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2010 2010.01.01/Case Study Operation Aurora 2010.01.27/Operation Aurora Detect Diagnose Respond 2010.02.10/WhitePaper HBGary Threat Report, Operation Aurora 2010.03.14/Hydraq- In Depth Analysis 2010.04.06/Shadows in the cloud 2010.09.06/MSUpdater Trojan 2010.09.30/W32.Stuxnet Dossier 2010.12.09/The Stuxnet Computer Worm
2011 2011.02.10/Global Energy Cyberattacks - Night Dragon 2011.02.18/Night Dragon Specific Protection Measures for Consideration 2011.04.20/Stuxnet Under the Microscope 2011.06.01/Advanced Persistent Threats- A decade in review 2011.08.02/Operation Shady Rat 2011.08.03/HTran 2011.08.04/Operation Shady RAT 2011.09.09/The RSA Hack 2011.09.11/SK Hack 2011.09.22/The LURID Downloader 2011.10.12/Alleged APT Intrusion Set 1.php Group 2011.10.26/Duqu Trojan Questions and Answers 2011.10.26/Stuxnet , Duqu - The Evolution of Drivers 2011.10.31/The Nitro Attacks - Stealing secrets from the Chemical Industry 2011.11.15/Ghost RAT- Many faces 2011.12.08/Palebot trojan
2012 2012.01.03/The HeartBeat APT Campaign 2012.02.03/Command and Control in the Fifth Domain 2012.02.29/The Sin Digoo Affair 2012.03.12/Whitepaper - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Stolen Data 2012.03.13/Crypto -Dark Comet 2012.03.26/LuckyCat Redux 2012.04.10/Anatomy of Ghost RAT 2012.04.16/OSX SabPub 2012.05.18/Flamer C & C Server 2012.05.22/Ixeshe 2012.05.31/Skywiper 2012.07.10/Tibet Lurk 2012.07.11/Dark Comet 2012.07.25/Fin Fisher's Spy Kit 2012.07.27/The Madi Infostealers 2012.08.09/Gauss 2012.08.18/The taidoor campaign 2012.09.06/The elderwood project 2012.09.07/IEXPL0RE RAT 2012.09.12/The VOHO Campaign 2012.09.18/The Mirage Campaign 2012.10.08/Pest Control 2012.10.27/Trojan Taidoor 2012.10.31/Cyber Espionage Against Georgian Government 2012.11.00/Wicked Rose & NCPH Hacking Group 2012.11.01/Shamoon 2012.11.03/Cyberattack against Israeli and Palestinian targets
2013 NA/FireEye-Terminator_RAT NA/Operation Ephemeral Hydra NA/World War C NA/Ke3chang NA/Dark Seoul Cyberattack NA/Secrets of the Comfoo Masters NA/nJ RAT NA/Operation Saffron Rose NA/Chopping packets Decoding China Chopper Web Shell using SSL NA/China Chopper Web Shell NA/China Chopper NA/nJ RAT uncovered NA/Poison Ivy NA/Deep Panda NA/Byebye Shell NA/Kimsuky NA/ETSO APT Attacks Analysis NA/Supply Chain Analysis NA/2Q Report on Targeted Campaigns NA/Plugx Smoaler NA/Surtr Malware Tibetan NA/Hidden lynx NA/Operation Molerats NA/Operation Deputy Dog NA/India Pak Tranchulas NA/Icefog APT NA/Energy at risk NA/APT Attacks on Indian Cyber Space 2013.01.14/Red October Diplomatic Cyber Attacks Investigation 2013.01.14/RedOctober 2013.01.14/RedOctober Detail 2013.01.14/Red October Detailed Malware Description 1 First Stage of Attack 2013.01.14/Red October Detailed Malware Description 2 Second Stage of Attack 2013.01.14/Red October Detailed Malware Description 3 Second Stage of Attack 2013.01.14/Red October Detailed Malware Description 4 Second Stage of Attack 2013.01.14/Red October Detailed Malware Description 5 Second Stage of Attack 2013.01.18/McAfee Labs Threat Advisory Exploit Operation Red Oct 2013.02.12/Targeted Cyber Attacks 2013.02.18/APT 1 2013.02.22/Comment Crew 2013.02.26/Stuxnet 0.5 2013.02.27/Miniduck Mystery 2013.02.27/Miniduke Indicators 2013.03.13/FinFisher 2013.03.17/Safe - A targeted threat 2013.03.20/The teamspy story 2013.03.20/Operation Troy 2013.03.21/Darkseoul - Jokra Analysis and Recovery 2013.03.27/APT1 - Technical backstage 2013.03.28/PlugX Variant 2013.04.01/Trojan APT Bane Chant 2013.04.13/Winnti 2013.04.21/Mini Duke 2013.05.16/Targeted information stealing attacks in South Asia use email signed binaries 2013.05.20/OperationHangOver - Executive Summary 2013.05.20/Mini Duke Analysis 2013.05.20/Unveiling an Indian Cyberattack Infrastructure - appendixes 2013.05.20/Unveiling an Indian Cyberattack Infrastructure 2013.05.20/Operation Hangover 2013.06.00/Maudi Surveillance Operation 2013.06.01/Crude Faux 2013.06.04/The NET Traveller 2013.06.07/Key Boy 2013.06.18/Trojan APT Seinup 2013.06.21/Syrian Attack 2013.09.06/Evasive Tactics Taidoor 2013.10.24/Evasive Tactics - Terminator RAT 2013.10.24/Fakem RAT 2013.12.20/ETSO APT Attacks Analysis
2014 NA/Illuminating the Etumbot APT Backdoor NA/TR-25 Analysis - Turla - Pfinet - Snake- Uroburos NA/The 'Penquin' Turla NA/Operation Arachnophobia NA/New Indicators of Compromise for APT Group Nitro Uncovered NA/Democracy in Hong Kong Under Attack NA/Putter Panda NA/BLACKENERGY & QUEDAGH NA/Scanbox NA/Invincea NA/Targeted Attacks Against the Energy Sector NA/Hikit Analysis NA/ZoxPNG Analysis NA/The Rotten Tomato Campaign NA/THE REGIN PLATFORM NA/Uroburos NA/When Governments Hack Opponents: A Look at Actors and Technology NA/Dragonfly: Cyberespionage Attacks Against Energy Suppliers NA/The Epic Turla Operation NA/Embassy of Greece Beijing - Compromise NA/BlackEnergy2 - Plugins - Router NA/TOOHASH NA/The Monju Incident NA/Regin: Top-tier espionage tool enables stealthy surveillance NA/Energetic Bear – Crouching Yeti NA/Cat Scratch Fever: CrowdStrike Tracks Newly Reported Iranian Actor as FLYING KITTEN NA/Operation Poisoned Handover NA/FIN4 LIKELY PLAYING THE MARKET NA/SAFFRON ROSE NA/The mystery of North Korea’s cyber threat landscape NA/Forced to Adapt: XSLCmd Backdoor Now on OS X NA/Analysis of Chinese MITM on Google NA/Targeted Threat Index: Characterizing and Quantifying Politically-Motivated Targeted Malware NA/Aided Frame - Aided Direction (Because it’s a redirect) NA/Full Disclosure of Havex Trojans NA/El Machete NA/ScanBox framework NA/Zombie!Zero NA/Operation Poisoned Hurricane NA/OPERATION QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT NA/XtremeRAT: Nuisance or Threat NA/Threat Spotlight: Group 72 NA/COSMICDUKE NA/Snake NA/Derusbi (Server Variant) Analysis NA/DEEP PANDA NA/SIDEWINDER NA/New CDTO: A Sneakernet Trojan Solution NA/NetTraveler APT Gets a Makeover for 10th Birthday NA/Cloud Atlas: RedOctober APT is back in style NA/The Uroburos case: new sophisticated RAT identified NA/LeoUncia and OrcaRat NA/OrcaRAT NA/APT 28: A Window into Russia’s Cyber Espionage Operations NA/Survival of the Fittest: New York Times Attackers Evolve Quickly NA/Korplug military targeted attacks: Afghanistan & Tajikistan NA/Miniduke still duking it out NA/Darwin’s Favorite APT Group 2014.01.21/RSA Incident Response: Emerging Threat Profile Shell_Crew 2014.02.11/Unveiling “Careto” - The Masked APT 2014.02.13/Operation SnowMan 2014.02.20/Operation GreedyWonk 2014.02.20/Mo’ Shells Mo’ Problems – File List Stacking 2014.02.20/Mo' Shells Mo' Problems - Deep Panda Web Shells 2014.02.20/Mo’ Shells Mo’ Problems – Web Server Log Analysis 2014.02.20/Mo’ Shells Mo’ Problems – Network Detection 2014.02.25/The French Connection 2014.03.06/The Siesta Campaign: A New Cybercrime Operation Awakens 2014.03.12/A Detailed Examination of the Siesta Campaign 2014.05.28/NEWSCASTER: An Iranian Threat Within Social Networks 2014.05.28/Iranian Hackers Targeted US Officials in Elaborate Social Media Attack Operation 2014.07.07/Deep in Thought: Chinese Targeting of National Security Think Tanks 2014.07.11/The Eye of the Tiger Part 2 2014.07.11/Pitty_Tiger_Final_Report 2014.07.20/Sayad (Flying Kitten) Infostealer 2014.07.29/Threat Group-3279 Targets the Video Game Industry 2014.08.13/A Look at Targeted Attacks Through the Lense of an NGO 2014.08.18/Syrian Malware, the ever-evolving threat 2014.08.18/The Syrian Malware House of Cards 2014.10.22/Operation Pawn Storm 2014.11.10/DARKHOTEL IOC 2014.11.10/The Darkhotel APT 2014.11.13/Operation CloudyOmega 2014.11.14/OnionDuke 2014.11.20/EvilBunny 2014.11.21/Operation DoubleTap 2014.11.24/I am Ironman: DEEP PANDA Uses Sakula Malware to Target Organizations in Multiple Sectors 2014.12.02/Operation Cleaver 2014.12.03/Operation Cleaver: The Notepad Files 2014.12.09/The Inception Framework: Cloud-hosted APT 2014.12.10/W32.Regin Stage 1 2014.12.10(1)/W64.Regin Stage 1 2014.12.12(1)/Vinself now with steganography 2014.12.17/Wiper Malware 2014.12.18/Malware Attack Targeting Syrian ISIS Critics 2014.12.19/Alert (TA14-353A) 2014.12.21/Operation Poisoned Helmand 2014.12.22/Anunak: APT against financial institutions
2015 2015.01.11/Hong Kong SWC Attack 2015.01.12/Skeleton Key Analysis 2015.01.15/Agent.BTZ to ComRAT 2015.01.20/Project Cobra 2015.01.20/Inception APT Analysis 2015.01.22/Regin Hopscotch Legspin 2015.01.22/Scarab Russian 2015.01.22/WaterBug Attack 2015.01.27/Qwerty Keylogger 2015.01.29/Trojan Skelky 2015.01.29/P2P PlugX 2015.02.02/Behind the syria conflict 2015.02.04/PawnStorm 2015.02.10/Global Threat Intel Report 2015.02.16/Carbanak APT 2015.02.16/Equation group questions and answers 2015.02.16/Star of the malware galaxy 2015.02.16/Operation arid viper 2015.02.17/Desert Falcons APT 2015.02.17/A Fanny Equation 2015.02.18/Babar 2015.02.18/Shooting Elephants 2015.02.24/Scanbox 2015.02.25/Plugx goes to the registry and india 2015.02.25/Southeast asia threat landscape 2015.02.27/the anthem hack all roads lead to china 2015.02.27/The Anthem Hack All Roads Lead to China - ThreatConnect Enterprise Threat Intelligence Platform 2015.02.27/Anthem hack all roads lead to China 2015.03.05/Casper Malware 2015.03.06/Animals in the APT Farm 2015.03.06/Babar or Bunny 2015.03.10/Tibetan Uprising Day Malware Attacks 2015.03.11/Equation Drug 2015.03.19/Goldfish Phishing 2015.03.31/Volatile Cedar 2015.04.12/APT 30 2015.04.15/The Chronicles of the Hellsing APT 2015.04.15/Indicators of Compormise Hellsing 2015.04.16/Operation Pawn S 2015.04.18/Operation RussianDoll 2015.04.20/Sofacy II 2015.04.21/The CozyDuke APT 2015.04.22/CozyDuke 2015.04.27/Attacks against Israeli & Palestinian interests 2015.05.05/Attacks on France TV5 Monde 2015.05.07/Kraken 2015.05.12/APT 28 2015.05.12/Apt 28 2015.05.13/Cylance SPEAR Team 2015.05.14/The Naikon APT 2015.05.14(1)/Operation Tropic Trooper 2015.05.18/Cmstar Downloader 2015.05.19/Operation oil tanker 2015.05.21/TheNaikonAPT-MsnMM1 2015.05.21/TheNaikonAPT-MsnMM2 2015.05.26/Dissecting-LinuxMoose 2015.05.27/ANALYSIS ON APT-TO-BE ATTACK THAT FOCUSING ON CHINAS GOVERNMENT AGENCY 2015.05.27/Black Energy 2015.05.28/Grabit 2015.05.29/Ocean Lotus 2015.06.03/Thamar Reservoir 2015.06.04/Blue Termite 2015.06.09/Duqu 2.0 Win32K Exploit 2015.06.10/The Mystery of Duqu 2.0 2015.06.10/Duqu 2.0 Yara rules 2015.06.10/Duqu 2.0 2015.06.12/Afghan Government Compromise - Browser Beware 2015.06.15/Targeted Attacks against Tibetan and Hong Kong Groups Exploiting CVE-2014-4114 2015.06.16/Operation Lotus Blossom 2015.06.22/Winnti targeting pharmaceutical companies 2015.06.24/Unfinished Business 2015.06.26/Operation Clandestine Wolf 2015.06.26/OperationClandestineWolf 2015.06.28/APT on Taiwan 2015.06.30/Dino 2015.07.08/APT CVE-2015-5119 2015.07.08/Wild Neutron 2015.07.09/Butterfly 2015.07.10/APT group ups targets us gov 2015.07.13/Forkmeiam famous - Sea Duke 2015.07.13/Demonstrating Hustle 2015.07.14/Mini Dionis 2015.07.14/How pawn storms java zero day was used 2015.07.20/Watering Hole Aerospace CVE-2015-5122 IsSpace 2015.07.20/China Peace Palace 2015.07.22/Duke cloud Linux 2015.07.27/Apt29-Hammertoss 2015.07.28/Black Vine 2015.07.30/Operation Potao Express 2015.08.04/Terracotta VPN 2015.08.05/threat group - 3390 2015.08.08/Poison Ivy 2015.08.10/HTExploit Telemetry 2015.08.10/HT Exploit Topology. 2015.08.19/New Internet Explorer zero-day exploited in Hong Kong attacks 2015.08.20/Blue termite 2015.08.20/PlugX Threat Activity in Myanmar 2015.09.01/Rocket Kitten 2015.09.08/Musical chairs gh0st Malware 2015.09.08/Musical Chairs - gh0st Malware 2015.09.09/Satellite Turla APT 2015.09.09/Satellite Turla APT Command and Control in the Sky 2015.09.15/PlugX in Russia 2015.09.15/PlugX 2015.09.16/The Shadow Knows 2015.09.17/Operation Iron Tiger Appendix 2015.09.17/Operation Iron Tiger 2015.09.17/Dukes 2015.09.23/Project CameraShy 2015.10.03/Webmail Server APT 2015.10.05/threat identification 2015.10.15/Fin Fishers 2015.10.16/NGO Burmese Govt 2015.11.04/Evoling Threats 2015.11.09/Rocket Kitten 2015.11.10/Bookworm Trojan 2015.11.17/Pinpointing Targets Exploiting Web Analytics To Ensnare Victims 2015.11.18/Sakula Reloaded 2015.11.18/tdrop 2 2015.11.18/Amballa discovers new toolset 2015.11.18/Russian financial cybercrime 2015.11.18/Destover 2015.11.19/Emdivi 2015.11.19/Revealing the attack operations targeting Japan 2015.11.23/Prototype nation 2015.11.23/Prototype Nation - The Chinese Cybercriminal Underground in 2015 2015.11.23/Glass RAT 2015.11.23/Copy Kittens 2015.11.24/Bookworm Trojan 2015.11.30/Ponmocup 2015.12.01/China Based Threat Groups 2015.12.04/Sofacy APT 2015.12.07/Iran Based Attackers 2015.12.07/Fin1 targets boot record 2015.12.08/Packrat 2015.12.08/Packrat report 2015.12.13/Elise 2015.12.15/Newcomers in the Derusbi family 2015.12.16/operation black atlas part 2 tools and malware used and how to detect them 2015.12.16/Operation Black Atlas - Indicators_of_Compromise 2015.12.16/operation black atlas 2015.12.16/Operation Black Atlas - Technical Brief 2015.12.17/APT 28 2015.12.16/Inocnationcampaign 2015.12.18/Operation Lotus Blossom 2015.12.20/The EPS Awakens 2015.12.22/BBSRAT Roaming Tiger
2016 2016.01.03/Black Energy 2016.01.07/Operation DustySky 2016.01.07/Rigging Compromise 2016.01.14/Waterbug Attack Group 2016.01.14/Cisco HayStack 2016.01.19/Apt 2015 2016.01.19/APT 2015 2016.01.21/nettraveler 2016.01.21/NetTraveler 2016.01.24/Scarlet Minic 2016.01.26/BlackEnergy 2016.01.27/Dissecting the malware in inocnation campaign 2016.01.27/Hi ZOR RAT 2016.01.28/Black Energy APT 2016.01.29/Kasidet & Dridex 2016.01.29/Tinbapore Attack 2016.02.01/Massive Admedia Adverting iFrame Infection 2016.02.01/URL Zone 2016.02.03/Emissary Trojan 2016.02.04/Advanced Modular Backdoor 2016.02.08/Know your enemies 2016.02.09/Poseidon 2016.02.09/Poseidon’s APT Boutique 2016.02.11/india pakistan cyber rivalry 2016.02.12/Fysbis Sofacy Linux Backdoor 2016.02.23/Dust Storm Infographic 2016.02.23/Operation Dust Storm 2016.02.24/Operation Blockbuster Destructive Malware Report 2016.02.24/Operation Blockbuster Ex Summary 2016.02.24/Operation Blockbuster Loaders Installers and Uninstallers Report 2016.02.24/Operation Blockbuster RAT and Staging Report 2016.02.24/Operation Blockbuster Report 2016.02.24/Operation Blockbuster Tools Report 2016.02.29/Turbo Campaign Derusbi 2016.03.01/Operation Transparent Tribe 2016.03.03/BlackEnergy 2016.03.08/APT C 03 2016.03.08/onion dog a 3 year old apt 2016.03.08/Operation onion dog 2016.03.09/Operation Russian Doll 2016.03.10/Shifting Tactics 2016.03.14/Carbanak Cybercrime Group 2016.03.15/SuckFly 2016.03.17/Taiwan Presidential Election A Case Study on Thematic Targeting 2016.03.17/taiwant election targetting 2016.03.18/Attack on Ukraine Power Grid 2016.03.23/Operation C Major 2016.03.25/Project M 2016.04.12/Targeted attacks in South and Southeast Asia 2016.04.15/Pandas & Bears 2016.04.18/Between Hong Kong and Burma Tracking UP007 and SLServer Espionage Campaigns 2016.04.18/UP007 2016.04.21/New Poison Ivy 2016.04.21/teaching an old rat new tricks 2016.04.22/The Ghost Dragon 2016.04.26/Iran opens a new front 2016.04.26/New Poison Ivy Activity Targeting Myanmar, Asian Countries 2016.04.26/New Poison Ivy 2016.04.27/Repackaging Open Source Beef 2016.05.02/goznym malware 2016.05.02/prince of persia infy malware 2016.05.05/Jaku Botnet Campaign 2016.05.06/exploring cve-2015-2545 2016.05.09/Using honeypots & diamond model for ics threat analysis 2016.05.10/tinypos abaddonpos ties to tinyloader 2016.05.10/tinyPOS tinyloader 2016.05.17/indian organizations targeted suckfly attacks 2016.05.17/Mofang 2016.05.18/Operation Groundbait 2016.05.22/Operation Ke3chang 2016.05.22/Targeted attacks against banks in middle east 2016.05.23/RUAG 2016.05.24/New Wekby Attacks 2016.05.25/cve-2015-2545 2016.05.26/Oilrig Campaign 2016.05.27/ixeshe derivative iheate targets users in america 2016.06.02/fastPOS 2016.06.02/fastPOS 2016.06.09/Operation- Dusty Sky II 2016.06.16/Bears in the Midst Intrusion into the Democratic National Committee » 2016.06.16/bears midst intrusion democratic national-committee 2016.06.16/DNC networks 2016.06.16/threat group-4127 2016.06.17/Operation Daybreak 2016.06.21/RPT China 2016.06.21/the curious case of an unknown trojan targeting german speaking users 2016.06.21/the curious case of an unknown-trojan targeting german speaking users 2016.06.21/visiting the bear den recon 2016 calvet campos dupuy 2016.06.23/tracking elirks variants 2016.06.26/Nigerian cybercriminals target high impact industries in India 2016.06.26/Lotus Blosson Campaign 2016.06.28/Attack tool investigation 2016.06.28/prince or persia game over 2016.06.28/unit42 prince of persia game over 2016.06.29/Monsoon Analysis 2016.06.30/Asruex 2016.07.01/Pacifier APT 2016.07.01/SBDH toolkit targeting central eastern europe uncovered 2016.07.03/HummingBad 2016.07.07/nettraveler apt targets russian european interests 2016.07.07/Unveiling Patchwork 2016.07.08/The Dropping Elephant 2016.07.12/nanhaishu 2016.07.13/Furtim's 2016.07.13/Furtim- The Ultra-Cautious Malware 2016.07.13/furtims parent 2016.07.21/Hide & Seek 2016.07.21/APT-C-15 2016.07.21/Sphinx 2016.07.26/attack delivers 9002 trojan through google drive 2016.07.28/Dynasty 2016.08.02/Group 5 syria 2016.08.02/group5-syria 2016.08.03/Operation Manul 2016.08.04/Russian APT Toolkits 2016.08.06/APT-C-09 2016.08.06/APT-C-09 2016.08.07/strider 2016.08.07/Symantec Remsec IOCs 2016.08.08/Monsoon Analysis 2016.08.08/ProjectSauron 2016.08.08/The ProjectSauron APT IOCs 2016.08.08/The ProjectSauron APT research 2016.08.08/The ProjectSauron APT Technical Analysis 2016.08.11/Iran And The Soft War For Internet-Dominance 2016.08.16/Aveo 2016.08.17/Operation Ghoul 2016.08.19/Russian Cyber Operations On Steroids 2016.08.24/million dollar dissident iphone zero day nso group uae 2016.08.25/pegasus technical analysis 2016.09.01/human rights impersonation malware 2016.09.01/Iran And The Soft War For Internet Dominance 2016.09.06/Buckeye 2016.09.14/mile tea 2016.09.18/Hunting Libyan Scorpions AR 2016.09.18/Hunting Libyan Scorpions EN 2016.09.18/Hunting Libyan Scorpions 2016.09.26/sofacys komplex os x trojan 2016.09.28/Confucius Says 2016.09.28/Russia Hacks Bellingcat MH17 Investigation 2016.09.29/China & Cyber Attitudes Strategies Organisation 2016.10.03/StrongPity 2016.10.05/Wave your false flag 2016.10.16/A tale of two targets 2016.10.20/Sednit 2016.10.25/Houdini.s.Magic.Reappearance 2016.10.25/Sednit 2016.10.26/Moonlight 2016.10.27/blackgear 2016.10.27/BLACKGEAR 2016.10.27/Sednit 2016.10.31/emissary trojan 2016.10.31/Emissary Trojan 2016.11.03/Ukraine Cybersecurity Threat Briefing 2016.11.09/Houdini's RAT 2016.11.09/houdinis-rat 2016.11.22/tropic trooper 2016.11.30/nic cyber security themed 2016.12.13/Telebots 2016.12.15/Microsoft Security Intelligence Report
2017 2017.01.05/Iranian Fileless Attack Infiltrates Israeli Organizations 2017.01.05/Iranian Threat Agent OilRig 2017.01.09/Shamoon 2017.01.11/APT28 2017.01.12/The “EyePyramid” Attacks 2017.01.15/Bear Spotting 2017.01.18/Operation Grand Mars 2017.01.19/Uri Attack 2017.01.25/German Industrial Attacks 2017.01.30/Downeks & quasar rat 2017.02.02/PlugX 2017.02.03/Kingslayer 2017.02.03/Several Polish banks hacked 2017.02.10/Cyber Attack Targeting Indian Navy 2017.02.10/Grizzly Steppe 2017.02.12/Lazarus 2017.02.14/Operation Kingphish 2017.02.15/DragonOK Rambo Backdoor 2017.02.15/Pupy RAT 2017.02.15/Magic Hound 2017.02.15/The full Shamoon 2017.02.16/Technical analysis of recent attacks against Polish banks 2017.02.17/chches malware 2017.02.20/lazarus false flag malware 2017.02.21/additional insights shamoon2 2017.02.22/spear phishing mongolian govt 2017.02.23/APT 28 2017.02.27/The Gamaredon Group Toolset Evolution 2017.02.28/AtomBombing -Brand New Code Injection for Windows 2017.02.28/AtomBombing 2017.02.28/Dridex's Cold War Enter AtomBombing 2017.03.06/Report - Shamoon , StoneDrill 2017.03.08/Targeted Attack Campaigns with Multi-Variate Malware Observed in the Cloud 2017.03.14/Operation Electric Powder 2017.03.15/FHAPPI Campaign 2017.04.05/KASPERAGENT and MICROPSIA 2017.04.06/Cloud Hopper 2017.04.06/Operation cloud hopper 2017.04.10/Longhorn 2017.04.11/Unraveling the Lamberts Toolkit 2017.04.13/callisto group 2017.04.27/iranian fileless cyberattack on israel 2017.05.03/kazuar 2017.05.03/Konni 2017.05.14/APT-32 2017.05.24/operation cobalt kitty 2017.05.30/Lazarus 2017.06.12/CrashOverride 2017.06.12/Industroyer 2017.06.13/Hidden Cobra 2017.06.14/KASPERAGENT 2017.06.15/North Korea Cyber Activity 2017.06.18/Evolution of pirpi 2017.06.19/ShellTea PoSlurp 2017.06.22/Blacktech 2017.06.22/Ocean Lotus 2017.06.26/threat group 4127 2017.06.30/From BlackEnergy to ExPetr 2017.06.30/TeleBots 2017.07.05/Insider Information 2017.07.06/Operation Desert Eagle 2017.07.10/emmental 2017.07.11/winnti evolution going open source 2017.07.18/Inexsmar 2017.07.18/Inexsmar 2017.07.18/Winnti 2017.07.24/Tick Group 2017.07.27/chessmaster cyber espionage campaign 2017.07.27/chessmaster 2017.07.27/Oilrig 2017.07.27/Operation Wilted Tulip 2017.08.01/Cobalt Group 2017.08.08/APT Trends report Q2 2017 2017.08.11/APT-28 2017.08.15/Notepad and Chthonic 2017.08.17/Turla APT 2017.08.18/Russian Bank Offices 2017.08.25/Operation Rat Cook 2017.08.30/Gazer 2017.08.30/WhiteBear 2017.09.06/Dragonfly 2017.09.06/Dragonfly 2 2017.09.06/intelligence games in the power grid 2017.09.06/intelligence-games-in-the-power-grid 2017.09.12/CVE 2017-8759 2017.09.18/CCleanup 2017.09.18/Cloud Atlas 2017.09.20/Aurora Operation CCleaner 2017.09.20/CCleaner -C2 2017.09.28/Belarus CMSTAR Trojan 2017.09.XX/APT3 2017.10.02/Aurora Operation CCleaner 2017.10.10/Post Soviet Bank Heists 2017.10.12/Bronze Butler 2017.10.16/BlackOasis 2017.10.16/Leviathan 2017.10.16/Taiwan Heist 2017.10.19/Operation PZCHAO 2017.10.24/Greenbug 2017.10.27/Bahamaut Revisited 2017.10.30/Gaza Cybergang 2017.10.31/Night of the Devil 2017.11.02/New Insights into Energetic Bear's Attacks on Turkish Critical Infrastructure 2017.11.02/Inpage Exploits 2017.11.02/Keyboys 2017.11.02/LeetMX 2017.11.06/Chess Master 2017.11.06/oceanlotus 2017.11.07/APT-28 2017.11.07/Sowbug 2017.11.10/new malware with ties to sunorcal discovered 2017.11.14/muddying the water targeted attacks 2017.11.22/MuddyWater APT 2017.12.04/Carnabak 2017.12.04/The Shadows of ghosts 2017.12.05/Charming Kitten 2017.12.07/APT 34 2017.12.11/Money Taker 2017.12.11/Patchwork APT 2017.12.11/Patchwork APT 2017.12.14/attackers deploy new ics attack framework triton 2017.12.17/Operation Dragonfly Analysis 2017.12.19/north korea bitten by bitcoin bug 2017.12.19/north korea bitten by bitcoin bug
2018 2018.01.04/Iran Cyber Threat Carnegie 2018.01.06/Pyeong Olympics 2018.01.07/operation dustysky 2018.01.07/Operation DustySky 2018.01.09/Turla Mosquito 2018.01.09/turla 2018.01.11/North Korean Defectors and Journalists Targeted 2018.01.12/Pawn Storm Update 2018.01.15/New killdisk 2018.01.16/Korea in crosshairs 2018.01.16/north korea cryptocurrency campaign 2018.01.16/Skygofree 2018.01.16/Skygofree 2018.01.18/Dark Caracal 2018.01.18/Turla Neuron Malware 2018.01.24/Lazarus 2018.01.25/Oilrg 2018.01.26/Top hat campaign 2018.01.27/Dragonfish 2018.01.29/PoriewSpy India 2018.01.29/VERMIN - Quasar RAT and Custom Malware Used In Ukraine 2018.01.30/APT-32 2018.01.31/Comnie 2018.02.01/Operation Pzchao 2018.02.02/Gold Dragon 2018.02.07/VBS Campaign 2018.02.13/deciphering confucius 2018.02.13/Lotus Blossom 2018.02.20/APT-37 2018.02.20/APT37 2018.02.20/Sofacy 2018.02.20/Musical Chairs Playing Tetris 2018.02.21/Tempting Cedar spyware 2018.02.28/Chafer 2018.02.28/Sofacy Attacks Multiple Government Entities 2018.03.01/MuddyWater 2018.03.02/Operation Honeybee 2018.03.05/ComboJack 2018.03.06/Slingshot 2018.03.07/Patchwork 2018.03.08/Donot Team 2018.03.08/Hidden Cobra 2018.03.08/olympic destroyer 2018.03.08/Territorial Dispute 2018.03.09/apt-15 2018.03.09/APT15 2018.03.09/masha and these bears 2018.03.09/new traces hacking team wild 2018.03.09/Sandvine’s PacketLogic Devices APT 2018.03.12/MuddyWater 2018.03.13/therapeutic postmortem of connected medicine 2018.03.13/BlackTDS 2018.03.13/Iranian threat group 2018.03.13/OceanLotus 2018.03.14/Inception Framework 2018.03.14/Tropic Trooper’s New Strategy 2018.03.15/Russian Government Cyber Activity 2018.03.23/Targeted Attacks on South Korean Org 2018.03.27/Panda Banker Zeros 2018.03.29/ChessMaster 2018.03.31/NavRAT 2018.04.04/Oceanlotus 2018.04.12/Operation Parliament 2018.04.17/Iron Tiger Gh0st RAT Variant 2018.04.23/energetic bear 2018.04.23/Hogfish 2018.04.23/orangeworm 2018.04.24/metamorfo campaign 2018.04.24/operation ghostsecret 2018.04.24/sednit 2018.04.26/GravityRAT 2018.04.27/Ocean Lotus 2018.05.03/Burning Umbrella 2018.05.03/Red eyes hacking group 2018.05.03/whos who in the zoo 2018.05.03/ZooPark 2018.05.09/cve-2018-8174 2018.05.09/Iran's hacker hiearchy exposed 2018.05.22/the destruction of APT3 2018.05.22/turla mosquito 2018.05.23/Confucius 2018.05.23/VPNFilter 2018.05.29/Iron 2018.06.06/operation prowli 2018.06.06/Sofacy 2018.06.06/vpnfilter 2018.06.07/adobe flash zero day targeted attack 2018.06.07/Patchwork 2018.06.07/totally tubular treatise on triton and tristation 2018.06.13/luckymouse 2018.06.14/Muddywater 2018.06.14/MirageFox - APT15 2018.06.19/olympic destroyer 2018.06.20/Thrip 2018.06.22/Tick Group 2018.06.23/Andariel Group 2018.06.26/Rancor 2018.06.xx/Operation Red Gambler 2018.07.08/Big bang 2018.07.08/Hussarini 2018.07.09/certificates stolen taiwanese tech 2018.07.12/MDM - India 2018.07.13/Operation Roman Holiday 2018.07.16/New Andariel 2018.07.23/APT-27 2018.07.27/Dark Hydrus 2018.07.31/APT Side Winder 2018.07.31/Bisonal Malware 2018.08.01/Malicious document targets Vietnamese officials 2018.08.02/Goblin Panda 2018.08.02/Goldfin 2018.08.02/Gorgon Group 2018.08.09/North Korea Malware Families 2018.08.16/Chinese Cyberrespionage Tshinghua University 2018.08.21/Operation Red Signature 2018.08.21/Turla Outlook Backdoor 2018.08.23/Operation AppleJeus 2018.08.28/CeidPageLock 2018.08.29/Bahamut Confucius and Patchwork 2018.08.29/The Urpage Connection to Bahamut Confucius and Patchwork 2018.08.30/Cobalt Group 2018.08.30/Hidden Bee 2018.08.30/Stone Panda 2018.08.30/WindShift APT 2018.09.04/Oilrig 2018.09.04/Silence 2018.09.07/Domestic Kitten 2018.09.07/Goblin Panda targets Cambodia 2018.09.07/Targeted Attack on Indian Ministry of External Affairs using Crimson RAT 2018.09.10/LuckyMouse 2018.09.13/APT10 Targeting Japanese Corporations Using Updated TTPs 2018.09.19/Green Spot APT 2018.09.20/Poison Trumpet Vine Operation 2018.09.27/LoJax 2018.10.03/APT-38 2018.10.10/MuddyWater 2018.10.11/Gallmaker 2018.10.15/Octopus 2018.10.17/Grey Energy 2018.10.17/GreyEnergy 2018.10.17/Ocean Lotus Spy RATs 2018.10.17/MartyMcFly 2018.10.17/MartyMcFly Malware - Targeting Naval Industry 2018.10.18/APT Sidewinder 2018.10.18/Datper Bronze Butler 2018.10.18/Operation Oceansalt 2018.10.19/Dark Pulsar 2018.11.01/Outlaw Group 2018.11.05/Inception 2018.11.08/How the Lazarus Group is Emptying Millions from ATMs 2018.11.13/Temp Periscope 2018.11.19/APT 29 2018.11.20/Lazarus 2018.11.27/DNSpionage Campaign 2018.11.28/MuddyWater-Operations in Lebanon & Oman 2018.11.28/Tropic Trooper Microsoft 2018.11.29/Attacking Pakistan by exploiting InPage - EN 2018.11.30/Muddywater 2018.11.xx/The Hunt for 3ve 2018.12.11/Poking the Bear 2018.12.12/Donot Group 2018.12.12/Operation Sharpshooter 2018.12.13/The Return of The Charming Kitten 2018.12.13/Shamoon 3 2018.12.13/Tiledeb Shadow Brokers 2018.12.18/URSNIF, EMOTET, DRIDEX and BitPaymer Gangs Linked by a Similar Loader 2018.12.20/Wind Shift 2018.12.27/The Enigmatic Roma225 Campaign 2018.12.28/Goblin Panda
2019 2019.01.16/Dark Hydrus 2019.01.16/DarkHydrus 2019.01.17/Rocke 2019.01.18/DarkHydrus 2019.01.18/WIRTE Group 2019.01.24/GandCrab and Ursnif Campaign 2019.01.30/Chafer 2019.01.30/Operation Kitty Phishing 2019.01.30/Orcus rat 2019.02.01/OceanLotus 2019.02.05/Analyzing Digital Quartermasters 2019.02.06/APT 10 2019.02.06/APT10 2019.02.14/Molerats APT 2019.02.14/Molerats 2019.02.18/APT C 36 Colombian 2019.02.20/Lazarus 2019.02.20/LAZARUS 2019.02.25/APT 10 2019.02.26/The Arsenal Behind the Australian Parliament Hack 2019.02.27/A Peek into BRONZE UNION’s Toolbox 2019.02.28/RIK Group 2019.03.04/APT 40 2019.03.06/Operation Pistacchietto 2019.03.06/Whitefly 2019.03.06/taidoor analysis 2019.03.07/SLUB Backdoor 2019.03.08/Supply Chain 2019.03.11/Gaming Industry Asia 2019.03.12/Operation Comando 2019.03.13/DMSniff POS Malware 2019.03.13/GlitchPOS Pos Malware 2019.03.13/Operation Sheep 2019.03.22/LUCKY ELEPHANT 2019.03.25/Operation Shadow Hammer 2019.03.27/Elfin 2019.03.28/Desktop , Mobile Phishing Campaign 2019.03.28/Above Us Only Stars 2019.03.28/Threat Actor Group using UAC Bypass Module to run BAT File 2019.04.02/OceanLotus 2019.04.10/The Muddy Waters 2019.04.10/Operation Sneaky Pastes 2019.04.10/Project TajMahal 2019.04.17/Aggah Campaign 2019.04.17/Operation Sea Turtle 2019.04.19/Ocean Lotus 2019.04.22/FINTEAM 2019.04.23/Operation Shadow Hammer 2019.04.24/TA 505 2019.04.30/SectorB06 2019.05.03/ZooPark 2019.05.07/ATMitch 2019.05.07/Buckeye 2019.05.07/Turla Light Neuron 2019.05.08/FIN7.5 2019.05.08/OceanLotus 2019.05.09/Iranian APT Leak 2019.05.11/Chinese APT Vietnamese 2019.05.13/Scar Cruft Bluetooth 2019.05.15/Winnti 2019.05.18/Operation BlackLion 2019.05.19/HiddenWasp 2019.05.22/Zebrocy land 2019.05.24/APT 10 2019.05.27/APT-C-38 2019.05.27/APT-C-38 2019.05.28/Emissary Panda 2019.05.29/TA 505 2019.05.29/Turla PowerShell 2019.05.30/ATM Malware 2019.06.03/Zebrocy 2019.06.04/APT Blueprint 2019.06.05/scattered canary 2019.06.10/Muddy Waters 2019.06.10/MuddyWater 2019.06.11/fishwrap group 2019.06.11/Fishwrap 2019.06.12/Threat Group Cards 2019.06.20/OceanLotus 2019.06.21/Waterbug 2019.06.25/MuddyC3 2019.06.25/Operation Soft Cell 2019.06.26/Iranian to Saudi 2019.06.27/ShadowGate 2019.07.01/Open Lotus 2019.07.01/Operation Tripoli 2019.07.03/CVE-2018-0798 2019.07.04/newsbeef apt 2019.07.04/Latest Spam Campaigns from TA505 Now Using New Malware Tools Gelup and FlowerPippi 2019.07.04/TA 505 2019.07.04/TA 505 2019.07.09/Sea turtle 2019.07.11/Buhtrap group 2019.07.15/SWEED 2019.07.16/SLUB 2019.07.17/EvilGnome 2019.07.17/Strong Pity Operations 2019.07.18/APT 34 2019.07.18/Okrum and Ketrican 2019.07.18/Proyecto RAT Colombian 2019.07.18/Proyecto RAT 2019.07.24/Operation Lag Time IT 2019.07.24/Resurgent Iron Liberty 2019.07.24/Winnti 2019.08.05/MACHETE 2019.08.05/Sharpening the Machete 2019.08.05/Latest Trickbot Campaign Delivered via Highly Obfuscated JS File 2019.08.07/APT 41 2019.08.07/APT41 2019.08.08/BITTER APT 2019.08.12/Cloud Atlas Activity 2019.08.14/Balkans Campaign 2019.08.20/Chinese APT 2019.08.21/The Gamaredon Group 2019.08.21/Silence 2.0 2019.08.22/Operation Task Masters 2019.08.26/APT-C-09 2019.08.27/China Chopper 2019.08.27/LYCEUM Threat Group 2019.08.27/APT Patchwork 2019.08.27/TA505 2019.08.29/Threat Actor ITG08 2019.08.29/Heatstroke Campaign 2019.08.29/SectorJ04 2019.08.29/Tick Tock 2019.08.31/Bitter APT 2019.09.04/Glupteba Campaign 2019.09.05/UPSynergy 2019.09.06/BITTER APT 2019.09.09/Thrip 2019.09.11/RANCOR APT 2019.09.15/Kittens 2019.09.18/Magecart Skimming Attack 2019.09.18/Tortoiseshell Group 2019.09.24/DeadlyKiss 2019.09.24/Tortoiseshell 2019.09.24/Russia APT Ecosystem 2019.09.26/Chinese APT Hackers Attack Windows Users via FakeNarrator Malware 2019.09.30/HELO Winnti 2019.10.01/New Adwind Campaign targets US Petroleum Industry 2019.10.01/KovCoreG Malvertising Campaign 2019.10.01/KovCoreG-Malvertising-Campaign 2019.10.01/New Fileless Botnet Novter Distributed by KovCoreG Malvertising Campaign 2019.10.03/PKPLUG 2019.10.04/GEOST BOTNET 2019.10.07/Charming Kittens 2019.10.07/Kittens 2019.10.07/Mustang Panda 2019.10.07/Supply Chain Attacks 2019.10.09/FIN 6 2019.10.10/Attor 2019.10.10/ESET - Attor 2019.10.10/FIN 7 2019.10.10/Winnti 2019.10.14/Emotet External SOC 2019.10.14/winnti 2019.10.14/TURBINE PANDA 2019.10.15/Lowkey 2019.10.17/Operation Ghost 2019.10.21/Winnti Group’s skip-2.0_ A Microsoft SQL Server backdoor 2019.10.21/Geost Botnet 2019.10.28/SWEED 2019.10.31/Calypso APT 2019.10.31/MESSAGETAP 2019.11.04/Higaisa APT 2019.11.04/APT 38 2019.11.05/LAZARUS GAZE APT38 2019.11.08/Platinum Group 2019.11.1/Operation Wizard Opium 2019.11.12/TA 505 2019.11.13/APT 33 2019.11.20/APT-C-34 2019.11.20/Lazarus 2019.11.21/Registers as “Default Print Monitor”, but is a malicious downloader. Meet DePriMon 2019.11.25/Do not Team 2019.11.26/Dexpot 2019.11.28/RevengeHotels 2019.11.29/Operation ENDTRADE 2019.12.03/Threat Actor Targeting Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Figures 2019.12.04/Kurdish Coder Campaign 2019.12.04/Zero Cleare 2019.12.06/Cosmic Banker campaign 2019.12.10/TrickBot Planeswalker 2019.12.11/Waterbear 2019.12.11/Anchor IOCs 2019.12.11/Dropping Anchor 2019.12.12/Drilling Deep 2019.12.12/GALLIUM 2019.12.12/Operation Gamework 2019.12.16/My kings 2019.12.17/Dacls RAT 2019.12.17/Dacls, the Dual platform RAT 2019.12.17/Rancor 2019.12.19/Operation Wacao 2019.12.26/Trojan Lampion 2019.12.29/BRONZE PRESIDENT Targets NGOs
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