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Cohen, Fred “A Short Course on Computer Viruses” is cited in 41 articles:

John Aycock, Alana Maurushat «"Good" Worms and Human Rights»
Fred Cohen «A Case for Benevolent Viruses»
Fred Cohen «A Cost Analysis of Typical Computer Viruses and Defenses»
Mathias Klang «A Critical Look at the Regulation of Computer Viruses»
Harold Thimbleby, Stuart Anderson, Paul Cairns «A framework for modelling trojans and computer virus infection»
Fred Cohen «A Note On High Integrity PC Bootstrapping»
Matt Bishop «An Overview of Computer Viruses in a Research Environment»
Robert Kroczynski «Are the Current Computer Crime Laws Sufficient or Should the Writing of Virus Code Be Prohibited?»
Jeffrey Kephart, William Arnold «Automatic Extraction of Computer Virus Signatures»
Vasileios Vlachos, Diomidis Spinellis, Stefanos Androutsellis-Theotokis «Biological Aspects of Computer Virology»
Jan Hruska «Computer viruses and anti-virus warfare»
Eugene Spafford «Computer Viruses as Artificial Life»
John Aycock «Computer Viruses and Malware»
Fred Cohen «Defense-In-Depth Against Computer Viruses»
Tony Sampson «Dr Aycock's Bad Idea: Is the Good Use of Computer Viruses Still a Bad Idea?»
Baudouin Le Charlier, Morton Swimmer, Abdelaziz Mounji «Dynamic detection and classification of computer viruses using general behaviour patterns»
Jeffrey Kephart, Gregory Sorkin, David Chess, Steve White «Fighting Computer Viruses»
Alun Lloyd, Robert May «How Viruses Spread among Computers and People»
Peter Ferrie, Péter Ször «Hunting for metamorphic»
Jamie Twycross, Matthew Williamson «Implementing and testing a virus throttle»
Zhihong Zuo, Mingtian Zhou, Qing-xin Zhu «On the Time Complexity of Computer Viruses»
Vesselin Bontchev «Possible Virus Attacks Against Integrity Programs And How To Prevent Them»
Harold Thimbleby, Stuart Anderson, Paul Cairns «Reply to `Comment on "A Framework for Modelling Trojans and Computer Virus Infection"' by E. Mäkinen»
Robert Slade «Slade's Virus Books Reviews»
Andy Bisset, Geraldine Shipton «Some human dimensions of computer virus creation and infection»
Zhihong Zuo, Mingtian Zhou «Some Further Theoretical Results about Computer Viruses»
Péter Ször «The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense»
Fred Cohen «The Computer Security Encyclopedia. Computer Viruses.»
Thomas Chen, Jean-Marc Robert «The Evolution of Viruses and Worms»
Stephen Trilling, Carey Nachenberg «The Future of Malware»
Mark Ludwig «The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses»
Mark Ludwig «The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses»
Tony Sampson, Jussi Parikka «The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn and Other Anomalies From the Dark Side of Digital Culture»
George Smith «The Virus Creation Labs: A Journey into the Underground»
Fred Cohen «Trends In Computer Virus Research»
Roberta Buiani «Unpredictable Legacies: Viral Games in the Networked World»
Danilo Bruschi, Lorenzo Martignoni, Mattia Monga «Using Code Normalization for Fighting Self-Mutating Malware»
David Harley, Robert Slade, Urs Gattiker «Viruses Revealed: Understanding and Counter Malicious Software»
Meiring De Villiers «Virus ex machina res ipsa loquitur»
David Chess, Sarah Gordon «Where There's Smoke, There's Mirrors: The Truth about Trojan Horses on the Internet»
Mark Ladue «When Java Was One: Threats From Hostile Byte Code»
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