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z0mbie/29a 21 Ways To Reset A Register
Hooking WinNT/2K/XP API
Code Transformation and Finite Automatons
Automated Reverse Engineering: Mistfall Engine
Disassemblers Within Viruses
Executable Trash Generator (ETG Engine)
I.Danilov vs V.Bogdanov (Dr.Web vs AVP): Programmer's Competition [EN]
Injected Evil: (executable files infection) [TEXT FORMAT]
KME-32: Kewl Mutation Engine User's Manual [EN]
LDE32: Length-Disassembler Engine User's Manual [EN]
libtcc can be useful to use tcc as a "backend" for a code generator
Description of the Win9X INT 2E services (VMM/NTKERN.VxD) [EN]
Opcode Frequency Statistics
Permutation conditions
Polymorphic Games
PRCG: Polymorphic Recursive Cycle Generator
TCP switch
VMware has you
H2HC Anti-Forensics by Domingo Montanaro
Process Infection by Carlos Barros
Detecting BluePill by Edgar Barbosa
PE Binary Infection by Maycon Vitali
Malwares VS Antivírus by Wendel Guglielmetti Henrique
Kernel-Land Rootkits by "Strauss" + Code
PCI Rootkits by Bruno Cardoso Lopes and João Batista Correa
Ring x64
Realidade das BotNets Atuais by Ranieri Romera
Detecting Obfuscated Malicious JavaScript with Snort and Razorback by Alex Kirk
I Know Kung-Fu! Analyzing Mobile Malware by Alex Kirk
Linux Kernel Rootkits by Ilya V. Matveychikov and Ighor Augusto
Construindo Bootkits: Ideias para GRUB2 com Linux
UEFI Firmware Rootkits: Myths and Reality by Alex Matrosov and Eugene Rodionov
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The Outlaws Disk archive
CD 1 Outlaws Disk Volume 1
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PDF File Listing Taming Lakatos' Monster - Computer Virus Epidemics and Internet Security Policy
The Zombie Roundup: Understanding, Detecting, and Disrupting Botnets
Computer viruses - a high-tech disease
On callgraphs and generative mechanisms(Erratum)
Viruses, Worms, Zombies, and other Beasties
MCF: a malicious code filter
Detecting Stealth Software with Strider GhostBuster
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Fooperman
Striking Similarities
Detecting Early Worm Propagation through Packet Matching
Iranian Journal Examines Electronic Warfare
Worm Meets Beehive
Вирусы мозга
Open problems in computer virology
Danger theory and collaborative filtering in MANETs
Protection of computer systems from computer viruses:: ethical and practical issues
Modeling Virus Propagation in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Towards Stealthy Malware Detection
Finding Malware on Compromised Windows Machines
Implications of Peer-to-Peer Networks on Worm Attacks and Defenses
Covert Distributed Processing with Computer Viruses
Real world anti-virus product reviews and evaluations - the current state of affairs
Language models for detection of unknown attacks in network traffic
Reverse Engineering Malware
A Computational Model of Computer Virus Propagation
Computer Viruses: A Management Perspective
Approaching Zero: The Extraordinary Underworld of Hackers, Phreakers, Virus Writers, And Keyboard Criminals
Those ubiquitous viruses
Malware in Popular Networks
Automatic Static Unpacking of Malware Binaries
Marginal Networks: The Virus between Complexity and Suppression
Virus Proof Your PC
The Use of Heuristics in Identifying Self-Propagating Malicious Mobile Code
Imposing Order on Program Statements to Assist Anti-Virus Scanners
Learning to Detect and Classify Malicious Executables in the Wild
Halting viruses in scale-free networks
Осторожно: компьютерные вирусы
Password Cracking: A Game of Wits
Unknown Computer Virus Detection Inspired by Immunity
JAB, une backdoor pour reseau Win32 inconnu
Threats to Digitization: Computer Virus
Computer Viruses - Legal Options
Efficient Static Analysis of Executables For Detecting Malicious Behaviors
Stack Shape Analysis to Detect Obfuscated calls in Binaries
Malicious Data and Computer Security
Autoimmune computer virus
Zmist Opportunities
Obfuscated dechiper routine analysis using theorem prover towards effective trusted computing
Usability evaluation of anti-phishing toolbars
On self-reproducing computer programs
ACPI and SMI handlers: some limits to trusted computing
Malware Detection Based on Suspicious Behavior Identification
Malware: Von Viren, Würmern, Hackern und Trojanern und wie man sich vor ihnen schützt
Secure and advanced unpacking using computer emulation
A Methodology to Detect and Characterize Kernel Level Rootkit Exploits Involving Redirection of the System Call Table
Happy Gets Lucky?
Evolution of cross site request forgery attacks
Anti-Forensics: The Rootkit Connection
Network Worms
Enabling automated threat response through the use of a dynamic security policy
Computer Viruses: The Disease, the Detection, and the Prescription for Protection Testimony
Computer viruses (BMJ 296-013)
Understanding and Managing Polymorphic Viruses
Disk-Level Behavioral Virus Detection
Old Win32 Code for a Modern Super-stealth Trojan
Seminar Report on Study of Viruses and Worms
Dynamic detection and classi cation of computer viruses using general behaviour patterns
Semantics-Aware Malware Detection
Computers under attacks!
A Cost Analysis of Typical Computer Viruses and Defenses
A little journey inside Windows memory
Virus Inoculation on Social Graphs The Friendship Factor
Computational Aspects of Computer Viruses
Learning to Detect Malicious Executables in the Wild
A Trust System Based on Multi Level Virus Detection
Attitude Adjustment: Trojans and Malware on the Internet
Notes on the "Worms" programs -- some early experience with a distributed computation
Impeding worm epidemics through destination address filtering
Virus Prevention Without Signatures
User-mode memory scanning on 32-bit & 64-bit windows
Computer Virus Propagation Model Based on Variable Propagation Rate
An Architecture for Generating Semantic-Aware Signatures
Viruses and Criminal Law
Behavioral detection of malware from a survey towards an established taxonomy
First Virus?
Directed-Graph Epidemiological Models of Computer Viruses
An Undetectable Computer Virus
Universal Procedures to Protect Against Computer Viruses
On the functional validity of the worm-killing worm
Accurately Detecting Source Code of Attacks That Increase Privilege
Warped Logic?
Biologically Inspired Defenses Against Computer Viruses
Internet Worm and Virus Protection in Dynamically Reconfigurable Hardware
Darwin inside the machines: Malware evolution and the consequences for computer security
HoneyStat: Local Worm Detection Using Honeypots
Modeling Botnet Propagation Using Time Zones
New method of fighting computer viruses announced
Simulating malware with MAlSim
There Is No Ideal Virus Scanner
A method to detect metamorphic computer viruses
Data Mining Methods for Detection of New Malicious Executables
Cobra: Fine-grained Malware Analysis using Stealth Localized-executions
Viruses and Computer Security
Quantitative risk assessment of computer virus attacks on computer networks
A Proposed Taxonomy of Software Weapons
A Study of Detecting Computer Viruses in Real-Infected Files in the n-gram Representation with Machine Learning Methods
Conceptual Frameworks for Artificial Immune Systems
Computer viruses demystified,2
Auto-Sign an automatic signature generator for high-speed malware filtering devices
Evolution, Ecology and Optimization of Digital Organisms
Bot Software Spreads, Causes New Worries
Algebraic Specification of Computer Viruses and Their Environments
The cause and effects of computer viruses
Consensual Realities in Cyberspace
Benefits and Considerations for a Single-Vendor Antivirus Strategy
Automatic binary deobfuscation
I.T. IN PRACTICE: Computer viruses
An Overview of Unix Rootkits
Malicious actions against the GPRS technology
Viruses Bottleneck Prosecution
A Feature Selection and Evaluation Scheme for Computer Virus Detection
Modelling Development of Epidemics with Dynamic Small-World Networks
Computer Viruses and Malware
Identification of file infecting viruses through detection of self-reference replication
Virus Scanners for Multiple OSes
IMAD: In-Execution Malware Analysis and Detection
Code obfuscation and virus detection
Networks, Control, and Life-Forms
SubVirt: Implementing malware with virtual machines
An Introduction to Computer Viruses
Self-* information systems: why not?
A Retrovirus Inspired Algorithm for Virus Detection & Optimization
A bit of viral protection is worth a megabyte of cure
Are Evolutionary Rule Learning Algorithms Appropriate for Malware Detection?
FPGA Viruses
Prophylaxis for "virus" propagation and general computer security policy
SmartSiren: Virus Detection and Alert for Smartphones
Towards Viable Worm Defenses
In-depth analysis of the viral threats with OpenOffice.org documents
Detecting Worms through Cryptographic Hashes
Detecting Sources of Computer Viruses in Networks: Theory and Experiment
Detecting Viral Propagations Using Email Behavior Profiles
Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment Third International Conference, DIMVA 2006 Berlin, Germany, July 13-14, 2006 Proceedings
Frankie say relax
Immune System for Virus Detection and Elimination
Practical overview of a Xen covert channel
Mind Wars: Attack of the Memes
On the Semantics of Self-Unpacking Malware Code
A Generic Virus Detection Agent on the Internet
Worm Propagation Modeling and Analysis under Dynamic Quarantine Defense
Introducing Stealth Malware Taxonomy
Geometry-based flash worm detection
Fileprint analysis for Malware Detection
Die Gefahr Von Debug Codes
Anti-Virus in the Corporate Arena
The Internet Worm Program : An Analysis
Free Anti-Virus Tips and Techniques
Execution Context in Anti-Malware Testing
Malware: Fighting Malicious Code
Measuring and Modeling Computer Virus Prevalence
A week is a long time in computer ethics
Code-Red: a case study on the spread and victims of an Internet worm
Viruses: That Intricate Yarn
On the Performance of Internet Worm Scanning Strategies
Network-level polymorphic shellcode detection using emulation
I love you
Prosecuting Computer Virus Authors: The Need for an Adequate and Immediate International Solution
Malicious Software
Inside the Slammer Worm
Sharpei Behaviour
A History Of Computer Viruses: Three Special Viruses
The Art of File Format Fuzzing
Viruses and Worms: The Inside Story
A Self-reproducing Analogue
A Sense of Self for Unix Processes
A Response to the March 31, 2005 Wall Street Journal Article from Mark Ludwig
Classification of Packed Executables for Accurate Computer Virus Detection
IPA Computer Virus Survey 2000
Impact of Computer Viruses on Society
Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense
Using Support Vector Machine to Detect Unknown Computer Viruses
Nematodes - Beneficial Worms
A Cooperative Immunization System for an Untrusting Internet
Viral polymorphism
Vulnerabilities as monsters: the cultural foundations of computer security (extended abstract)
Techniques virales avancées
Removing web spam links from search engine results
Email networks and the spread of computer viruses
How dumaru?
Danger! Deadly new computer viruses want to kill your PC
On Deriving Unknown Vulnerabilities from Zero-Day Polymorphic and Metamorphic Worm Exploits
Threat Intelligence Gathering, Malware Collection and Incident Response Proposal "Discover, Investigate and Report"
The biology of digital organisms
Computer viruses - the current state in Italy
Detecting masquerades using a combination of Na?ve Bayes and weighted RBF approach
Malware Analyst's Cookbook and DVD
Architecture of a Morphological Malware Detector
Modeling Computer Viruses
An intelligent PE-malware detection system based on association mining
Internet computer virus protection policy
A Parallel String Matching Engine for use in High Speed Network Intrusion Detection Systems
A fault tolerance approach to computer viruses
Mostly harmless
Viruses: a concern for all of us
Malware Detection
TTAnalyze A Tool for Analyzing Malware
Defense-In-Depth Against Computer Viruses
Countering Kernel Rootkits with Lightweight Hook Protection
There Are No Safe Virus Tests
Efficient quarantining of scanning worms: optimal detection and coordination
Inoculating SSH Against Address-Harvesting Worms
The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses
Mathematical Viruses
A framework for modelling trojans and computer virus infection
VX Reversing I, the basics
SinFP, unification of active and passive operating system fingerprinting
An OS Independent Heuristics-based Worm-containment System
The Application of Epidemiology to Computer Viruses
Supervisory control of malicious executables
Improving virus protection with an efficient secure architecture with memory encryption, integrity and information leakage protection
A Pact with the Devil
Viruses 101
Implementing and testing a virus throttle
A Network Worm Vaccine Architecture
Moving To Windows 2000
Evaluation of malware phylogeny modelling systems using automated variant generation
End-to-end security implementation for mobile devices using TLS protocol
Detecting Virus Mutations Via Dynamic Matching
Efficiency of Trusted Platform Module Against Computer Attacks
Prepared testimony and statement for the record on computer virus legislation
Crimeware: Understanding New Attacks and Defenses
Trap E-mail Address for Combating E-mail Viruses
Abstract Detection of Computer Viruses
Using biological models to improve innovation systems
Protection of Computer Systems from Computer Viruses: Ethical and Practical Issues
PE-Miner: Mining Structural Information to Detect Malicious Executables in Realtime
Generic Detection and Classification of Polymorphic Malware Using Neural Pattern Recognition
Use of an "Attenuated" Computer Virus as a Mechanism for Teaching Epidemiology
Artificial Immune Systems and the Grand Challenge for Non-Classical Computation
Open Problems in Computer Virology
Hide'n'Seek? Anatomy of Stealth Malware
Biological Aspects of Computer Virology
Securing Instant Messaging
Rogue Computer Programs - Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses and Time Bombs: Prank, Prowess, Protection or Prosecution?
Memory scanning under Windows NT
Using Formal Grammar and Genetic Operators to Evolve Malware
Research in Computer Viruses and Worms
Unknown Malcode Detection and the Imbalance Problem
Coping with Cabanas
Malware Detection using Statistical Analysis of Byte-Level File Content
Self-Nonself Discrimination in a Computer
On Callgraphs and Generative Mechanisms
Chamber of horrors
A Critical Look at the Regulation of Computer Viruses
Letter from the EICAR Chairman
Computer Viruses: A Global Perspective
Computer intrusions and attacks
Computer Viruses A Very Real Threat
Złapaliśmy wirusa!
Malicious origami in PDF
The Case for Beneficial Computer Viruses and Worms
Detecting Network-based Obfuscated Code Injection Attacks Using Sandboxing
Artificial Immune System against Viral Attack
The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses (2nd ed.)
From the design of a generic metamorphic engine to a black-box classification of antivirus detection techniques
The geneology of malware
Using Predators to Combat Worms and Viruses: A Simulation-Based Study
Breaking the Lorez
COMPUTE!'s computer viruses
Conflict and the Computer: Information Warfare and Related Ethical Issues
An Epidemiological View of Worms and Viruses
Winning the Battles, Losing the War Rethinking Methodology for Forensic Computing Research
Classification and identification of malicious code based on heuristic techniques utilizing Meta languages
Hidden Rootkits in Windows
A Distributed Approach against Computer Viruses Inspired by the Immune System
Slack Space Sculpting the computer monsters -- virus inspiration
Polymorphing Software by Randomizing Data Structure Layout
Automated Defense from Rootkit Attacks
Code mutation techniques by means of formal grammars and automatons
On the role of the Facilitator in information security risk assessment
Selbstreproduktion bei programmen
Computer Viruses: Can It Happen At IU?
Information Assurance and the Information Society
A software authentication system for the prevention of computer viruses
Computer Viruses on the Loose
Peer-to-Peer Botnets: Analysis and Detection
Comparing Passive and Active Worm Defenses
Using Malware to Improve Software Quality and Security
Console viruses?
The Java mobile risk
Trojan White Paper
Network Virus Propagation Model Based on Effects of Removing Time and User Vigilance
Cryptography and Viruses
Malware comes of age: The arrival of the true computer parasite
BIRD: Binary Interpretation using Runtime Disassembly
Les virus informatiques: théorie, pratique et applications
VIRUS, Very Important Resource Under Siege
Hunting For Metamorphic
Computer Viruses and Related Threats
Computer abuse: vandalizing the information society
An Introduction to Intrusion-Detection Systems
A Public Health Approach to Preventing Malware Propagation
The Danger Theory and Its Application to Artificial Immune Systems
Analysis of rxbot
Technological Turf Wars: A Case Study of the Computer Antivirus Industry
The Evolution of the Computer Virus
The More Things Change...
Drill Seeker
Malicious Cryptography - Exposing Cryptovirology
Exploiting an Antivirus Interface
Detecting worms through de-centralized monitoring
Heads or tails
Principles of a Computer Immune System
A Model for Detecting the Existence of Unknown Computer Viruses in Real-Time
Kolmogorov Complexity Estimates For Detection Of Viruses In Biologically Inspired Security Systems
Intrusion Detection for Viruses and Worms
Opcodes as predictor for malware
Is virus writing really that bad?
Internet Quarantine: Requirements for Containing Self-Propagating Code
Zero-hour, Real-time Computer Virus Defense through Collaborative Filtering
An Analysis of How Antivirus Methodologies Are Utilized in Protecting Computers from Malicious Code
Современные rootkit-технологии в Linux
Polymorphic and Metamorphic Malware Detection
File system driver filtering against metamorphic viral coding
Defending against Viruses and Worms
A Fast Static Analysis Approach To Detect Exploit Code Inside Network Flows
Malware: A Future Framework for Device, Network and Service Management
Superworms and Cryptovirology: a Deadly Combination
Worm: The First Digital World War
Computer Viruses and Ethics
The Latest Malware Threats Against Your PC
A Memory Symptom-based Virus Detection Approach
Multi-Stage Delivery of Malware
Contagion on the Internet
Taxonomy and Effectiveness of Worm Defense Strategies
Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Worm Effects on the Internet Routing Infrastructure
Malware Analyst's Cookbook and DVD
HIPAA and Information Security Policies
Zeroing in on Metamorphic Computer Viruses
Malware Detection using Attribute-Automata to parse Abstract Behavioral Descriptions
Writing disassembler
Loathing Lupper in Linux
What's in a Name?
Identifying Malicious Code Through Reverse Engineering
EPOCalypse NOW!
Introduction to Network Self-defense: technical and judicial issues
MRSI: A Fast Pattern Matching Algorithm for Anti-virus Applications
Joint network-host based malware detection using information-theoretic tools
Anti-Spyware Coalition Definitions and Supporting Documents
Computer Viruses as a Threat to Home Users
Model-Based Analysis of Two Fighting Worms
Viruses and Lotus Notes:- Have the Virus Writers Finally Met Their Match?
Profiles in cyber courage #1: Fred Cohen
On the trade-off between speed and resiliency of Flash worms and similar malcodes
The Virus Underground
Effectiveness of Quarantine in Worm Epidemics
Shadow Walker - Raising The Bar For Rootkit Detection
The Computer Virus Culture
Distributed Worm Simulation with a Realistic Internet Model
Analysis of Web Application Worms and Viruses
On the defence notion
On Instant Messaging Worms, Analysis and Countermeasures [slides]
A theoretical model of differential social attributions toward computing technology: when the metaphor becomes the model
"Все лгут". Погоня за истиной при поиске руткитов
Prophet and loss
Should We Teach Virus Writing?
Fighting EPO Viruses
Catch Me, If You Can: Evading Network Signatures with Web-based Polymorphic Worms
Malware Detection Using Adaptive Data Compression
Worm Epidemics in High-Speed Networks
Computer Immunology(Lau)
Corporate Virus Protection
New threats of Java viruses
What's the difference between a Virus, Worm, and Trojan horse?
Not Teaching Viruses and Worms Is Harmful
The Case for Using Layered Defenses to Stop Worms
Applied parallel coordinates for logs and network traffic attack analysis
Virus detection using datamining techniques
TAU cure for computer viruses?
Virus Spread in Networks
Constructing Malware Normalizers using Term Rewriting
Considering the potential of criminal profiling to combat hacking
On the Time Complexity of Computer Viruses
Virus Verification and Removal Tools and Techniques
Development of inland lakes as hubs in an invasion network
Des IDS et des vers... Détection par l'analyse statistique : de la théorie à la pratique ?
Not worthy
Analyzing Worms and Network Traffic using Compression
Malicious Threats to Personal Digital Assistants
The Asexual Virus: Computer Viruses in Feminist Discourse
Generalized Anomaly Detection Model for Windows-based Malicious Program Behavior
Email Virus Propagation Modeling and Analysis
Defeating Polymorphism: Beyond Emulation
Epidemic Spreading in Real Networks: An Eigenvalue Viewpoint
Virtual Honeypots - From Botnet Tracking to Intrusion Detection
Using Engine Signature to Detect Metamorphic Malware
Компьютерные вирусы-92: от плохого к худшему, или Есть ли вирусы на Марсе?
Убить дракона
Defeating Kernel Native API Hookers by Direct Service Dispatch Table Restoration
Blended Attacks Exploits, Vulnerabilities and Buffer-Overflow Techniques in Computer Viruses
On Effectiveness of Defense Systems against Active Worms
Internet - Virusnet?
Sobig, sobigger, sobiggest
Infection dynamics on scale-free networks
Something smells fishy
Rootkits - The new wave of invisible malware is here
A Sense of 'Danger' for Windows Processes
Modeling computer virus prevalence with a susceptible-infected-susceptible model with reintroduction
Computer Virus__
"Computer Viruses" Episode
Reductions of the general virus detection problem
Queuing theory based models for studying intrusion evolution and elimination in computer networks
A History Of Computer Viruses - Introduction
Rootkit detection from outside the Matrix
Using a virtual security testbed for digital forensic reconstruction
A Plague of Viruses: Biological, Computer and Marketing
On abstract computer virology from a recursion theoretic perspective
The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses
The Code of Life: A look at emerging Artificial Life
Concepts and Future Trends in Computer Virology
Metamorphic Virus: Analysis and Detection
Анализ результатов первого турнира по компьютерной игре «Бой в памяти»
Epidemic dynamics and endemic states in complex networks
Parallels Between Biological and Computer Epidemics
Infection dynamics on the Internet
Malware phylogeny generation using permutations of code
Computer viruses: a quantitative analysis
The motivation behind computer viruses
Concepts of cooperation in artificial life
Classification of Computer Viruses Using the Theory of Affordances
Computer Virus Survival Guide
Cryptography all-out attacks or how to attack cryptography without intensive cryptanalysis
Faster parameter detection of polymorphic viral binary code using hot list strategy
Where have the worms and viruses gone? - new trends in malware
Computer Viruses - A Form of Artificial Life?
Spyware: A Little Knowledge is a Wonderful Thing
Spyware and Adware
Specification and evaluation of polymorphic shellcode properties using a new temporal logic
Implementing and Detecting an ACPI BIOS Rootkit
A unified prediction of computer virus spread in connected networks
TAMAP a new trust-based approach for mobile agent protection
Worm wars
USC-OIA Special Virus Report
How good is good enough Metrics for wormanti-worm evaluation
Source Code Analysis of Worms
High Anxiety
Some human dimensions of computer virus creation and infection
Parvo - One Sick Puppy?
Incorporating E-Commerce, Internet and Telecommunications Security
Convergence of Virus Writers and Hackers: Fact or Fantasy?
Constructing malware normalizers using term rewriting
MetaAware: Identifying Metamorphic Malware
Advanced Routing Worm and Its Security Challenges
Computer Viruses and Other Malicious Software: A Threat to the Internet Economy
Virus Writers 360
Predators: Good Will Mobile Codes Combat against Computer Viruses
Viruses Are Beginning to Get to Me!
The dynamics of computer virus infection
Nexiv_Der: Tracing the Vixen
Challenges in getting 'formal' with viruses
PC Magazine Fighting Spyware Viruses and Malware
A Formal Definition of Computer Worms and Some Related Results
Virus Trends 2003-2004
Mathematical models on computer viruses
When Malware Meets Rootkits
Cooperative Automated worm Response and Detection ImmuNe ALgorithm(CARDINAL) inspired by T-cell Immunity and Tolerance
Bot countermeasures
Computer Viruses: the Inevitability of Evolution?
Internet Quarantine: Requirements for Containing Self-Propagating Code
Next-Generation Viruses Present New Challenges
Using Qualia and Hierarchical Models in Malware Detection
Strong Cryptography Armoured Computer Viruses Forbidding Code Analysis: the Bradley Virus
Control Flow to Detect Malware
A Hygiene Lesson
How Viruses Spread among Computers and People
Virus ex machina res ipsa loquitur
Distributed Computing with a Trojan Horse
Taking the redpill: Artificial Evolution in native x86 systems
Malicious Bots: An Inside Look into the Cyber-Criminal Underground of the Internet
Antivirus update reaction times of major antivirus vendors
Malware: Fighting Malicious Code
Detecting (and creating !) a HVM rootkit (aka BluePill-like)
Defending against Hitlist Worms using Network Address Space Randomization
In-depth analysis of the viral threats with OpenOf#ce.org documents
Jak pisać wirusy
Automatic Extraction of Computer Virus Signatures
The Bulgarian and Soviet Virus Factories
Malware behaviour analysis
Unpredictable Legacies: Viral Games in the Networked World
Using Virtualisation to Protect Against Zero-Day Attacks
Virus als Metapher
Computer Viruses: The Technology and Evolution of an Artificial Life Form
Trojans Worms and Spyware: A Computer Security Professional's Guide to Malicious Code
Hunting for Metamorphic Engines
Scalable, Behavior-Based Malware Clustering
Computer Viruses as Artificial Life
Formal Models of Reproduction: from Computer Viruses to Artificial Life
Broadband Network Virus Detection System Based on Bypass Monitor
The Emergence of the Posthuman Consumer and the Fusion of the Virtual and the Real
The Role of Internet Service Providers in Botnet Mitigation An Empirical Analysis Based on Spam Data
Computer "Insecurity" and Viral Attacks: Liability Issues Regarding Unsafe Computer Systems Under Quebec Law
Taking a Lesson from Stealthy Rootkits
Digital Postmark Helps Fight Spam, Virus Attacks
Bad Transfer
Using Code Normalization for Fighting Self-Mutating Malware
Comment on 'A Framework for Modelling Trojans and Computer Virus Infection'
Using the KBTA method for inferring computer and network security alerts from time-stamped, raw system metrics
Automated Malware Invariant Generation
Tricky Relocations
Accuracy improving guidelines for network anomaly detection systems
DarkMarket: cyberthieves, cybercops and you
Evolvable Malware
A Taxonomy of Computer Worms
Honeypots against Worms 101
You've got more M(1**)A(D)I(L+K)L
Virentechniken: Analyse und Metamorphismus
A general definition of malware
Le malware en 2005 %96 Unix, Linux et autres plates-formes
The Evolving Virus Threat
Malware Pattern Scanning Schemes Secure Against Black-box Analysis
Generic Virus Scanner in C++
Evaluation of Two Host-Based Intrusion Prevention Systems
Functional similarities between computer worms and biological pathogens
The "Worm" Programs - Early Experience with a Distributed Computation
Detection of metamorphic and virtualization-based malware using algebraic specification
A Mixed Abstraction Level Simulation Model of Large-Scale Internet Worm Infestations
Computer Viruses, Epidemiology and Worms
Improving security and performance of an Ad Hoc network through a multipath routing strategy
Enhancing web browser security against malware extensions
Design of an Artificial Immune System as a Novel Anomaly Detector for Combating Financial Fraud in the Retail Sector
Deelaed learning
Potential Threats to WAP Enabled Devices
Collaborative Defense Against Zero-Day and Polymorphic Worms: Detection, Response and an Evaluation Framework
Transaction pseudonyms in mobile environments
Formal affordance-based models of computer virus reproduction
VT Integrity Services for Networking
Tumours and polips
The worm that turned: A social use of computer viruses
'Holey' virus, Batman!
Learning from Experience
Viruses and Worms
Combating computer viruses
Revealing Packed Malware
Malware as interaction machines a new framework for behavior modelling
Detecting and Categorizing Kernel-Level Rootkits to Aid Future Detection
Nimda Worm Shows You Can't Always Patch Fast Enough
A Comprehensive Program for Preventing and Detecting Computer Viruses Is Needed
Malicious Codes in Depth
Ani-hilate this week
Stealth malware analysis from kernel space with Kolumbo
Data security from malicious attack: Computer Virus
On the possibility of practically obfuscating programs
How to assess the effectiveness of your anti-virus?
Information warfare and security
An epidemiological model of virus spread and cleanup
Unknown Malcode Detection via Text Categorization and the Imbalance Problem
Worm Defense System for Enterprise Networks
Taiwan's first ever political computer virus
Viruses Are Not Speech
Rootkit Hunting vs. Compromise Detection
Trends in Viruses and Worms
Formal Affordance-based Models of Computer Virus Reproduction
Acquisition of Malicious Code Using Active Learning
The future of virus detection
Self-Replicating Turing Machines and Computer Viruses
Backdoors et rootkits avancés
Dynamic Analysis of Malicious Code
The Basic Building Blocks of Malware
Flexible Infections: Computer Viruses, Human Bodies, Nation-States, Evolutionary Capitalism
Control Flow Graphs as Malware Signatures
OpenDocument and Open XML security (OpenOffice.org and MS Office 2007)
Powerful virus hits computers
Managing university internet access balancing the need for security, privacy and digital evidence
Feedback Email Worm Defense System for Enterprise Networks
An Evaluation of Two Host Based Intrusion Prevention Systems
Paradise lost
Blast off!
Panic computing: The viral metaphor and computer technology
On the Spread of Viruses on the Internet
Turing Machines and Undecidability with Special Focus on Computer Viruses
Are the Current Computer Crime Laws Sufficient or Should the Writing of Virus Code Be Prohibited?
Detection of New Malicious Code Using N-grams Signatures
Routing Worm: A Fast, Selective Attack Worm based on IP Address Information
Application of Data Mining based Malicious Code Detection Techniques for Detecting new Spyware
Code Red Buffer Overflow
Let them eat brioche
The Marburg Situation
Cheating the ELF Subversive Dynamic Linking to Libraries
Computer Viruses By Ingrid Richter
A Method for Detecting Obfuscated Calls in Malicious Binaries
Computer Viruses for Dummies
Virus Bénéfiques
Morality and Technology, or Is it Wrong to Create and Let Loose a Computer Virus
Computer Viruses: The Threat Today and The Expected Future
A Classification of Viruses through Recursion Theorems
Worm Epidemiology
Worm Hotspots: Explaining Non-Uniformity in Worm Targeting Behavior
Looking a Bagift-Horse in the Mouth
Computer doctor busy fighting `viruses'
Computer viruses demystified
Let free(dom) Ring!
Computer virus immunization
A Theoretical Superworm
Cr´ation d'un "Web Worm"
Response to the Proposal for a "C-Virus" database
Modeling Malware Spreading Dynamics
Statistical Signatures for Fast Filtering of Instruction-substituting Metamorphic Malware
Detecting Malicious Software by Monitoring Anomalous Windows Registry Accesses
To catch Efish
A Filter That Prevents the Spread of Mail-Attachment-Type Trojan Horse Computer Worms
Trapping Viruses
With Microscope and Tweezers: An Analysis of the Internet Virus of November 1988
An N-Gram and STF-IDF model for masquerade detection in a UNIX environment
Reply to `Comment on "A Framework for Modelling Trojans and Computer Virus Infection"` by E. Makinen
Code obfuscation techniques for metamorphic viruses
Virus Protection
A boosting ensemble for the recognition of code sharing in malware
The WiT virus: A virus built on the ViT ELF virus
Understanding Virus Behavior in 32-bit Operating Environments
Normalizing Metamorphic Malware Using Term Rewriting
Determining malicious executable distinguishing attributes and low-complexity detection
Internet Instability and Disturbance: Goal or Menace?
Misleading Modern Malware
The Impact of Computer Viruses on Society
Epidemics and immunization in scale-free networks
AVIEN Malware Defense Guide for the Enterprise
Detecting Malicious Network Traffic Using Inverse Distributions of Packet Contents
IDS alerts correlation using grammar-based approach
Design of a neural network for recognition and classification of computer viruses
Computer Immunology
Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment 6th International Conference, DIMVA 2009 Como, Italy, July 9-10, 2009 Proceedings
A Mathematical Theory for the Spread of Computer Viruses
ACPI and SMI handlers some limits to trusted computing
Attacks on Win32 - Part II
Metamorphism, Formal Grammars and Undecidable Code Mutation
Extended recursion-based formalization of virus mutation
Shield -- A First Line Worm Defense
The Virtual Artaud: Computer Virus as Performance Art
Comments on a paper by Voas, Payne & Cohen: “A model for detecting the existence of software corruption in real time”
The Design Space of Metamorphic Malware
On abstract computer virology from a recursion-theoretic perspective
Future Trends in Malicious Code - 2006 Report
A Worst-Case Worm
The wormpipe strikes back
The Brains Behind the Operation
Botnetsand Applications
Can you be held civilly liable for spreading computer viruses?
Improving antivirus accuracy with hypervisor assisted analysis
The Rise of AutoRunBased Malware
The "Worm" Programs--Early Experience with a Distributed Intelligence
Malware analysis for windows administrators
Functional polymorphic engines: formalisation, implementation and use cases
The Norman Book on Computer Viruses
Technologically Enabled Crime: Shifting Paradigms for the Year 2000
Anti-Malware Tools: Intrusion Detection Systems
Virii Generators: Understanding the Threat
Epidemiological Modelling of Peer-to-Peer Viruses and Pollution
Worm Analysis through Computer Simulation
Polymorphic virus detection technology
Detection of Metamorphic and Virtualization-based Malware using Algebraic Specification
Spyware and Rootkits - The Future Convergence
Experience with Viruses on UNIX Systems
Anti-Virus Product Evaluation in the Real World
Killer Apps
Flying below the Radar: What modern malware tells us
Crisis and Aftermath
Are Metamorphic Viruses Really Invincible?
ASM-based Modelling of Self-Replicating Programs
The Pathology of Computer Viruses
The Future of Malware
VirusMeter: Preventing Your Cellphone from Spies
Are current antivirus programs able to detect complex metamorphic malware? An empirical evaluation
Challenges Of Modeling BotNets For Military And Security Simulations
The Dangers of Computer Viruses: Implications for 21st Century Educators
"Good" Worms and Human Rights
Advances in password cracking
Tasting Donut
Computer virus cover withdrawn
E-mail virus protection handbook
Some Further Theoretical Results about Computer Viruses
Rootkits Analysis and Detection
Can cryptography prevent computer viruses?
Linux Improvised Userland Scheduler Virus
Implementing Anti-Virus Controls in the Corporate Arena
Static detection and identification of X86 malicious executables: A multidisciplinary approach
Virus attack - how computer networks could heal themselves
Opcodes as Predictor for Malware
Virus Writers: The End of The Innocence?
Worm Anatomy and Model
Macro virus identification problems
Viruses Revealed: Understanding and Counter Malicious Software
Virus authors faster to the kill
Ethical Issues in Computer Virus Distribution
Malicious crypto - (Ab)use cryptology
Two Bills Equal Forewarning
Cryptovirology: Extortion-Based Security Threats and Countermeasures
Антивирусные программы
Countering NetworkWorms Through Automatic Patch Generation
Linux 2.6 kernel exploits
An Efficient Control of Virus Propagation
On JavaScript Malware and related threats
On the Infeasibility of Modeling Polymorphic Shellcode for Signature Detection
Automatic Reverse Engineering of Malware Emulators
Are Handheld Viruses a Significant Threat?
Toward an abstract computer virology
Advanced Code Evolution Techniques and Computer Virus Generator Kits
Model for network behaviour under viral attack
Fast virus detection by using high speed time delay neural networks
Detecting Kernel-Level Rootkits Through Binary Analysis
Modern Methods of Detecting and Eradicating Known and Unknown Viruses
Towards Systematic Evaluation of the Evadability of Bot,Botnet Detection Methods
Scary Networks? Viruses as Discursive Practice
Parallel analysis of polymorphic viral code using automated deduction system
From AntiVirus to AntiMalware Software and Beyond
Functional polymorphic engines formalisation, implementation and use cases
An Approach to Containing Computer Viruses
Detecting Unknown Massive Mailing Viruses Using Proactive Methods
Heliza talking dirty to the attackers
Reflections on Trusting Trust
Computer Viruses and What to Do About Them
Malicious Cryptography: Cryptovirology and Kleptography
Using Entropy Analysis to Find Encrypted and Packed Malware
The Impact of Countermeasure Spreading on the Prevalence of Computer Viruses
Malware and steganography in hard disk firmware
Computer Viruses Are Nothing New Don't be ashamed
Epidemiological Models Applied to Viruses in Computer Networks
Throttling Viruses: Restricting propagation to defeat malicious mobile code
Imitation of Life: Advanced system for native Artificial Evolution
Computer Viruses: an executive overview
IpMorph fingerprinting spoofing unification
Bolzano Bugs NT
Bologna process revisited educating information security and malware experts
A parallel "String Matching Engine" for use in high speed network intrusion detection systems
Morphological Detection of Malware
Computer Worms: Past, Present, and Future
Computer Virus Strategies and Detection Methods
About malicious software in smartphones
Visualizing Windows Executable Viruses Using Self-Organizing Maps
Spyware & Rootkits
The Bite of the Computer Virus
Monitoring and Early Warning for Internet Worms
Look at that escargot
Immunity-Based Intrusion Detection System: A General Framework
Referees 2006
Mimimorphism: A New Approach to Binary Code Obfuscation
Implementation of a Computer Immune System for Intrusion- and Virus Detection
Server-based Virus-protection On Unix\Linux
A spatial stochastic model for worm propagation scale effects
Survey on Malware Detection Methods
Contournement d%92une passerelle antivirus
The Bulgarian Computer Virus Factory
Junkie Memorial?
Computer Viruses - Theory and Experiments
Hunting for metamorphic
The Cornell Commission: On Morris and the Worm
Simulating and optimising worm propagation algorithms
Netware execute only attribute - considered harmful
Got [Mac]root?
A Tour of the Worm
Effective and Inexpensive Methods Exist for Controlling Software Viruses
Biological versus Computer Viruses
Detecting Metamorphic viruses by using Arbitrary Length of Control Flow Graphs and Nodes Alignment
Windows memory forensics
Recent Worms: A Survey and Trends
The Virus Hunter
Viral Evolution
A Potency Relation for Worms and Next-Generation Attack Tools
Cryptography: all-out attacks or how to attack cryptography without intensive cryptanalysis
Malware detection using assembly and API call sequences
La "mobilité" du code malveillant
Anti-disassembly using Cryptographic Hash Functions
Malware Normalization
Computer viruses (BMJ 302-66e)
Why Anti-Virus Software Cannot Stop the Spread of Email Worms
Tools for Finding and Removing Rootkits
Using Markov Chains to Filter Machine-morphed Variants of Malicious Programs
64-bit rugrats
A Dozen Dangerous Myths About Computer Viruses
It's zell(d)ome the one you expect
Defense and Detection Strategies against Internet Worms
When Java Was One: Threats From Hostile Byte Code
Practical Detection of Metamorphic Computer Viruses
Sandbox Technology Inside AV Scanners
Is creating virus software protected as a first amendment right?
Controlling Super-Intelligent Machines
Modeling the Spread of Active Worms
Antivirus Software Testing for the New Millenium
Viral Style: Technology, Culture, and the Politics of Infection
Darwin, a Game of Survival of the Fittest among Programs
An Approach towards Disassembly of Malicious Binary Executables
On the possibility of practically obfuscating programs towards a unified perspective of code protection
Code Red Worm Propagation Modeling and Analysis
Fighting Computer Viruses
Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cell Phone Malware
The road less truvelled
Windows Rootkit Overview
Modeling the Effects of Timing Parameters on Virus Propagation
Static Detection of Malicious Code in Executable Programs
Intrusion detection and virology an analysis of differences, similarities and complementariness
Making a hash of things
JAB, une backdoor pour reseau Win32 inconnu - Presentation SSTIC
Malware pattern scanning schemes secure against black-box analysis
As Japanese Bring Work Home, Virus Hitches a Ride
History of Viruses & Worms
Static Analysis of Binary Code to Isolate Malicious Behaviors
Mathematical Model of Computer Viruses
A Framework to Detect Novel Computer Viruses via System Calls
Analysis of a scanning model of worm propagation
A Hybrid Model to Detect Malicious Executables
TheV-Files: A dictionary of file threats
Trends of Spyware, Viruses and Exploits
Timing Rootkits
Using Spatio-Temporal Information in API Calls with Machine Learning Algorithms for Malware Detection
Using Plant Epidemiological Methods To Track Computer Network Worms
Reliable Identification of Bounded-length Viruses is NP-complete
Becoming Positive
Modeling the Spread and Prevention of Malicious Mobile Code Via Simulation
Dynamic Binary Instrumentation-based Framework for Malware Defense
Immunization and epidemic dynamics in complex networks
Leaps and Bounds
Virus Tutorial
Web Sites Hawk Instructions On Making Computer Viruses
Fast Detection of Scanning Worm Infections
Understanding Computer Viruses
Malicious Cryptography: Kleptographic Aspects
Young Nussbaum Monin PSPB 2007
RFID Security Issues in Military Supply Chains
IpMorph: fingerprinting spoofing unification
Computers and epidemiology
Detecting Metamorphic Computer Viruses using Supercompilation
Biological Models of Security for Virus Propagation in Computer Networks
The Evolution of Viruses and Worms
Autoimmune viruses
High-Fidelity Modeling of Computer Network Worms
Examining Viruses
Rebels for the System? Virus writers, general intellect, cyberpunk and criminal capitalism
The metamorphosis of malware writers
Computer viruses and electronic mail
Ukrainian-Russian Hackers the Stealth Group and Its Leader, LovinGOD
Modular worms
Introduction to Network Self-defense technical and judicial issues
New malware distribution methods threaten signature-based AV
Worms of the future
Approaches to Integrated Malware Detection and Avoidance
Botnet Detection: Countering the Largest Security Threat
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Computer "virus" identification by neural networks
Virology 101
Epidemic Profiles and Defense of Scale-Free Networks
Time machine
Beyond Layers and Peripheral Antivirus Security
The Costly Implications of Consulting in a Virus-Infected Computer Environment
The Virus is Worse than the Cure
Applications of Genetic Algorithms to Malware Detection and Creation
A Failure to Learn from the Past
Computer Virus-Antivirus Coevolution
Infection, imitation and a hierarchy of computer viruses
The Computer Virus -- From There to Here
Software Diversity as a Defense Against Viral Propagation: Models and Simulations
The ABC of computer security
Attacks on Win32
The Impact of Countermeasure Propagation on the Prevalence of Computer Viruses
Обнаружение руткитов режима ядра с помощью отладчика
Rotalum: A Tool for Automatic Reverse Engineering of Malware Emulators
Polymorphic Worm Detection Using Structural Information of Executables
Viruses in France: The French Connection - II
Hunting Obfuscated Malwares by Abstract Interpretation
Reverse Code Engineering: An In-Depth Analysis of the Bagle Virus
Suppressing the Spread of Email Malcode using Short-term Message Recall
Can you spare a seg?
One-hit models for virus inactivation studies
Simulating Bandwidth-Limited Worms, One Graph to Rule Them All?
Harmless and Useful Viruses Can Hardly Exist
Shelling Out
Static analysis by abstract interpretation application to the detection of heap overflows
A Virtual Honeypot Framework
Hash-AV: Fast Virus Signature Scanning by Cache-Resident Filters
The Real Cost of a Virus Outbreak
Detecting Unknown Computer Viruses
Вирусы в СССР
Polygraph: Automatically Generating Signatures for Polymorphic Worms
Hidan and dangerous
Un combate con el Kerñado
Application of Hardware Accelerated Extensible Network Nodes for Internet Worm and Virus Protection
Viral Attacks On UNIX System Security
Doin' the eagle rock
SirCamstantial Evidence
The Race Against Malicious Software
Catch Me If You Can
Testing Time for Antivirus Software
Poison Ivy Farmers: Virus Collections
The impact of Microsoft Windows infection vectors on IP network traffic patterns
The Internet Motion Sensor: A Distributed Blackhole Monitoring System
SweetBait: Zero-Hour Worm Detection and Containment Using Honeypots
A note on Cohen's formal model for computer viruses
Formalisation and implementation aspects of K -ary (malicious) codes
White-box attack context cryptovirology
Worm Detection Using Local Networks
An Email Worm Vaccine Architecture
Profile hidden Markov models and metamorphic virus detection
Detecting metamorphic viruses using profile hidden markov models
Abstraction-Based Intrusion Detection In Distributed Environments
Viral Bodies, Virtual Practices
A Web-Based Network Worm Simulator
Malware Forensics: Investigating and Analyzing Malicious Code
On the adaptive real-time detection of fast-propagating network worms
A Survey of Cryptologic Issues in Computer Virology
How to Kill Worms and Viruses with Policy Pontifications
Ethereal, un analyseur ré seau à usages multiples
A Short Course on Computer Viruses
Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment 5th International Conference, DIMVA 2008 Paris, France, July 10-11, 2008 Proceedings
Testing Malware Detectors
The Blaster Worm - The View from 10,000 feet
On the Effectiveness of Address-Space Randomization
I've named my virus - now what do I win?!
Пишем вирус... и антивирус для IBM-совместимых компьютеров
Impeding Malware Analysis Using Conditional Code Obfuscation
Pairwise alignment of metamorphic computer viruses
Are computer viruses spread by the media?
AGIS: Towards Automatic Generation of Infection Signatures
Evaluation methodology and theoretical model for antiviral behavioural detection strategies
When Computer Viruses Strike
ELF et virologie informatique
Do The Media Spread Computer Viruses
Measurement and Analysis of Worm Propagation on Internet Network Topology
Non-signature based virus detection
Reports of computer viruses on the increase
Anatomy of a Semantic Virus
Hunting for metamorphic engines
Disk-Level Behavioral Malware Detection
Signature Generation and Detection of Malware Families
Are Computer Hacker Break-ins Ethical?
Malware Research at SMU
With Microscope and Tweezers: The Worm from MITS Perspective
Stay Safe Online Campaign's AntiVirus Presentation
Computer Parasitology
Unknown malcode detection and the imbalance problem
Static Analysis of Executables to Detect Malicious Patterns
Set-up and deployment of a high-interaction honeypot experiment and lessons learned
API Win32 ancestrales pour Chevaux de Troie hyper furtifs
Self-reproducing machines
Mechanics of Self-reproduction
Development of Computer Vulnerability Scanning Scanning Workgroup
Anti-Disassembly using Cryptographic Hash Functions
An Epidemic Model of Mobile Phone Virus
The Future of Bot Worms
Creating a Secure Computer Virus Laboratory
Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment 4th International Conference, DIMVA 2007 Lucerne, Switzerland, July 12-13, 2007 Proceedings
Developing a Trojan applets in a smart card
Is Your Cat Infected with a Computer Virus?
Detecting Malicious Code by Model Checking
Eigenviruses for metamorphic virus recognition
The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense
Computer Virus Propagation Models
Viruses & spam fuel new laws
Automated Worm Fingerprinting
Regular expression matching with input compression a hardware design for use within network intrusion detection systems
Combinatorial Optimisation of Worm Propagation on an Unknown Network
Analysis and detection of metamorphic computer viruses
Malware of the Future
Attack of the quantum worms
Stochastic Features of Computer Viruses
Malicious crypto
On behavioral detection
Computer virus prevention: a primer
Automated Web Patrol with Strider HoneyMonkeys: Finding Web Sites That Exploit Browser Vulnerabilities
Stream of Consciousness
Stoned Bootkit
The Future of Internet Worms
The Effect of DNS Delays on Worm Propagation in an IPv6 Internet
Advanced Polymorphic Techniques
The Social Psychology of Computer Viruses and Worms
Anomalous Payload-based Network Intrusion Detection
The Cuckoo's Egg
DCA for Bot Detection
The Internet Worm: Crisis and Aftermath
Attack of the Clones
Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses: Serious Crimes, Nuisance, or Both?
Viruses and Worms: The Best Defense is Awareness
How to Withstand Mobile Virus Attacks
Computer Security Analysis through Decompilation and High-Level Debugging
A Semantics-Based Approach to Malware Detection
Rootkits - Detection and prevention
Concepts for the Stealth Windows Rootkit (The Chameleon Project)
Metaphors And Meta-Experiences In Technology Side Effects: A Multimedia Exhibit
The Bigger Picture
Design of a System for Real-Time Worm Detection
Winning the battles, losing the war? Rethinking methodology for forensic computing research
Computer Viruses, Epidemiology, and Worms
Anomalous Payload-based Worm Detection and Signature Generation
The Shockwave Rider
Semi-automatic binary protection tampering
High-Performance Context-Free Parser for Polymorphic Malware Detection
Gatt got your tongue?
SBMDS: an interpretable string based malware detection system using SVM ensemble with bagging
Models of Active Worm Defenses
A History Of Computer Viruses - The Famous `Trio'
VX Reversing II, Sasser.B
The Risk of Debug Codes in Batch: what are debug codes and why they are dangerous?
Characterization of virus replication
The Legislative Response to the Evolution of Computer Viruses
В игре «Бой в памяти» компьютерные программы ведут битву за биты
A Computer Virus Is A Thought Manifested
Open Problems in Computer Virus Research
Botnets: The Killer Web App
Inoculation strategies for victims of viruses and the sum-of-squares partition problem
Know Your Enemy: Containing Conficker
Detecting self-mutating malware using control-flow graph matching
The Java Mobile Risk
Rootkit modeling and experiments under Linux
SBMDS an interpretable string based malware detection system using SVM ensemble with bagging
Testing and evaluating virus detectors for handheld devices
Cabirn fever
CPU bugs, CPU backdoors and consequences on security
Advanced fuzzing in the VoIP space
Quantum Malware
Towards Automated Defense from Rootkit Attacks
Modern operating systems
On the definition and classification of cybercrime
The malware naming chaos
Virus Prevention, Cure and Hoaxes
Legal Options To Computer Viruses
Computer viruses: from theory to applications
Backdoors et rootkits avancés [SLIDES]
New data mining technique to enhance IDS alarms quality
Defending Against Internet Worms: A Signature-Based Approach
Software transformations to improve malware detection
Malicious Software in Mobile Devices
Real-Time Virus Detection System Using iNetmon Engine
The Spam Book: On Viruses, Porn and Other Anomalies From the Dark Side of Digital Culture
Авторан на халяву
Effectiveness of Rate Control in Slowing Down Worm Epidemics
Automated Classification and Analysis of Internet Malware
Attack of the killer virus!
Towards an undetectable computer virus
An Internet-Worm Early Warning System
The "Father Christmas worm"
B-tree with fixed node size and no minimum degree
Detecting Windows Server Compromises with Patchfinder 2
Anonymous and Malicious
Dynamical Models for Computer Viruses Propagation
Advanced Metamorphic Techniques in Computer Viruses
Анализ руткита TDSS
Automatically generated Win32 heuristic virus detection
Virus Detection System - VDS
A Technique for Removing an Important Class of Trojan Horses from High Order Languages
Blueprint for a Computer Immune System
Cain and Abul
System Dynamic Model for Computer Virus Prevalance
A Specter Is Haunting Networks - The Specter of Viruses, Hidden in Horses
Measuring virtual machine detection in malware using DSD tracer
A statistical model for undecidable viral detection
Mobile Code Threats, Fact or Fiction
Computer Virus Operation and New Directions
A Study of Malcode-Bearing Documents
The Invirsible Man
Distributive immunization of networks against viruses using the `honey-pot' architecture
Resolution based metamorphic computer virus detection using redundancy control strategy
Twinkle, twinkle little star
The solution in the naming chaos
Viruses and Worms--What Can You Do?
Contagion and Repetition: On the Viral Logic of Network Culture
Testing the SETIHacker Hypothesis
Avoiding Windows Rootkit Detection
Malware, Viruses and Log Visualisation
A Generic Virus Scanner in C++
The Engine of the Underground: The Elite-Kiddie Divide
Crimea river
The SASSER Event: History and Implications
Cryptographic Hashing for Virus Localization
Unknown Malicious Code Detection # Practical Issues
Computer Virus Identification and Prevention
Applications of Immune System Computing
Suppressing the spread of email malcode using short-term message recall
Viruses using .NET Framework
Warnings of a Dark Future: The Emergence of Machine Intelligence
Efficient Virus Detection Using Dynamic Instruction Sequences
Possible Vicarious Liability for Computer Users in the USA?
Stealth Survival
ARTIST: A Network for ARTifical Immune SysTems
Detecting Internet Worms Using Data Mining Techniques
Flibi: Evolution
Procedures To Reduce The Computer Virus Threat
The missing LNK
Flibi: Reloaded
Malware Phylogeny Generation using Permutations of Code
Callgraph properties of executables
Genetic algorithm based Internet worm propagation strategy modeling under pressure of countermeasures
Flibi night
Utilizing Entropy to Identify Undetected Malware
An Abstract Theory of Computer Viruses
The Internet Worm Incident
Supercompilation for Equivalence Testing in Metamorphic Computer Viruses Detection
Computer viruses (BMJ 299-66a)
Structuring ethical curricula in the information age
Language, a virus?
On callgraphs and generative mechanisms
Malware a future framework for device, network and service management
Using Verification Technology to Specify and Detect Malware
Treating scalability and modelling human countermeasures against local preference worms via gradient models
Shield: Vulnerability-Driven Network Filters for Preventing Known Vulnerability Exploits
Dynamic analysis of malicious code
Raised hacklez
Painting the Internet: A Different Kind of Warhol Worm
Обзор читательских откликов на статьи, посвященные игре «Бой в памяти»
Metaphors and Modern Threats: Biological, Computer, and Cognitive Viruses
The Code Red Worm
On Abstract Computer Virology from a Recursion Theoretic Perspective
Adequacy of Checksum Algorithms for Computer Virus Detection
Flying solo
Reply to `Comment on "A Framework for Modelling Trojans and Computer Virus Infection"` by E. Makinen - Thimbleby
A pilot study on college student's attitudes toward computer virus
Detecting Worms via Mining Dynamic Program Execution
New thoughts in ring3 NT rootkit
Internet attacks monitoring with dynamic connection redirection mechanisms
Fragmented malware through RFID and its defenses
On Computer Viral Infection and the Effect of Immunization
A Framework for Deception
Formalization of viruses and malware through process algebras
N-gram-based Detection of New Malicious Code
Limits of Static Analysis for Malware Detection
Magisterium Abraxas
You've got M(1**)a(D)i(L+K)l
Constructing Computer Virus Phylogenies
Computer Viruses and the Simulation Environment WiCE
Equational reasoning を用いた obfuscated decipher routine のパラメータ検出
Filter-resistant code injection on ARM
Analysis of Virus Algorithms
Efficient Content-Based Detection of Zero-Day Worms
Computer viruses and anti-virus warfare
Auto-Sign: an automatic signature generator for high-speed malware filtering devices
Computer Viruses and Their Control
The Ecology of Malware
Thoughts about Cross-View based Rootkit Detection
Detection of Self-Mutating Computer Viruses
Enforcing kernel constraints by hardware-assisted virtualization
How the virus "Remote Shell Trojan" (RST) works
Abstracts of Recent Articles and Literature
Computer Virus Operation and New Directions-1997
Modeling Epidemic Spreading in Mobile Environments
Windows Rootkits
Software Vaccine Technique and Its Application in Early Virus Finding and Tracing
Do the macarena
SQL infections through RFID
How To Withstand Mobile Virus Attacks
Computer Virus Myths
Binary Obfuscation Using Signals
Database Rootkits
An Effective Architecture and Algorithm for Detecting Worms with Various Scan Techniques
Chiba witty blues
The New 32-bit Medusa
Anti-disassembly using cryptographic hash functions
Analysis and Detection of Computer Viruses and Worms
A study of anti-virus' response to unknown threats
Computer-Generated Life
Detection of metamorphic computer viruses using algebraic specification
Architecture of a morphological malware detector
Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution
System and method for detecting malicious executable code
Formal Definition of Self-reproductive Systems
What is Wild?
Unexpected Resutls [sic]
Prescription Medicine
Computer Malware: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
SPARSE: A Hybrid System to Detect Malcode-Bearing Documents
Blended attacks exploits, vulnerabilities and buffer-overflow techniques in computer viruses
Countering Network Worms Through Automatic Patch Generation
How to Assess the Effectiveness of your Anti-virus
Hunting for undetectable metamorphic viruses
Managing Computer Viruses in a Groupware Environment
N-gram analysis for computer virus detection
Small treatise about e-manipulation for honest people
A Short Visit to the Bot Zoo
Viruses and the Law
Computer viruses (BMJ 307-59e)
Improving Malware Detection by Applying Multi-Inducer Ensemble
Detection of Injected, Dynamically Generated, and Obfuscated Malicious Code
Implicaçoes da ofuscaçao de código no desenvolvimento de detectores de código malicioso
Host-Based Detection of Worms through Peer-to-Peer Cooperation
Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment Second International Conference, DIMVA 2005 Vienna, Austria, July 7-8, 2005 Proceedings
Poetry in Motion
Computer virus prevention and containment on mainframes
Comparative analysis of various ransomware virii
Discovering and exploiting 802.11 wireless driver vulnerabilities
An Overview of Computer Viruses in a Research Environment
The Challenge of Being Prepared for Tomorrow%92s MalWare Today
A Bypass of Cohen's Impossibility Result
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Zer0pad's Intro To ASM VX 01 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
02 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
03 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
04 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
05 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
06 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
07 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
08 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
09 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
10 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
11 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
12 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
13 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
14 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
15 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
16 - Introducción a la programación de virus en ASM
Symantec 32-Bit Virus Threats on 64-Bit Windows
IME as a Possible Keylogger
Have I Got News for you: Analysis of Flamer C&C Server
Analysis of malware targeting the Boleto payment system
An Analysis of the Slapper Worm Exploit
Analysis of the Windows Vista Security Model
Android.Opfake In-Depth
The Apple threat landscape
Assessment of Windows Vista Kernel-Mode Security
Assets, Threats and Vulnerabilities: Discovery and Analysis
Attacks on point-of-sales systems
Attacks on Virtual Machine Emulators
The Black Vine cyberespionage group
Symantec Brightmail™ Anti Phishing
The continued rise of DDoS attacks
Crisis: The Advanced Malware
Cyberterrorism and the Home User
The Digital Immune System
Dragonfly: Cyberespionage Attacks Against Energy Suppliers
Drive-By Pharming
The Economics of Information Warfare - Poking Layered Security with a Stick
The Elderwood Project
The evolution of the fileless click-fraud malware Poweliks
Evolving ShellCode
Financial threats 2015
Hidden Lynx – Professional Hackers for Hire
How safe is your quantified self?
Hunting For Metamorphic
IM_a nuisance – W32.Imav.A
Insecurity in the Internet of Things
ISTR Cryptojacking: A Modern Cash Cow
Learn More About Viruses and Worms
The Luckycat Hackers
Malicious Threats to Personal Digital Assistants
Malicious Threats and Vulnerabilities in Instant Messaging
Malicious Yahooligans
Malicious Threats of Peer-to-Peer Networking
Managing Security Incidents in the Enterprise
Me code write good: The l33t skillz of the virus writer.
Microsoft Office 2000 and Security Against Macro Viruses
Mistakes in the IaaS cloud could put your data at risk
Mobile Adware and Malware Analysis
Motivations of Recent Android Malware
Responding to the Nimda worm: Recommendations for addressing blended threats
NTFS Streams
Palm Breach
The Panda Outlaw: W32.Fujacks
Peerbot: Catch me if you can
Phishing Attacks In and Around April through September 2006
“Phishing In The Middle Of The Stream” - Today’s Threats To Online Banking
Potential Threats to WAP Enabled Devices
Ransomware and Businesses 2016
Ransomware: A Growing Menace
Regin: Top-tier espionage tool enables stealthy surveillance
Regional Threats
Sality: Story of a Peerto-Peer Viral Network
Scams and Spam to Avoid on Facebook
Script-Based Mobile Threats
Stealing Virtual Assets from a Digital World
Stories From The DRM World: The Settec Case
Striking Similarites: Win32/Simile and Metamorphic Virus Code
Stuxnet 0.5: The Missing Link
Targeted Attacks Against the Energy Sector
Techniques of Adware and Spyware
The Teredo Protocol: Tunneling Past Network Security and Other Security Implications
A Testing Methodology for Rootkit Removal Effectiveness
The evolution of ransomware
The Nitro Attacks: Stealing Secrets from the Chemical Industry
Threats to Online Banking
Threats to virtual environments
Trojan.Neloweg: Bank Robbing Bot in the Browser
Trojan.Taidoor: Targeting Think Tanks
Uncovering a persistent diet spam operation on Twitter
Understanding and Managing Polymorphic Viruses
Understanding Symantec’s Anti-virus Strategy for Internet Gateways
Understanding Heuristics: Symantec’s Bloodhound Technology
Understanding Virus Behavior in 32-bit Operating Environments
Understanding Virus Behavior under Windows NT
Virus and Vulnerability Classification Schemes: Standards and Integration
W32.Changeup: How the Worm Was Created
W32.Duqu: The precursor to the next Stuxnet
W32.Qakbot in Detail
W32.Xpaj.B: Making Easy Money from Complex Code
The Waterbug attack group
Web Based Attacks
What next? Trojan.Linkoptimizer
What’s in a Name?
When Malware Meets Rootkits
Windows Rootkit Overview
Windows 8 Security
Wireless LAN Security
The World of Financial Trojans
ZeroAccess Indepth
Windows Vista Network Attack Surface Analysis
W32.Ramnit analysis
Trojan.ZeroAccess: Infection Analysis
Inside the Windows Meta File Format
SDK XFS 207a
J/eXtensions for Financial Services (J/XFS) for the Java Platform 1: Base Architecture
2: Pin Keypad Device Class Interface
3: Magnetic Stripe & Chip Card Device Class Interface
4: Text Input/Output Device Interface
5: Cash Dispenser, Recycler and ATM Device Class Interface
6: Printer Device Class Interface
7: Alarm Device Interface
8: Sensors and Indicators Unit Device Class Interface
9: Depository Device Class Interface
10: Check Reader/Scanner Device Class Interface
Extensions for Financial Services (XFS) interface specification C++ 1: Application Programming Interface (API) Service Provider Interface (SPI)
2: Service Class Definition
3: Printer and Scanning Device Class Interface
4: Identification Card Device Class Interfac
5: Cash Dispenser Device Class Interface
6: PIN Keypad Device Class Interface
7: Check Reader/Scanner Device Class Interface
8: Depository Device Class Interface
9: Text Terminal Unit Device Class Interface
10: Sensors and Indicators Unit Device Class Interface
11: Vendor Dependent Mode Device Class Interface
12: Camera Device Class Interface
13: Alarm Device Class Interface
14: Card Embossing Unit Device Class Interface
15: Cash-In Module Device Class Interface
16: Card Dispenser Device Class Interface
17: Barcode Reader Device Class Interface
18: Item Processing Module Device Class Interface
Vulnerable Driver Collection (UnknownCheats Aggregation) Provided by IChooseYou (ICY) and namazso of UnknownCheats Info on files and how to use them: Vulnerable Drive Info
File Listing ADV64DRV.sys Agent64_05f052c64d192cf69a462a5ec16dda0d43ca5d0245900c9fcb9201685a2e7748.sys Agent64_4045ae77859b1dbf13972451972eaaf6f3c97bea423e9e78f1c2f14330cd47ca.sys Agent64_6948480954137987a0be626c24cf594390960242cd75f094cd6aaa5c2e7a54fa.sys Agent64_8cb62c5d41148de416014f80bd1fd033fd4d2bd504cb05b90eeb6992a382d58f.sys Agent64_b1d96233235a62dbb21b8dbe2d1ae333199669f67664b107bff1ad49b41d9414.sys ALSysIO64_7196187FB1EF8D108B380D37B2AF8EFDEB3CA1F6EEFD37B5DC114C609147216D.sys ALSysIO64_7F375639A0DF7FE51E5518CF87C3F513C55BC117DB47D28DA8C615642EB18BFA.sys amifldrv64.sys AsIO_2DA330A2088409EFC351118445A824F11EDBE51CF3D653B298053785097FE40E.sys AsIO_436CCAB6F62FA2D29827916E054ADE7ACAE485B3DE1D3E5C6C62D3DEBF1480E7.sys AsIO64.sys AsIO_B4D47EA790920A4531E3DF5A4B4B0721B7FEA6B49A35679F0652F1E590422602.sys AsIO_DDE6F28B3F7F2ABBEE59D4864435108791631E9CB4CDFB1F178E5AA9859956D8.sys AsIO.dll AsrAutoChkUpdDrv.sys AsrDrv101.sys AsrDrv10.sys AsrIbDrv.sys AsrOmgDrv.sys AsrRapidStartDrv.sys AsrSmartConnectDrv.sys AsUpIO.sys atillk64.sys BS_Def64_0040153302B88BEE27EB4F1ECA6855039E1A057370F5E8C615724FA5215BADA3.sys BS_Def64_3326E2D32BBABD69FEB6024809AFC56C7E39241EBE70A53728C77E80995422A5.sys BS_Def64_36B9E31240AB0341873C7092B63E2E0F2CAB2962EBF9B25271C3A1216B7669EB.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_29e0062a017a93b2f2f5207a608a96df4d554c5de976bd0276c2590a03bd3e94.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_45abdbcd4c0916b7d9faaf1cd08543a3a5178871074628e0126a6eda890d26e0.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_50db5480d0392a7dd6ab5df98389dc24d1ed1e9c98c9c35964b19dabcd6dc67f.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_607dc4c75ac7aef82ae0616a453866b3b358c6cf5c8f9d29e4d37f844306b97c.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_61d6e40601fa368800980801a662a5b3b36e3c23296e8ae1c85726a56ef18cc8.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_74a846c61adc53692d3040aff4c1916f32987ad72b07fe226e9e7dbeff1036c4.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_76fb4deaee57ef30e56c382c92abffe2cf616d08dbecb3368c8ee6b02e59f303.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_81939e5c12bd627ff268e9887d6fb57e95e6049f28921f3437898757e7f21469.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_9790a7b9d624b2b18768bb655dda4a05a9929633cef0b1521e79e40d7de0a05b.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_9a1d66036b0868bbb1b2823209fedea61a301d5dd245f8e7d390bd31e52d663e.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_aa9ab1195dc866270e984f1bed5e1358d6ef24c515dfdb6c2a92d1e1b94bf608.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_af095de15a16255ca1b2c27dad365dff9ac32d2a75e8e288f5a1307680781685.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_d5586dc1e61796a9ae5e5d1ced397874753056c3df2eb963a8916287e1929a71.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_d8459f7d707c635e2c04d6d6d47b63f73ba3f6629702c7a6e0df0462f6478ae2.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_e81230217988f3e7ec6f89a06d231ec66039bdba340fd8ebb2bbb586506e3293.sys CITMDRV_AMD64_f88ebb633406a086d9cca6bc8b66a4ea940c5476529f9033a9e0463512a23a57.sys CITMDRV_IA64_1c8dfa14888bb58848b4792fb1d8a921976a9463be8334cff45cc96f1276049a.sys CITMDRV_IA64_22418016e980e0a4a2d01ca210a17059916a4208352c1018b0079ccb19aaf86a.sys CITMDRV_IA64_405472a8f9400a54bb29d03b436ccd58cfd6442fe686f6d2ed4f63f002854659.sys CITMDRV_IA64_49f75746eebe14e5db11706b3e58accc62d4034d2f1c05c681ecef5d1ad933ba.sys CITMDRV_IA64_4a3d4db86f580b1680d6454baee1c1a139e2dde7d55e972ba7c92ec3f555dce2.sys CITMDRV_IA64_4ab41816abbf14d59e75b7fad49e2cb1c1feb27a3cb27402297a2a4793ff9da7.sys CITMDRV_IA64_54841d9f89e195196e65aa881834804fe3678f1cf6b328cab8703edd15e3ec57.sys CITMDRV_IA64_5ee292b605cd3751a24e5949aae615d472a3c72688632c3040dc311055b75a92.sys CITMDRV_IA64_76b86543ce05540048f954fed37bdda66360c4a3ddb8328213d5aef7a960c184.sys CITMDRV_IA64_7f190f6e5ab0edafd63391506c2360230af4c2d56c45fc8996a168a1fc12d457.sys CITMDRV_IA64_845f1e228de249fc1ddf8dc28c39d03e8ad328a6277b6502d3932e83b879a65a.sys CITMDRV_IA64_84bf1d0bcdf175cfe8aea2973e0373015793d43907410ae97e2071b2c4b8e2d4.sys CITMDRV_IA64_8ef0ad86500094e8fa3d9e7d53163aa6feef67c09575c169873c494ed66f057f.sys CITMDRV_IA64_a56c2a2425eb3a4260cc7fc5c8d7bed7a3b4cd2af256185f24471c668853aee8.sys CITMDRV_IA64_ac3f613d457fc4d44fa27b2e0b1baa62c09415705efb5a40a4756da39b3ac165.sys CITMDRV_IA64_b1334a71cc73b3d0c54f62d8011bec330dfc355a239bf94a121f6e4c86a30a2e.sys CITMDRV_IA64_b47be212352d407d0ef7458a7161c66b47c2aec8391dd101df11e65728337a6a.sys CITMDRV_IA64_b9b3878ddc5dfb237d38f8d25067267870afd67d12a330397a8853209c4d889c.sys CITMDRV_IA64_db90e554ad249c2bd888282ecf7d8da4d1538dd364129a3327b54f8242dd5653.sys CITMDRV_IA64_e61a54f6d3869b43c4eceac3016df73df67cce03878c5a6167166601c5d3f028.sys cpuz_x64.sys GLCKIO2_3a5ec83fe670e5e23aef3afa0a7241053f5b6be5e6ca01766d6b5f9177183c25.sys GLCKIO2_61a1bdddd3c512e681818debb5bee94db701768fc25e674fcad46592a3259bd0.sys HOSTNT.sys HwRwDrv_21ccdd306b5183c00ecfd0475b3152e7d94b921e858e59b68a03e925d1715f21.sys inpoutx64_2d83ccb1ad9839c9f5b3f10b1f856177df1594c66cbbc7661677d4b462ebf44d.sys inpoutx64_f581decc2888ef27ee1ea85ea23bbb5fb2fe6a554266ff5a1476acd1d29d53af.sys inpoutx64_f8965fdce668692c3785afa3559159f9a18287bc0d53abb21902895a8ecf221b.sys iomem64_3D23BDBAF9905259D858DF5BF991EB23D2DC9F4ECDA7F9F77839691ACEF1B8C4.sys iomem64_DD4A1253D47DE14EF83F1BC8B40816A86CCF90D1E624C5ADF9203AE9D51D4097.sys msrhook.sys NTIOLib_09bedbf7a41e0f8dabe4f41d331db58373ce15b2e9204540873a1884f38bdde1.sys NTIOLib_101402d4f5d1ae413ded499c78a5fcbbc7e3bae9b000d64c1dd64e3c48c37558.sys NTIOLib_131d5490ceb9a5b2324d8e927fea5becfc633015661de2f4c2f2375a3a3b64c6.sys NTIOLib_1ddfe4756f5db9fb319d6c6da9c41c588a729d9e7817190b027b38e9c076d219.sys NTIOLib_1e8b0c1966e566a523d652e00f7727d8b0663f1dfdce3b9a09b9adfaef48d8ee.sys NTIOLib_2bbe65cbec3bb069e92233924f7ee1f95ffa16173fceb932c34f68d862781250.sys NTIOLib_30706f110725199e338e9cc1c940d9a644d19a14f0eb8847712cba4cacda67ab.sys NTIOLib_3124b0411b8077605db2a9b7909d8240e0d554496600e2706e531c93c931e1b5.sys NTIOLib_38fa0c663c8689048726666f1c5e019feaa9da8278f1df6ff62da33961891d2a.sys NTIOLib_39cfde7d401efce4f550e0a9461f5fc4d71fa07235e1336e4f0b4882bd76550e.sys NTIOLib_3d9e83b189fcf5c3541c62d1f54a0da0a4e5b62c3243d2989afc46644056c8e3.sys NTIOLib_3f2fda9a7a9c57b7138687bbce49a2e156d6095dddabb3454ea09737e02c3fa5.sys NTIOLib_47f0cdaa2359a63ad1389ef4a635f1f6eee1f63bdf6ef177f114bdcdadc2e005.sys NTIOLib_50d5eaa168c077ce5b7f15b3f2c43bd2b86b07b1e926c1b332f8cb13bd2e0793.sys NTIOLib_56a3c9ac137d862a85b4004f043d46542a1b61c6acb438098a9640469e2d80e7.sys NTIOLib_591bd5e92dfa0117b3daa29750e73e2db25baa717c31217539d30ffb1f7f3a52.sys NTIOLib_5d530e111400785d183057113d70623e17af32931668ab7c7fc826f0fd4f91a3.sys NTIOLib_6f1ff29e2e710f6d064dc74e8e011331d807c32cc2a622cbe507fd4b4d43f8f4.sys NTIOLib_79e2d37632c417138970b4feba91b7e10c2ea251c5efe3d1fc6fa0190f176b57.sys NTIOLib_85866e8c25d82c1ec91d7a8076c7d073cccf421cf57d9c83d80d63943a4edd94.sys NTIOLib_89b0017bc30cc026e32b758c66a1af88bd54c6a78e11ec2908ff854e00ac46be.sys NTIOLib_9254f012009d55f555418ff85f7d93b184ab7cb0e37aecdfdab62cfe94dea96b.sys NTIOLib_952199c28332bc90cfd74530a77ee237967ed32b3c71322559c59f7a42187dc4.sys NTIOLib_9529efb1837b1005e5e8f477773752078e0a46500c748bc30c9b5084d04082e6.sys NTIOLib_984a77e5424c6d099051441005f2938ae92b31b5ad8f6521c6b001932862add7.sys NTIOLib_98b734dda78c16ebcaa4afeb31007926542b63b2f163b2f733fa0d00dbb344d8.sys NTIOLib_99f4994a0e5bd1bf6e3f637d3225c69ff4cd620557e23637533e7f18d7d6cba1.sys NTIOLib_9c10e2ec4f9ef591415f9a784b93dc9c9cdafa7c69602c0dc860c5b62222e449.sys NTIOLib_a961f5939088238d76757669a9a81905e33f247c9c635b908daac146ae063499.sys NTIOLib_a9706e320179993dade519a83061477ace195daa1b788662825484813001f526.sys NTIOLib_b7a20b5f15e1871b392782c46ebcc897929443d82073ee4dcb3874b6a5976b5d.sys NTIOLib_cc586254e9e89e88334adee44e332166119307e79c2f18f6c2ab90ce8ba7fc9b.sys NTIOLib_cd4a249c3ef65af285d0f8f30a8a96e83688486aab515836318a2559757a89bb.sys NTIOLib_cf4b5fa853ce809f1924df3a3ae3c4e191878c4ea5248d8785dc7e51807a512b.sys NTIOLib_d0bd1ae72aeb5f3eabf1531a635f990e5eaae7fdd560342f915f723766c80889.sys NTIOLib_d8b58f6a89a7618558e37afc360cd772b6731e3ba367f8d58734ecee2244a530.sys NTIOLib_d92eab70bcece4432258c9c9a914483a2267f6ab5ce2630048d3a99e8cb1b482.sys NTIOLib_e005e8d183e853a27ad3bb56f25489f369c11b0d47e3d4095aad9291b3343bf1.sys NTIOLib_e68d453d333854787f8470c8baef3e0d082f26df5aa19c0493898bcf3401e39a.sys NTIOLib_e83908eba2501a00ef9e74e7d1c8b4ff1279f1cd6051707fd51824f87e4378fa.sys NTIOLib_ef86c4e5ee1dbc4f81cd864e8cd2f4a2a85ee4475b9a9ab698a4ae1cc71fbeb0.sys NTIOLib_f088b2ba27dacd5c28f8ee428f1350dca4bc7c6606309c287c801b2e1da1a53d.sys NTIOLib_fd8669794c67b396c12fc5f08e9c004fdf851a82faf302846878173e4fbecb03.sys OpenLibSys_91314768da140999e682d2a290d48b78bb25a35525ea12c1b1f9634d14602b2c.sys OpenLibSys_f0605dda1def240dc7e14efa73927d6c6d89988c01ea8647b671667b2b167008.sys Se64a.sys smep_capcom.sys smep_namco.sys SysInfo.sys VProEventMonitor.sys WCPU.sys WINIODrv_3243aab18e273a9b9c4280a57aecef278e10bfff19abb260d7a7820e41739099.sys WINIODrv_7cfa5e10dff8a99a5d544b011f676bc383991274c693e21e3af40cf6982adb8c.sys WINIODrv_c9b49b52b493b53cd49c12c3fa9553e57c5394555b64e32d1208f5b96a5b8c6e.sys WinRing0_3ec5ad51e6879464dfbccb9f4ed76c6325056a42548d5994ba869da9c4c039a8.sys WinRing0_47eaebc920ccf99e09fc9924feb6b19b8a28589f52783327067c9b09754b5e84.sys WinRing0_a7b000abbcc344444a9b00cfade7aa22ab92ce0cadec196c30eb1851ae4fa062.sys
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File Listing bootpa20 bpabt212 cri_fix f-finn findprot f-vice f-wet f-wolf2 kilbyway killmnk3 k-nq21 onehalf setman vlfaq200 zips listing.txt bootpa20\BOOTPART.EXE bootpa20\BOOTPART.TXT bootpa20\BOOTPART.URL bootpa20\FILE_ID.DIZ bpabt212\BOOTPART.EXE bpabt212\BOOTPART.TXT bpabt212\BOOTPART.URL bpabt212\FILE_ID.DIZ cri_fix\CRI-CRI.TXT cri_fix\FIX_CRI.COM cri_fix\HOWTO.TXT f-finn\F-FINN.EXE f-finn\READ.ME f-vice\F-VICE.EXE f-vice\READ.ME f-wet\F-WET.EXE f-wet\PRO.TXT f-wet\READ.ME f-wolf2\F-WOLF2.EXE f-wolf2\READ.ME findprot\FINDPROT.EXE findprot\FINDPROT.TXT k-nq21\K-NQ.EXE k-nq21\N8FALL.TXT kilbyway\FILE_ID.DIZ kilbyway\KILBYWAY.COM kilbyway\KILBYWAY.DOC killmnk3\INT_10.NOT killmnk3\KILLMNK3.DOC killmnk3\KILLMONK.EXE killmnk3\MONKEY.NOT onehalf\FILE_ID.DIZ onehalf\ONEHALF.EXE onehalf\ONEHALF.REV setman\SETUP.PS vlfaq200\VLFAQ200.TXT zips\bootpa20.zip zips\bpabt212.zip zips\cri_fix.zip zips\disinfectant371.readme.txt zips\disinfectant371_sea.hqx zips\f-finn.zip zips\findprot.zip zips\fpuninst.exe zips\f-vice.zip zips\f-wet.zip zips\f-wolf2.zip zips\kilbyway.zip zips\killmnk3.zip zips\k-nq21.zip zips\onehalf.zip zips\setman.zip zips\uninst31.zip zips\uninst95.zip zips\vlfaq200.zip
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