baccas «Book worm»
Paul-Michael Agapow «Computer Viruses: the Inevitability of Evolution?»
Ian Witten «Computer (In)security: Infiltrating Open Systems»
Eugene Spafford «Computer Viruses as Artificial Life»
Howard Israel «Computer Viruses: Myth or Reality?»
Paul Saffo «Consensual Realities In Cyberspace»
John Aycock «Computer Viruses and Malware»
Ralph Roberts «COMPUTE!'s computer viruses»
Eugene Spafford «Computer Viruses and Ethics»
Jose Nazario «Defense and Detection Strategies against Internet Worms»
Jussi Parikka «Digital Monsters, Binary Aliens - Computer Viruses, Capitalism and the Flow of Information»
Anne-Marie Thomas «It Came from Outer Space: The Virus, Cultural Anxiety, and Speculative Fiction»
Joyce Reynolds «RFC1135: The Helminthiasis of the Internet»
Robert Slade «Slade's Virus Books Reviews»
John Shoch, Jon Hupp «The "Worm" Programs - Early Experience with a Distributed Computation»
Péter Ször «The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense»
Thomas Chen, Jean-Marc Robert «The Evolution of Viruses and Worms»
Sarah Gordon «The worm has turned»
Ian Witten, Harold Thimbleby «The worm that turned: A social use of computer viruses»
David Harley, Robert Slade, Urs Gattiker «Viruses Revealed: Understanding and Counter Malicious Software»
Mark Bowden «Worm: The First Digital World War»
Николай Безруков «Компьютерная вирусология»
Павел Семьянов «Разработка интеллектуальной системы поиска неизвестных разрушающих программных средств в исполняемом коде»
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