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Cohen, Fred “Computer Viruses - Theory and Experiments” is cited in 73 articles:

John Aycock, Alana Maurushat «"Good" Worms and Human Rights»
Jan Bergstra, Alban Ponse «A Bypass of Cohen's Impossibility Result»
Fred Cohen «A Case for Benevolent Viruses»
Franz Steinparz «A comment on Cohen's theorem about undecidability of viral detection»
Fred Cohen «A Cost Analysis of Typical Computer Viruses and Defenses»
Fred Cohen «A Cryptographic Checksum for Integrity Protection»
Mark Joseph, Algirdas Avižienis «A fault tolerance approach to computer viruses»
Fred Cohen «A Formal Definition of Computer Worms and Some Related Results»
Harold Thimbleby, Stuart Anderson, Paul Cairns «A framework for modelling trojans and computer virus infection»
Eugene Spafford, Sandeep Kumar «A Generic Virus Scanner in C++»
Winfried Gleissner «A Mathematical Theory for the Spread of Computer Viruses»
Fred Cohen «A Note On High Integrity PC Bootstrapping»
Keith Allen McMillan «A platform independent computer virus»
Fred Cohen «A Short Course on Computer Viruses»
Philippe Beaucamps «Advanced Metamorphic Techniques in Computer Viruses»
Matt Webster «Algebraic Specification of Computer Viruses and Their Environments»
Leonard Adleman «An Abstract Theory of Computer Viruses»
Terence Gray, Maria Pozzo «An Approach to Containing Computer Viruses»
Matt Bishop «An Overview of Computer Viruses in a Research Environment»
David Chess, Steve White «An Undetectable Computer Virus»
Jyoti Kalyani, Karanjit Singh Kahlon, Harpal Singh, Anu Kalyani «Analysis of Virus Algorithms»
Robert Kroczynski «Are the Current Computer Crime Laws Sufficient or Should the Writing of Virus Code Be Prohibited?»
Vesselin Bontchev «Are 'Good' Computer Viruses Still a Bad Idea?»
Jeffrey Kephart, Gregory Sorkin, William Arnold, David Chess, Gerald Tesauro, Steve White «Biologically Inspired Defenses Against Computer Viruses»
Vasileios Vlachos, Diomidis Spinellis, Stefanos Androutsellis-Theotokis «Biological Aspects of Computer Virology»
Matt Webster, Grant Malcolm «Classification of Computer Viruses Using the Theory of Affordances»
John Wack, Lisa Carnahan «Computer Viruses and Related Threats: A Management Guide»
Ghannam Al-Dossary «Computer virus prevention and containment on mainframes»
Steve White «Covert Distributed Processing with Computer Viruses»
Harold Thimbleby, Ian Witten, David Pullinger «Concepts of cooperation in artificial life»
Ralf Burger «Computer viruses - a high-tech disease»
Howard Israel «Computer Viruses: Myth or Reality?»
John Aycock «Computer Viruses and Malware»
Jeffrey Kephart, David Chess, Steve White «Computers and epidemiology»
Stephanie Forrest, Steven Hofmeyr, Anil Somayaji «Computer Immunology»
Dimitris Iliopoulos, Christoph Adami, Péter Ször «Darwin inside the machines: Malware evolution and the consequences for computer security»
Fred Cohen «Defense-In-Depth Against Computer Viruses»
Jussi Parikka «Digital Monsters, Binary Aliens - Computer Viruses, Capitalism and the Flow of Information»
Jeffrey Kephart, Steve White «Directed-Graph Epidemiological Models of Computer Viruses»
Thierry Bardini «Hypervirus: A Clinical Report»
Arun Lakhotia, Moinuddin Mohammed «Imposing Order on Program Statements to Assist Anti-Virus Scanners»
Jamie Twycross, Matthew Williamson «Implementing and testing a virus throttle»
Paul Ducklin «Is virus writing really that bad?»
Sanjay Goel, Stephen Bush «Kolmogorov Complexity Estimates For Detection Of Viruses In Biologically Inspired Security Systems: A Comparison With Traditional Approaches»
Fred Cohen «Models of Practical Defenses Against Computer Viruses»
Fred Cohen «On the Implications of Computer Viruses and Methods of Defense»
Steve White «Open Problems in Computer Virus Research»
Vesselin Bontchev «Possible Virus Attacks Against Integrity Programs And How To Prevent Them»
Jeffrey Walton «Protection Schemes Based on Virus Survival Techniques»
Anil Somayaji, Steven Hofmeyr, Stephanie Forrest «Principles of a Computer Immune System»
Diomidis Spinellis «Reliable Identification of Bounded-length Viruses is NP-complete»
Fred Cohen «Reply to `Comment on "A Framework for Modelling Trojans and Computer Virus Infection"' by E. Mäkinen»
Mathieu O'Neil «Rebels for the System? Virus writers, general intellect, cyberpunk and criminal capitalism»
Dmitry Gryaznov «Scanners of The Year 2000: Heuristics»
Tony Sampson «Senders, Receivers and Deceivers: How Liar Codes Put Noise Back on the Diagram of Transmission»
Elise de Doncker «Self-Replicating Turing Machines and Computer Viruses»
John Aycock «Stux in a rut: Why Stuxnet is boring»
William Murray «The Application of Epidemiology to Computer Viruses»
Fred Cohen «The Computer Security Encyclopedia. Computer Viruses.»
Thomas Chen, Jean-Marc Robert «The Evolution of Viruses and Worms»
Tony Sampson, Jussi Parikka «The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn and Other Anomalies From the Dark Side of Digital Culture»
Steven Furnell, Jeremy Ward «The True Computer Parasite»
Jussi Parikka «The Universal Viral Machine: Bits, Parasites and the Media Ecology of Network Culture»
Guillaume Bonfante, Matthieu Kaczmarek, Jean-Yves Marion «Toward an abstract computer virology»
Fred Cohen «Trends In Computer Virus Research»
Roberta Buiani «Unpredictable Legacies: Viral Games in the Networked World»
David Harley, Robert Slade, Urs Gattiker «Viruses Revealed: Understanding and Counter Malicious Software»
Meiring De Villiers «Virus ex machina res ipsa loquitur»
Stephen Pearce «Viral polymorphism»
Mark Ladue «When Java Was One: Threats From Hostile Byte Code»
Дмитрий Зегжда «Векторно-операторная модель компьютерных вирусов»
Николай Безруков «Компьютерная вирусология»
Павел Семьянов «Разработка интеллектуальной системы поиска неизвестных разрушающих программных средств в исполняемом коде»
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